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Does the SMC Home Based Business Really Work?

If you’re sick of working 9-5 at a job, you may be looking at a way to make money from home. As a result you probably have seen those SMC commercials and now you’re wondering if the  SMC home based business does what it says. I have news for you that you don’t want to miss especially if you’re serious about starting a SMC home business.


SMC Home Based Business


Appartently SMC sold its business to Smart Living in 2012. In 2019, it appears Smart Living ceased doing business.



Those SMC home based business commercials probably got ya! I couldn’t really blame you – there are thousands of people looking for ways to get rid of their boss for good so they can work from home. This may be the very predicament you may find yourself in.


In likelihood, you probably have run into a lot of work from home opportunities not knowing which were legit and which ones were outright scams.


Here’s what you need to know about the SMC home based business…


SMC Home Based Business Scam?


This brings us to the SMC Home Based Business. Yes, just like with any other kind of business, you will find people who complain about the SMC business and call it a scam.


SMC Home Based Business

The fact of the matter is that SMC is not a scam (in fact, I looked into it almost 15 years ago, but decided to go in another business direction).


SMC has been in business for decades and there are people who have successful SMC businesses for just as long.


Ok, the shocking thing is now you know that SMC is not a scam and you can have success with it – some people do.


The next question is – should I go out and join right now?


If you’ve seen those negative “reviews” of SMC home business, then you must know that there are “reasons” why a lot of people don’t like SMC.


Before you dig into your wallet and join the SMC home based business, read the following very carefully…


The Backlash Against the SMC Home Business


If you’re not familiar with SMC, watch this video that features the late great Tom Bosley


Here’s the revealing truth at why some people don’t fall in love with the SMC business opportunity or its products.


Most people, who attempt to start an SMC home business, are not business people. They are not marketers. In fact, I would say they know very little about anything business-related – but yet they venture out into a business.


One reason for this is that SMC, just like network marketing, is marketed toward the masses. The masses are people who work a job and typically have zero business experience.


Can you see the recipe for disaster starting to come together here?


Got Training?


If you want to succeed at an SMC home based business, you’ll have to get some business and marketing training. You will see that unlike most drop shipping companies, SMC does provide you with some guidance on building a business.


Most drop shipping companies don’t provide you with any training on how to be successful with this business model because they assume that you already have some business/marketing skill under your belt already.


The SMC products are novelty in nature; however, there is a market for these kinds of products. You have to figure out which products are in demand and then figure out how you plan to market them.


Either there’s a fire in your belly to start an SMC home based business or you’re looking to find another way to make money from home. And yes there are multitudes of ways for you to make money on the Internet. If you’re serious to learn these other ways, then carefully read the following below…


SMC Home Based Business Alternative

smc home based business

Although you can make money with SMC provided that you go out and gain some marketing training, there are other ways to make money from home.


One popular way would be to do Internet marketing by selling affiliate products – ebooks /courses or physical products. Another is to sign up with a network marketing company.



I, like many other marketers, take a hybrid approach and do both. This is why I recommend this automated business system because it teaches basic Internet marketing and helps you create multiple streams of income.


The pro of going with a network marketing company is that the products have already been chosen for you so you don’t have to worry about picking out products to promote.


Another pro of affiliate and network marketing over an SMC type model is that you don’t have to worry about drop shipping and ordering products from a company, returns, etc…


The SMC home based business is one of many options of working from home, but it’s not the only option.




My Partner in Profit Review aka My PIPS

If you’re wanting more info on My Partner in Profit, then you’ll want to stop and read this short My Partner in Profit review. It may change your mind about joining this program.



Are you confused by all the “reviews” of My Partner in Profit? Do all the reviews seem to be by affiliates of this program…in hopes that you “buy” from them? After all, you know that a lot of affiliates are biased and they only want to tell you what they want you to hear.


In addition, most people you see promoting this may not have a lot of experience with Internet marketing or using systems – I do.


I understand how you may still be unsure as to how My Partner in Profit works and you want to know if you can truly benefit from this system.


