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How to Make Money on the Web From Home…Even If You’re Broke

If you’re eager to know how to make money on the web from home without being scammed and losing all your life savings, then this is what you need to read…


how to make money on the web from home

You’ve made a mistake.


In fact, you’ve probably made quite a few mistakes in your quest of wanting to learn how to make money on the web from home.


There’s no doubt about it, there are a lot of scams and schemes out there that are just waiting to gobble up your money and your dreams.


Then there’s this…


You may not have been told the complete truth about what you really need to know about home based businesses.


[stextbox id=”warning”]Must Read: Home Business vs Home Based Job – Is There a Difference?[/stextbox]


Let me explain…


How to Make Money on the Web From Home – The Facts vs Fiction


I’m really disappointed with what I see online. You’ve probably seen it too.

How to Make Money on the Web From Home


You have to not only contend with the money games but you also have the opposite extreme where certain types of bloggers try to make a name for themselves by labeling any and everything a scam.


This does you no service because you’re getting “bad” advice from people who want their fifteen minutes of glory at your expense.


It’s bad enough you have to deal with people who have their hand on your wallet selling beach front property in Arizona i.e. fake dreams that could never be real with the program they’re promoting (a scam).


So, what you’re left with are broken dreams and a empty bank account.


And all you wanted to know was how to make money on the web from home. Can it be done? Yes. Am I making money online? Yes.


The dirty little truth is that most people don’t make money, but lose money – and lots of it.


The only way you’re gonna be in the minority that do go on to make some cool dough online is if you know how to separate fact from fiction.


Here she goes…


Fiction (not true)


1. You have to join a network marketing/mlm business opportunity in order to have a home business


2. You need money to make money


3. The only way to make money online is if you have an Internet business


4. It takes years to see any results


5. You’ve got to spend thousands of dollars on training to learn the ropes




How to Make Money on the Web From Home

1. You do not have to join a network marketing business or an mlm to have a home based business.

You can do affiliate marketing by selling other peoples products and services or your own products and services online (as long there is a market online).


Check out markplaces like Clickbank, Share-a-Sale, Offer Vault, Commission Junction, Amazon, eBay, etc…


2. One you find a product you want to market, you can drive traffic via free marketing tactics such as putting up videos on YouTube, forum posting, and getting traffic from social sites like Google+ and Facebook.


All of those methods work well, if you know how to use them the smarter way.


3.There are hundreds of ways to make money online and you don’t have to start a business or be an affiliate for someone’s product or service. There are real paid online surveys, Click Worker, and hundreds of employers that hire workers to work from home.


The caveat here is that you’re not gonna make any drastic lifestyle changes by doing any of these things, just enough to get some bills paid.


If you have dreams of quitting your job, taking dream vacations, and/or buying a new home, you’re gonna have to look at a real home based business, not a home based job, surveys, or tasks you do online.


4. It doesn’t take years to see results in a home based business because:


A) Your start up costs are far lower than if you had a regular mom and pop business or a franchise (a regular Mc Donald’s franchise will cost you a mere $1 – $2 million plus ongoing monthly expenses. See here…) and…


B) You have little to no monthly overhead expenses. For just those two things alone is why you’re gonna turn a profit a lot faster online.


5. There are forums like the Warrior Forum where you can get an overall view of Internet marketing. It could be a little daunting because everyone has an opinion and not everyone agrees on any one thing 100%. The one training I highly recommend is Plug in Profits.


It gives you an overview of Internet marketing so you can see the bigger picture, but it also shows you how to market online so that that you’re making multiple streams of income right from the get-go.


So, is Internet marketing a little bit clearer for you now? Do you see where you may have made mistakes in the past? Do you get how to make money on the web from home?


Are you ready to take the next step so that you can be on the path to success?


What Now?


How to Make Money on the Web From Home

The smart thing to do is to decide how you want to make money online. Do you want a home based job, do tasks online like surveys, or do you want to aim for financial freedom with your own home based business?


To avoid misery and wasted time and money, decide what you want to do first and foremost.


Now that you have an idea as to how to make money on the web from home, you’ll want to formulate a plan to make it happen. If you’re goal is a home based job, then you’ll need to start applying for jobs.


If you want to just do simple tasks online, then you’ll want to sign up for a survey site like Fusion Cash and Clickworker.


If you want dream lifestyle results, then obviously a home based business is where you must go. Get strong practical training that you can put into use so you can start making money right away.


I recommend this automated business system because it gives you what you need right now to start generating an income online without all the fluff and filler you find with other programs.


If you want to how to make money on the web from home, now you know there are terrific ways to do just that.



Internet Marketing Course in Los Angeles?

Are you hopelessly looking for an Internet marketing course in Los Angeles but keep coming up empty-handed? Then this may be just the thing you’re looking for…



Are you looking to make money online? Do you have an existing business you want to build on the web? Do you want to find a way to reach out to your customers on the Internet?


If you answered “yes” to any of those above, you’ll be quite surprised to learn that there is a more powerful and easier way to learn Internet marketing from your home…even if you’re looking for an Internet marketing course in L.A.


Let me explain…


The Truth About Going to an Internet Marketing Course in Los Angeles


The biggest downside of taking a classroom course in Internet marketing, is that it’s usually taught by people who are not in the trenches marketing on the Internet – day in and day out.


Sure it’s good to learn theory, but what you want is real-world experience. If you’re not listening to someone who’s been there and done that, then you’ve pretty much wasted your time sitting in a classroom.


Not only that, but do you really want to battle rush hour traffic in L.A. to take an Internet marketing class that you can just as easily take online?



As an entrepreneur, among the first thing’s you are taught is to value your time. This is the question you need to ask yourself…


“Is it in my best interest to leave my family and my home and wrestle with traffic in order to take an Internet marketing course in Los Angeles?”


Hopefully you’ve gotten the bigger picture and you answered ‘No’ to that question.


This is the better alternative….


The Smarter Alternative to an Internet Marketing Course in Los Angeles


Here’s the simple truth…


You have to understand the basics of Internet marketing. Unless you’ve gotten the basics down, there’s no use doing any advance type of stuff.


What makes a a lot of people struggle online is that they try to do too much or they learn far too much than what they need at the present moment to get the job done.


I also see the opposite online too…


And that is people who haven’t got or never have gotten the proper training. If you fall into any of those three categories above you’re gonna bang your head up against the wall trying to make money online. Period.


In fact, you may already be pined up against the wall hitting your head trying to figure out how to get more customers online.


Get the foundation from someone who is an Internet marketer, not someone who’s gotten a degree but has never put it to use.



This is why I recommend this ebook…


It tells you everything you need to know about getting traffic and in turn making money online.


If you don’t understand what’s being taught to you in the ebook, you’re gonna have a challenging time trying to do social media. This is the foundation for what you’re trying to accomplish.


And if you don’t already have a Internet business already set up, you can set up a money-making website using the Plug in Profit automated business system.


This is completely optional of course, but you do want to make sure you’re able to put to use the information that you learn in this powerful ebook. Remember what I said about you needing to value your time? Well, you don’t want to let all this knowledge go by the wayside after you spent your time learning it.


Sure you didn’t have to sit in rush hour traffic as if you had taken an Internet marketing course in Los Angeles, nevertheless, you want to be accountable for all your time.


Why Dotcomology?



It’s written by a former dishwasher who turned himself into an Internet millionaire. Yep, the odds were stacked against him to make it on the Internet, but he managed to make it and do even more.


He has done what a lot of people and Internet marketing gurus have not done – and that’s create multiple six and seven figure income streams online.


There are important lessons in the book that are not even taught by traditional Internet marketing trainers and definitely not taught by degree-carrying Internet marketing instructors.


And it’s literally the difference between a little success and massive success. Although no newbie, I’m using the lessons I learned with this book and training to increase my income ten-fold.


We’re giving this ebook away for free (and at this time no opt-in is required). So hurry and grab your free copy while it’s still available (as of this writing).


After you read it and you still feel like to you need to battle southern California traffic to take an Internet marketing course in Los Angeles, then go for it.


But I know after you read this book (and if you decide to get the free business system), you’re gonna definitely have the knowledge and tools to get started right now making money online.




2 Ebay Alternatives For Sellers

If you’re sick of dealing with eBay and you want to learn of eBay alternatives for sellers, then this is the article you must read…



Tired of all the new policies on eBay? Is it getting increasingly harder to sell on eBay? Is eBay just not worth the hassle anymore?


If you’re fed up with eBay and their shenanigans and you finally want your freedom from them once and for all, then you’ll be ecstatic to know that there are other companies out that will gladly let you list your products.


eBay Alternatives For Sellers Sick of eBay Policies



I’m sure you’ve had more than your share of serial refunders – you know those people who always seem to find something wrong with their order and want a refund.


Then you have those people who use the product and try to return it for a full refund. They may even go as far as “blackmailing’ you by threatening to leave negative feedback if you don’t refund them.


The icing on the cake is that eBay is more often than not on the side of the customer even when it’s clear as day the customer is in the wrong.


It’s no wonder you’re looking for ebay alternatives for sellers. The good news is that you have choices.


Ready to know your choices?


The Alternatives




This less widely known auction site that has two features:

1) Penny Auctions

2) Regular Listings


The biggest pros of this site is that it is full of hungry buyers and there are built-in affiliates at this site that can help you sell your products.


Because there’s less competition for you here, it’s a lot easier to be noticed. This definitely isn’t the crowded ebay marketplace that you’re used to. Listings are free for commercial sellers. Other sellers pay a nominal fee.


Like TripleClicks it is a growing site with a growing fanbase. There are various types of listings.