By reading this My Partner in Profit review, you’ll understand about how this program works and what you can reasonably expect from such a system. In fact, this will be quite likely the last My Partner in Profit review you’ll ever read before (and if) you join this program.


So, What is My Partner in Profit (My PIPS)?


I chose to include this video in this My Partner in Profit review to help explain it a little better. Watch below…



My Partner is Profit is a funded proposal system that works with pretty much any type of business opportunity. It is meant to be a “lead in” to your primary opportunity. Not everyone will join your opportunity, so you benefit by offering programs and services in addition to your primary program.


In a nutshell, whether or not anyone joins you, you still make money when they, your prospects, take you up on your other offers.


Sounds good so far?


Well, let me say that this is how all funded proposal systems work and My Partner in Profit isn’t any different. Having been on the ‘net for a while, I can tell you I have seen many “systems” come and go.


So, with so many systems “here today and gone tomorrow”, is it worth it getting involved in a system like My Partner in Profit?


Is My Partner in Profit Worth It?



This wouldn’t be a complete My Partner in Profit review if I didn’t be completely honest; after all I have nothing to gain by promoting it – I’m not an affiliate and I don’t desire to be.


I like good funded proposal systems because typically it gives the average person (and even a beginner) a way to start making money quicker than if just leading off with an opportunity.


Notice I said “good”? Well there have been quite a number of systems that have been bad – where the only person benefiting is the owner/creator of the system. Those are not good systems for you to get involved in and in fact, you’ll end up looking like an amateur promoting these types of “Mickey Mouse” systems.


Paul Birdsall, the creator of My Partner in Profit, has had a number of “systems” and “programs” over the years, and My PIPS is just one in a string of them.


So, is My Partner in Profit worth getting involved in? I’ll let you be the judge of that.


You do get training, which is always a plus with any kind of system.


However, I wouldn’t endorse this system since there are more advanced and better systems out there on the Internet, with this mlm system being the top one for the past few years.


What to Look For in a Good Marketing System



Again, I don’t want this My Partner in Profit review to be bashing of anyone or any system, but I do want you to see the bigger picture.


If you’re going to tap into someone else’s system, you want all the tools, bells, and whistles that can help you to come with it. You also want something that has been proven to work and has been around a long time.


You don’t want to get involved in another fly-by-night system. I’ve seen so many come and go taking people’s hard-earned efforts, time, and money along with it.


It’s just not worth it. Even if a system is “free” there will be a cost of time. What’s the point of getting a free system if it doesn’t help you in generating leads that convert into buyers? Not only have you wasted time, which you can never get back, but you’ll end up frustrated and irritated that your free system didn’t work like it said it would.


The Main Point You Need to Get From My Partner in Profit Review


The main takeaway from this My Partner in Profit review is this…


If you’re going to be involved in someone else’s system, make sure that:


It benefits you i.e. you have a way to make money with the system and its products


 – There are products and services inside the system that truly help people become better marketers


 – The system has been around for quite a while helping people convert people into buyers of the products and/or your opportunity


The system allows you to build your list


If, the marketing system doesn’t help you do all those things above, then quite likely the creator of the system is getting the most benefit of the system and making more money off of the leads you generate. I’m sure you don’t want to be anyone’s sucker!


In fact, My Partner in Profit was once a highly popular system when it first came out a few short years ago, but now it’s barely a blip on the radar. This program has greatly waned over the years and hasn’t withstood the test of time.


For these reasons, I can only recommend this system.


So you don’t become a victim of a less-than-honest system creator, I suggest you chose the system listed above, or use the criteria given  here and do your due diligence to pick a system that is going to serve you well so you can generate leads and upfront cash-flow.


And that may or may not be My Partner in Profit.


That concludes My Partner in Profit review. I hoped this helped you some.


Your partner in success,





How to Start Internet Based Business at Home

If you want to learn how to start internet based business at home, then you’ll want to read every word of this article very carefully…



The big question on your mind is…


How to start internet based business at home…


Now that in and of itself is a loaded question because it’s going to depend on a few things such as:

  • Your interests
  • Your hobbies
  • Your skills
  • Your budget
  • Your time commitment


Now, you’ll want to give each of those things above some thought because they’re going to determine what path you’ll want to take if you’re serious about learning how to start internet based business at home.