3. ePier
This site has a Craigslist and community feel to it and it may take some time to get used to it. No lisitng fees.


Are There Other eBay Alternatives For Sellers?



Believe it or not there are quite a few sites out there that want to give eBay a run for its money. The reality is that not all these eBay alternative sites are what they’re cracked up to be.


In other words, there’s only so much room for so many auctions sites. And what gets you customers for your items is the reputation of the auction site itself.


eBay has built up a reputation and it a common household name now. That’s a lot for a site to compete with.


I could give you a dozen or so more sites that say they’re the next big auction powerhouse, but in reality it’s gonna be in your best interest to test out these three sites here and see how you do.


Go with the sites like TripleClicks and ePier that don’t have listing fees and list your products on there. You really have nothing to lose. Once you’ve put listings on these sites, then look at three more sites and so on.


This way you can see which of these sites could be your eBay alternative. It may very well be that these three here are just the auction websites you need jump-start your selling career again.


There are eBay alternatives for sellers, but you’ll have to do a little bit of digging to find the one that is right for you.


Automated Business System: The Best Way I’ve Seen to Start an Internet Based Business

If you’re eager to start a successful internet based business in record time, then you’ll have to carefully give consideration to an automated business system. Anything less and you may prolong your frustration. Here’s why…



If you’ve been bouncing around from one internet based business to another, not sure what to do and how to do it, then you may want to add an automated business system to the top of your to-do list.


You see, when you start a regular online business you are bombarded with the sheer number of components that you need to have in place…


Such as…

  • You need to decide what you’re gonna promote
  • You need to decide where you’re going to get what you plan to promote
  • You need to have landing pages / squeeze pages
  • You need to make sure your landing pages convert or else you’re wasting traffic
  • You need to have an autoresponder set up – if you ever hope to build your golden asset…your list
  • You need to write content that entices people to want to opt into your squeeze page
  • You need to write persuasive autoresponder emails so people will buy whatever it is you’re promoting
  • You need to convey trust and likability or people won’t buy from you
  • You need to learn about copywriting
  • You need to learn about traffic generation – and then do it
  • And you need to have the right motivation day in and day out to get all of this done


It’s no wonder that people fail in their internet based business. This laundry list may be the biggest reason why you’re even looking at an automated business system – you just want a lot of the grunt work done for you.


Now is the time to turn the tide and do something about your business struggles because…


It’s the Family vs Your Business



Your significant other has probably had it with your online business venture.


Let’s face it, they probably only see you trying to design landing pages, write autoresponder messages, jumping in and out of programs and systems, or searching high and low for products to promote.


What they see most of all from you is your high level of frustration as you try to figure it all out.


When your family sees you all stressed out, I’m sure it’s not a vote of confidence that you truly know what you’re doing. And I’m sure your significant other has told you as much.


When you have a family and a full-time job you’ve got to tend to, all the moving parts of an online business maybe too much for you with those kinds of responsibilities.


If you’re feeling guilty because you haven’t done much for your family as you would’ve had hoped for, rest assured there is hope. Read on…


Automated Business Systems Levels the Playing Field


automated business system

If you’re struggling to find the time (and patience) to put all the pieces together for your internet business, the solution may be to kiss your foray into entrepreneurship good-bye until you’re able to carve out more time out of your day.


Another solution, is to cut down all the unnecessary components in an internet based business so that you’re only left with the important things that need to be done.


This is where an automated business system comes in because it levels the playing field so that even a full time person with a family can start having success right out the gate.


Let me explain…


Why People Fail and How an Automated Business System Can Help


What makes people trip up in their business, is that there is really a lot to do in order to succeed…



Can you see why you may have dove in head first into an online business only to hit the bottom and decide that there’s just too much to learn and do?


An automated business system takes care of the nuances so that you get to the things that really matter. You see, with any good automated business system, you’re gonna get lead capture pages that work; you’re gonna get a series of autoresponder messages written already for you.


You’re gonna basically get a track to run on so that you’re not bogged down doing the things that don’t move your business ahead. In fact, if you’ve found yourself tinkering with squeeze pages, then you know how busy work can rob you of your business potential.


There’s a time and place to tinker around, but when you want to make money right here and now, you need to focus on getting traffic to your converting squeeze pages. That is what’s gonna pay the bills and put spending cash in your wallet.


With a good automated system the pieces are already put together for you. Your converting squeeze pages are done, you have emails written on your behalf, the niche and the product/service are already chosen for you.


You don’t have to fool around with squeeze pages, writing emails, trying to choose a profitable niche, or trying to choose a product. You don’t even have to sort through numerous home business ideas to find one that works – every thing is done for you in an automated business system.


If you’re fed up trying to put everything together in your online business, or if you’re tired of jumping around from one thing to the next hoping for something easier, you may want to check into an automated business system.


Click here to see the system that I recommend…



Ikor Franchise – Look Before You Leap

Looking at the Ikor franchise? Before you take the leap, you may want to carefully read this…




So what is it about the Ikor franchise that’s got you interested to learn more about it?


Perhaps you’re just eager to make money in your very own business…


Maybe you like the idea of calling “all the shots” – and not taking orders from a boss…


Then again, maybe you’re only interested in making a significant life-style changing income and you feel the Ikor franchise is the way to do it.


Whatever the reasons you have for looking at the Ikor franchise, you are indeed serious about starting your own business.


If you’re not familiar with Ikor, here’s a short video about what essentially it is…



But, before you sign up – read this…


The Ikor Franchise – What You Need to Know


If you’re not familiar with Ikor, this franchise serves the senior, disabled adult and children industries. Although Ikor does not provide direct care, it does provide services to these types of clients including overseeing clients medical care, advocacy, care planning, and financial management.


And as you can imagine, with these types of services comes great risks. You’ll want to make sure you read up on all the different types of insurance you must have in your state before taking on an Ikor franchise or any other home care franchise opportunities.


Don’t make the mistake of not doing this upfront before buying this kind of franchise. The impulsive thing to do is just jump in blindly into the Ikor opportunity without doing your due diligence first.


The Costs


ikor franchise


You must know not only what it costs to get an Ikor franchise started, but what it will cost you to maintain it month after month.


First of all, the cash required is around $45,000 with a total investment range in the neighborhood of $56,000 – $88,000


This is quite a sum of money. Remember, you still have to factor in advertising and hiring employees and insuring them. Depending upon where you live, this could raise your investment costs by quite a bit.


You MUST have enough money set aside to keep your business running. Most businesses of this type take several months to a few years to turn a true profit. Do you have the funds to keep going in an Ikor franchise after you’ve invested over $45k?


Remember most franchises have royalty fees that you must pay even if you’re not making a profit. Are you going to be able to keep paying these fees long-term? And will you want to even if you’re not making any money?


There’s a lot to think about before buying into a franchise.


Are still seriously considering an Ikor franchise? If not, you may be interested in some franchise alternatives.


Read on…


The Ikor Franchise Alternatives



There are a lot of franchise alternatives – including many businesses you can start from your home. Once considered a top way to start in business, franchises have dropped in popularity due to the increase of people starting online home based businesses.


In fact, as you keep reading this article, the more you feel that franchises may not be the way to go in this economy.


Before we get into franchise alternatives, let’s talk about why so many businesses fail…


High Business Failure Rate


One of the reasons most people fail in businesses is due to the lack of cash-flow.


Because the turn-around time to making a profit is long, some people don’t factor this into their business plan and therefore, sometimes there isn’t enough cash-flow available to sustain a business long-term until real profits are made.


When you have a franchise or any kind of brick n’ mortar business you have to worry about…

Paying employees

Paying rent

 – Paying insurance

Paying for equipment

 – Employer regulations you must abide by

Lawsuits from employees

 – Paying for utilities

 – Employees stealing from you/and or clients

 – Being sued by your clients and/or families on the misdeeds of your employees


As you can see just from this short list (it would take forever to list every single thing you need to be concerned with), most of your money will be covering these overhead costs – and then some.


This is where a lot of people get into trouble…


They neglect the true costs of running an Ikor franchise (or any other kind of franchise).


What if you could eliminate just half of these costs – do you think you could see a faster turnaround in profit?


Well of course.


But what if you could eliminate nearly 95% or better of these costs – do you see  yourself being able to put money back into your checking account much quicker so that you could even begin paying off your bills or even taking  a much needed vacation?


If you choose a franchise don’t count on being able to pay off debt or have any spending money to take that much needed vacation. It’s just not likely to happen. Are you ok with that?


The Internet Creates Faster Incomes


ikor franchise

Now, let me ask you a personal question…


If I could let you in on a little secret as to how a lot of Internet marketers are making bigger and faster profits…would you believe me?


It’s shockingly simple…


It’s relatively cheap to start an online business.


The low costs to get started, the low (if any) overhead costs, and the fast turn-around of cash all contribute to you making significant money without all the negatives associated with an Ikor franchise.


Having this kind of business is virtually a no-brainer if you’re serious about having a successful profitable business right now, not several years from now.


Your partner in success,




P.S. Click here if you want to learn ways to build an Internet based business.



Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise?

Are you looking into a Bricks 4 Kidz franchise? Before you pull out your wallet, there are some things to consider…




Imagine experiencing success in your very own business. That’s probably the exact reason why you’re looking into a Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise.


In fact, you’ve probably been wracking your brain trying to find the right business opportunity and the Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise just kinda got your attention.


Now, let me ask you a personal question…


Do you know what it takes to run a business such as a Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise? Do you have the capital to make it work – long-term through thick and thin?


I would think that you’ve given those questions considerable thought. If not, here’s the time to really think about the answers to those questions BEFORE you start a Bricks 4 Kidz business.