If you haven’t read Web Ideas, you’ll want to read that to help you get some business ideas…


So, now that you’ve given carefully consideration of your interest, hobbies, skills, budget,and your time commitment to your new business, you’ll want to take the next step…


How to Start Internet Based Business at Home Without Going Bonkers or Broke in the Process…



If you’ve never been your own boss before know that it can be quite a ride especially if you’re not ready for it.


For this reason alone, you’ll want to really prepare your mindset for the bumpy road you most likely will encounter.


What makes the road less bumpy is knowing what to expect, doing your research, and being well-prepared.


If you don’t take the time to prep yourself, you’re going to feel like a failure once you hit the first bump in the road that you can’t seem to get over. For a lot of hopeful entrepreneurs these bumps usually take them out of the home business game forever.


You don’t want that to happen to you because after all, I’m sure you have a strong desire to achieve success so you can give your family that lifestyle you’ve been promising them.


The Steps


1.What Are You Going to Do?


So, you’ll want to decide first and foremost if you’re going to build a business around something you already know (i.e. a hobby, an interest), start a unique business, join a network marketing company, or do affiliate marketing. If you already have an existing business or product, you may want to expand it online.


2. Find the Eyeballs


You’ll want to make sure that your target audience can be found online.


Don’t worry about how to start internet based business at home if you haven’t even begun researching your target market on the Internet.


3. Develop a Plan and Execute


This is where most new business owners go astray – they don’t plan and as a result failure is eminent. Now that you know where your target audience hangs out and you know the issues they want to overcome, you’ll to develop a marketing strategy that puts your product/service in front of them.


That mean you may want to run some Facebook Ads, Pay Per Click, Solo Ads, Banner Ads, etc…


It may also mean that you do a social media marketing campaign encompassing Instagram, Google+, Twitter, etc…


If you want to learn how to start internet based business at home successfully, you can’t afford to overlook your marketing plan.


How to Start Internet Based Business at Home – The Beginning


After you’ve taken all of this in, you’ll want to take the next step right now so that you can begin building your fortune.


You don’t get rich overnight, it’s a process and if you’re at all serious about keeping your promises to your family, you’ll want read every word of the following section…



Avoid the Pitfalls


I know you want to learn how to start internet based business at home because you want less expenses, less overhead, and the comfort of being in your own home.


Which is why it’s very important that you have an understanding of Internet marketing.


Avoid thinking you know it all or that you’ll just wing it until you understand it; it’s not going to work. You’ll waste a whole lot of time, money, patience, and effort trying to build a business online when you don’t fully understand Internet marketing.


You could pay an arm and a leg to learn Internet marketing, There’s no lack of courses and gurus out there that’ll charge you ridiculous amounts of money just to learn the basics of Internet marketing. It doesn’t have to be that way.


If you want to dig into your wallet and spend money on training that’s really no better than what I’m about to recommend that’s lower in cost and very simple to understand, then do that.


Odds are you’ll never be able to implement fully what you’re taught in those courses because it’s cramed full of stuff you don’t even need to know at this stage in the game. What then happens is that you being to suffer from info overload and confusion. And we all know that confused people don’t make money.


What I Recommend


Do the smarter thing and grab yourself a Plug-in Profit Site system and sign up for GVO.


You’ll get a blog on a nice clean theme that is completely set up for you, autoresponders so that you can email your leads, hosting to host your blog and other websites, and most importantly, you’ll get access to Dotcomology that teaches you the fundamentals of Internet marketing.


For ten bucks a month, its not going to break the bank, and you’ll get your own blog to do with what you want.



Now you do not have to promote PIPS or do the system if you don’t want to.


However, if you’re a beginner or if you’re just starting over again, you can’t go wrong building the multiple income streams inside of the PIPS program. It can generate a nice income for you.