If you’re not familiar with Bricks 4 Kidz, see this video below…



If You’re Going to Succeed in an Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise – Keep These Things in Mind


So many people have the vision of being in business for themselves, however, many don’t make it because they either chose a wrong business opportunity or they didn’t get the business skills they needed to make it work


Some entrepreneurs think that if they wish and hope long enough, their business will work out for them.


Here’s the bad news…


You’ll never get successful just trying to hope and wish your way to the top!


You WILL need a plan – a plan on how you’re going to get customers for your Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise. Hopefully Bricks 4 Kidz has some kind of guidance to get you there, but will it be enough?


I don’t know, but you need to do your due diligence before you put the money down for a Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise.


Is the Bricks 4 Kidz Cost Worth It? Or is There an Alternative?




If you’re puzzled by all the business opportunities out there, don’t be.


If you just take the time to do some research before you join a franchise or any other kind of business, odds are you’ll be ok…as long as you get some marketing skills under your belt.


Now, if you’re serious about signing up for the Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise, you may be wondering if it’s worth it.


Now, I don’t have a Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise and I don’t want one – it just doesn’t fit my definition of business freedom, however, it may fit yours.


I will tell you that a Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise will cost you $33,800 TO $51,050 (taken from their website here).


Just because you put out that kind of money on a business, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll have success or the support you need. Again, you really must do your due diligence here before you sign up.


What I Like About Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise


I like the Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise because it’s different than what’s already on the marketplace and it helps our future – our kids. If you’re in the U.S., then I’m sure you’re aware of the shortage of engineers in our country (USA Today).




What Bricks 4 Kidz does is that it teaches kids about engineering and architecture. I definitely see that as a plus.


Is there a demand for these services for children? If so where? You’ll have to make a valiant effort to search out other franchisees who’ve bought into an Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise.


Get some insight from them on the positives, the negatives, and other tips to improve the Bricks 4 Kidz business for franchisees.


What’s the Alternative to a Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise?


Look, there’s no lack of opportunities; you’ve just got to find one that helps you achieve the goals you’re looking to achieve. If you want a business with a faster cash turnaround, then obviously you wouldn’t want a restaurant business because it can take years before you see a profit.


Look at the cost of the Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise – how many clients will it take for you to make your investment back? How long will it take?


Most importantly, are you going to be able to stay the course until you’re able to make a profit? No hoping or wishing here…


Either you have patience and persistence or you don’t.


If you want to see a faster turn-around of your money, then you’ll have to choose an opportunity that’s able to do just that.



Remember that at the beginning of any kind of franchise or traditional business, you’re going to be working a lot IN your business – at least until you’re able to either hire a good manager or good staff…which could take years.


Be prepared…


If spending years working IN your business without a profit in sight scares you, then you may want to rethink the franchise business model.


And if you’re spending all your time working in your business, well, you’ve just lost your time freedom.


If you want both time freedom and a cash-producing opportunity, then you need to find a business opportunity that has the capacity to do both.


To your success!



360 Solutions Franchise – Really? Here’s What You Should Know BEFORE You Buy

If you’re seeking more information about the 360 Solutions Franchise, you may want to take the time to read this because it could very well change how you see this franchise.



Imagine experiencing financial freedom in your very own business…


What would that really feel like for you? What would you buy? Where would you take your family? Those are probably the very reasons WHY you’re looking into a business.


Perhaps you ran across the 360 Solutions franchise and now you’re interested in what this business can or can’t offer you.


See this video below if you’re unfamiliar with 360 Solutions Franchise opportunity…



And in reality not all businesses are created equal; even the 360 Solutions franchise may or may not be the right business or franchise for you.


Let me explain…


Have you noticed yet that there are all kinds of businesses you can start? There are franchise opportunities, online home based businesses, network marketing businesses, eBay businesses and on and on….


You may be a bit confused as to what to start, or maybe you just want to know a little bit more about the 360 Solutions franchise to see if it’s a right fit for you.


In a moment, I’ll tell you what you need to know…


The 360 Solutions Franchise – Good, Bad, and Ugly



Here’s the Good….


They give you a custom built website and marketing materials that are custom to you. This is a plus.


They also private label everything in your company name. And the biggest plus of a 360 Solutions franchise is that there are NO royalties (which is kind odd – I’ll explain later)…


The Bad and the Ugly…


Although from all appearances, 360 Solutions is a franchise, they go to great lengths to claim that they’re not. From their website they say that they form partnerships. Although they’re not charging royalties from those that choose to “partner” with them, you do have to wonder how this company is able to survive on just selling “partnerships” or franchises.


My guess (and probably yours too) is that they make the bulk of their money by selling the 360 Solutions franchise itself – which can range from $15k to $30k.


Some of the biggest complaints I see online from people who partnered with them is that the company “nickel and dime” their partners to keep buying product after product. This could explain the varying costs to get started with the 360 Solutions Franchise ($15k to $30k).


The other complaints I see a lot of from partners is that the 360 Solutions line of products are outdated. Now, I don’t know how valid these complaints are, but I do know that this is an Internet age and people want to learn via the Internet, especially if you’re trying to market business solutions and training to other businesses.


I’m not sure if 360 Solutions products are completely tailored to todays businesses. If not, you may have a hard time finding customers if you choose to buy a 360 franchise.


Should You Buy a 360 Solutions Franchise?



360SolutionsfranchiseThe whole gist of the 360 Solutions franchise is to market business consulting and employee training to other businesses.


The questions you have to ask yourself, are:


How effective are the products you’ll be marketing? and…


How responsive are businesses to the products?


Some of the biggest reasons people get themselves in trouble with franchises, is that they underestimate the true costs of running a franchise – even if they don’t pay royalties to the franchisor. The day to day costs could literally bankrupt you if you’re not financially able to stay in the game long enough to see a profit.


The second thing that gets a lot of franchisees in dire straits is not recognizing the market they’ll be marketing to.


Is there a demand for the services/products you’ll be marketing? How big is that demand? What will your costs be to reach out to that market? Are you able to afford to keep advertising to this market in light of your profit margins?


I can’t tell you to join 360 Solutions, but I can tell you that you better do your homework thoroughly first BEFORE you spend $30k on this or any other franchise.


By now if you’re feeling a little disheartened that maybe the 360 Solutions Franchise may not be for you, know that you do have other options….


360 Solutions Franchise Alternatives



360SolutionsfranchiseHaving had businesses online and offline, I can tell you the best way to get into business is if you already have a marketable skill or product. Keep in mind that there MUST be a demand for whatever it is you’re selling.


Not everyone has a skill, a hobby, or products lined up that can make them money, which is why you want to go to the second option – especially if you want to make money quicker…


Sell someone else’s products or services. This is called affiliate marketing. The great thing is that you don’t have to pay those nagging royalty fees and the cash turnaround is much faster than with a franchise.


This is why people who do affiliate marketing with the right company/products are able to make six and seven figure incomes a lot faster than with a traditional brick and mortar business or a franchise like a 360 Solutions franchise.


If you don’t find the 360 Solutions franchise too appealing and you’re serious about having your own successful business WITHOUT the high costs of a franchise, then take the time to look at doing affiliate marketing (see recommended online digital marketing training) or joining a good network marketing company.


You can make money slow with a franchise or you can make money faster with a top-producing affiliate program or network marketing opportunity.


The choice is yours.


Your partner in success,




3 Steps to Finding Legitimate Home Based Businesses

Are you looking for legitimate home based businesses? Do you want to avoid getting burned? Then you’ll want to feast your eyes on this – it could change the way you pick your next business…



Imagine for a moment. You’re throwing darts at a board that lists the names of network marketing companies.


You then decide wherever the dart lands, that will be the company for you to join. You don’t do any research. You don’t know anything about the product. You don’t know who’s running the company. Yet you will devote your time and your money to a business that you don’t know anything about.


what is mlm

It sounds silly. But at one time or another, odds are you chose a business this way. Maybe you got lucky and picked the right business the first time around.


But then again, odds say you picked a stinker and now you’re paying for it…either in wasted time, money, or your now damaged reputation.


In fact, a lot of people say it’s hard to find legitimate home based businesses. In reality, there are a lot of real businesses that have been in business literally for 15+ years or longer.



Falling For Money


Yet, many, many people are baited by the pictures of exotic cars, big mansions and dollar bills falling out of the sky. And these same people get taken again and again and again.


There’s nothing wrong with the pictures of fancy-schmancy cars and dollars bills floating in the air as long as you understand that there is hard work involved to achieve those things.


With that said, the less than honest home business companies know exactly what to do to get you believing in their scams…at least those people who fall for the imagery of excess and have unrealistic expectations.


It’s hard to see the mangled discarded victims of these less-than-honest companies after they’ve been chewed up and spat out…along with their hopes and dreams.


If you’re serious about choosing a web business opportunity, not because you want a discount on the products, but because you want a legitimate home business that can help you create a dream lifestyle for your family, then these three steps will help.


Legitimate Home Based Businesses – The Three Steps


1. It’s the Product Baby! – The one thing a lot of scams have in common is that they usually either don’t have any product or service attached or they don’t have a viable product/service attached.


When I say viable, I mean a product/service that a real person would buy at that particular price-point…even if there were no opportunity attached. This is an incredible point because this is one of the top reasons network marketing companies get themselves in hot water and get accused of being a pyramid scheme.


It also helps to know who’s running the company. Do they have a history of operating money schemes or failed network marketing companies?


The telltale sign of legitimate home based businesses is that there are real products and services.


2. Who Loves You Baby?! – Without buyers you don’t have a business. If they only people buying products are distributors themselves then you’ve got a company that’s skating on thin ice and is on the cusp of being accused of being a Ponzi Scheme.


Whether you choose a network marketing company or an affiliate program or create your own product, you must know that what drives sales are customers.


If you don’t have people who want to buy your products/services then you don’t have a business. The number one key of legitimate home based businesses is to make sure there are buyers for what you’re selling.


What’s in Your Wallet?! – Here’s a question really need to ask yourself – how much money can I make in my home based business? The answer to that question really depends on how much you can sell – but there’s more to it than that…


You see, you will need to know much commission you can earn. You will also need to know what you need to do or much you need to sell in order to earn the maximum commission allowed.



If you choose a legitimate mlm company, know that you will be required to recruit and build a downline.


In order to make anything significant in the mlm compensation model, you will have to build a large enough organization. That typically takes 2-5 years of consistent focused effort.


I’ve seen so many people rant about how they didn’t make any money in mlm and then point the blame at the mlm payplan. That’s a head-scratcher for sure because mlm has always been about recruting a downline. If you don’t want to do this then don’t join an mlm.


There are single tier affiliate programs in and outside the network marketing realm – pick one of those to build a business with or create your own products. Mlm is ok, but a higher-ticket affiliate program can get you to dream lifestyle a lot faster than building an mlm for five years.


If you’re building your golden assetyour list, then you can promote a high-ticket, low-ticket, an mlm, or really whatever you want. It’s your choice. Just make sure it’s legit.


Overall, there are plethora of legitimate home based businesses. You’ve got to take into account the three steps listed here so you can choose a winning business that can change your financial destiny.





What Makes a Great Direct Sales Opportunity?

If you’re looking to make a significant income with a direct sales opportunity, then there are some very important things you really ought to know…


direct sales opportunity

So, how do you find the best direct sales opportunity?


You may looking all over the web, in newspapers, and online job sites trying to find the perfect direct sales opportunity – but to no avail. After all, if you’re going to do sales, it might as well be worth your while.


There’s no lack of direct sales opportunities – but there is a lack of the ones that pay you a decent commission. When I say decent, you know the kind that can pay out a nice commission per sale that can really make a lifestyle impact for you and your family.


Choosing a Profitable Direct Sales Opportunity – The Things to Consider…


direct sales opportunity

Here’s what you really need to know…


If you’re going to put in the same amount of effort, you might as well choose the direct sales opportunity that provides the biggest commission.


With so many network marketing and mlm companies out there competing for your attention, time, and wallet, you need to decide if you want to join one of these companies or choose a direct sales job.


Network Marketing



The biggest con is that if you join an mlm, it is required that you recruit a downline if you ever hope to make any decent money.


On top of that choosing a good mlm can be tricky – you can’t always go by a company’s mlm ranking.


The biggest pro is that some network marketing companies pay out larger commissions in a single tier compensation pay plan instead of an mlm compensation plan (where you must build a downline).


The other biggest pro of choosing a network marketing company, mlm or single tier, is that you’re able to work from the comfort of your home.


Car Sales

If you’ve been in direct sales for any length of time, odds are that you’ve either been a car salesman or you thought about being one.


The biggest con is that you’re literally waiting around all day at the dealership hoping that the next “up” that is yours will be an actual buyer not another browser.


The other con is that for the most part, being a cars salesman is a very passive way to earn a living. You don’t control any advertising, and you’re relying on foot traffic and any adverting the dealership is doing to bring you customers.


For these few simple reasons alone, is why there is a high turnover rate in this profession.


However, on the flipside, the biggest pro is that if you can sell a lot of cars you can make a decent commission.


Insurance Sales/Real Estate Agent


When looking at a direct sales opportunity you’ve got to look at how you want to get paid. Do you like your money now or are you willing to wait for your commission check?



In the case of an insurance agent, are you willing to spend countless hours every week answering people’s questions in hopes of them getting a policy with you?


If you’re thinking about being a real estate agent, are you willing to spend lots of hours shuttling people around from house to house?


Something to think about… Here are three more things to consider:


Do You Want Commission Only, Hourly or Both?


If you’re looking for a direct sales opportunity that you can do from home, then obviously you’re not going to get an hourly wage. 



The upside is that you can make a six or seven figure income if you know ho to build your business – and get all the tax advantages that come with having your own business.


If you want a job that pays you an hourly or an hourly plus commission, then you’ll want to find an employer that pays this way. The downside is that the commissions do tend to be smaller, but it’s not always the case.


The upside is that you still make a hourly wage even if you don’t sell anything; however, your hourly wage is typically minimum wage and it’s not usually enough to live off of.


Your commissions are your bread and butter, so make sure you get with a direct sales opportunity that is willing to pay you a nice commission for your hard work.


What I Recommend…


Decide if a job or business is what you’re after. Having spent countless hours at sales jobs that didn’t pay diddly squat, I can tell you that if you have the hustle and the drive to work for yourself, a direct sales business opportunity can typically yield better rewards in the end.



But it all depends on you and what you’re willing to do to provide a better lifestyle for your family. If you’re willing to go the distance for you family, then you’ll want a direct sales opportunity that is willing to do the same.


This is how you can bump up your lifestyle more quicker than the average direct sales opportunity…

Start a Home Business: The 3 Things You Should Be Aware of

If you’re looking to start a home business but not quite sure what to do or how to start, then this is just the thing you need to read so you don’t waste a lot of time, money, and effort…

start a home business

How badly do you want to start home business?

That’s the burning question you really have to ask yourself. You see, being an entrepreneur is not easy – there are going to be bumps in the road which is why you really must have the fortitude and desire to stick it through.

In other words, you reasons why must be strong and compelling if you ever hope to stay around long enough to see your business prosper.

If you’ve read to this point, then you’re probably really serious about starting a home business – this time. Now that we’ve determined your seriousness, here are some things you really ought to consider…

The Three Questions You’ve Got to Answer – If You Want to Start a Home Business Successfully

1.Your Own Product or Someone Else’s? – Do you have an exstting product you want to sell or do you want to sell someone else’s product? The fastest way to start a home business is by selling a product that already exists – either one that you’ve created or one someone else has created.

If you’ve never been in business before, then it may be better to go with a produts/service that’s already have been created for you.

start a home business

There are lots of network marketing companies you can join that have products already created for you and all you have to do is just get traffic to the websites that they give you.

Another option is to go to the Clickbank marketplace ( It’s full of digital products you can sell. Again, just like with network marketing all you have to do is get traffic to the offer page.

Action Step: Decide if you’re going to sell your own product/service or a product/service that’s already been created for you.


2.Who Wants Your Product? – When you’re looking to start a home business, you have to remember that you’re providing a solution to someone. Do you know if there’s a big enough market for whatever it is you’re selling?

start a home business

If you can’t identify your market online (I’m assuming you’re going to be dong most of your marketing on the web), you’re gonna have a rough time making money on the Internet.

Action Step: Find out the websites, forums,etc… where buyers of your product like to hang out. Identify them on social networking sites like Facebook and Google +. Do a Google search for the types of products and/or problems your target audience would type into Google.

Then notice those results. Also find forums that deal with the issues your target audience is dealing with. If you’re having a hard time finding your target audience you may want to rethink your niche.


3.How Are Your Customers Gonna Find You?

If you’ve never been in business, then you may not be fully aware of the importance of getting enough traffic to your website. You see, without enough of the right kind of eyeballs on whatever it is you’re selling, you’re gonna have a difficult time (I should say an impossible time) making any money.

start a home business

Without traffic, the lifeblood of your business, you will fail. If there’s anything you get from this article about how to start a home business is that you need traffic in order to succeed.

Like in the previous step I mentioned the ways to find your ideal buyers of your products/services.

These are the same websites you can be on to market your products. You can also put banners on these sites; in addition, if the website has a newsletter, you can put ads in the newsletter or send out a solo ad if the newsletter owner permits that.

The Realistic Way Start a Home Business

If you’ve read down this far, you’re a superstar entrepreneur who has the ambition and eagerness to learn what it really takes to succeed!

Here’s what most people don’t tell you about starting a home business – it’s hard, hard work and you’re gonna fall flat on your face a few times before you finally figure it out. What most people do is that they fall flat on their face and they stay there!

Then they spend their time saying how ______(Internet marketing/network marketing, etc…) doesn’t work. They spend the rest of their time complaining and pointing the figure of blame for their failure at everyone else but themselves.

Here’s the gist of it for you – you don’t want to be a “they”.

start a home business

The quick way to success is to exactly as you’ve done – get information even if you have to pay for because time is money and money is time. If you don’t see the value of your time, you’re gonna have a very hard time making money.

Not to mention that you’re not getting any younger so why not spend money on educating yourself so that you fast forward leaps and bounds over your competition?

If you have a product that is unique all the better; but if you don’t have a product all ready to go, then you’ll want to start by selling other people’s products.

The key here is to get started as soon as possible and not wait for things to be perfect or wait until you have a brilliant idea for a product/service.

Keep in mind your overhead costs. Of course if you’re going to do a business from the comfort of your home, you’ll have little to minimal overhead costs. If you choose a franchise, know that it could take several years before you see a true profit because of all the overhead costs of doing that kind of business.

If you’re interested in making a nice income a lot faster, then of course you’ll want to sell higher priced items. One product I recommend is this travel program. You can learn more about it here. This service like most higher priced products, can get you to your income goals a lot faster than if you just sold $10 or $20 items.

If you’re going to sell the lower ticket items know that you’re gonna have to sell a hundred plus daily to make a good income versus just selling one higher ticket item per day to have a complete lifestyle makeover.

Still want to start a home business? You’ll want to really take into consideration those three tips listed above if you want to beat the odds of failure and put the odds of success on your side – and be wildly successful in your business.