Overall, if you want to learn how to start an internet based business at home that’s going to be profitable, you’ll want to take into consideration the tips presented here.


Don’t neglect your Internet marketing education because that’s going to be the difference between success and failure.



The American Business Systems Review You Don’t Want to Miss

What is American Business Systems (ABS) and is it the best home based business for you? Don’t bother with this until you read this…


American Business System

Are you getting tired going from site to site trying to find the perfect home business for you? Did you happen to run across American Business Systems? Did it pique your interest?


If you’re seriously looking into ABS medical billing franchise, then this is the American Business Systems review you need to read before you go into business.


What is American Business Systems?


If you’re not too familiar with American Business Systems, know that it is a medical billing franchise. It was started in 1987 by Patrick and Linda Phillips. You can watch this video below to learn more:



In this American Business Systems review you’re going to know what you need to understand about the home business industry. Without knowing what you’re facing, you’ll likely struggle and ultimately fail in any kind of business.


Are there any positives of American Business Systems? This wouldn’t be an honest American Business Systems review if I didn’t tell you the positives of the ABS medical billing franchise right upfront.


American Business Systems Review – The Positives



Having had various businesses over the years, I can tell you that the fact that American Business Systems has been in business since the late 1980s is a definite plus.  Most businesses fail within the first 24 months and ABS managed to not only survive but Patrick and Linda Phillips manage to turn it into a franchise.


Another positive is that ABS gives its franchisees a lot of information on building a medical billing franchise with American Business Systems. In fact, on their website, they give you a lot of info on their franchise and even answer questions that are probably on your mind about this business.


What You Need to Know About Making Money With All Home Businesses


 American Business System

The cost of American Business Systems, as of this writing is nearly $25,000.00.


So before you ever make one single cent, you’re already in the hole for nearly $25k grand and that’s not including your insurance that you will no doubt need for running a medical billing business.


Because you are a coming into an industry where doctors already have their own medical billing system or company that does their billing for them, you must prove to doctors that your new business is BETTER than the medical billing services they are already receiving.


Having looked into doing medical billing from home several years ago, I can tell you doctors are not about to trust a brand new company with their cashflow…their income – even if you are part of a franchise. Can you blame them?


Be prepared to “knock” on a lot of doors in order to find a practice that is open to you doing their medical billing. You will without doubt spend a lot of money on marketing in order to get into a doctor’s sphere of influence. In other words, you will have to get past their gatekeepers, which is most cases is their office manager.


Do you have a lot cash saved up for your marketing expenses? If not, you’re definitely going to need it in any kind of business especially one where there’s a lot of competition.


You must also know that a lot of medical doctors are part of organized medical organizations, which means that they must subscribe to a prearranged medical billing system – whether they like it or not.


So, whether or not you choose the ABS franchise, or any other kind of business, you have to take into consideration the operating costs and the ongoing costs of marketing. Do you have money set aside for those important business aspects?




American Business System

Although you can make good money with an ABS franchise, you must take into account the issues brought out in this American Business Systems review.


Do a little digging and see if you can find other people who have bought into the ABS franchise. Contact ABS itself and see how they help their new franchisees find clientele.


Overall, it seems like this may be one of the better franchises available especially in the healthcare niche. If you’re serious about going forward with ABS, make sure you get all your questions answered before you join.




2 Make Money on the Web Ideas: What You Should Know

If you’re looking for make money on the web ideas to jump-start your income for 2015, then you’ll want to carefully look at this…


make-money-on-the-web-ideas 4

The biggest problem you’re likely facing when you’re looking for make money on the web ideas is deciding what to do. The next biggest problem is finding things that really work to make you money.


It’s no secret that one of the reasons people fail online is that they do things that are ineffective or flat out don’t work. So it’s very important that you get the right information so that you only focus on the ideas that make you money on the web.


Lack of Information Leads to Failure


I’ve seen so many blog posts and articles that list these ways to make money online:

  • Write e-books
  • Start a day care
  • Write Kindle Books
  • Sell Other People’s Junk
  • Etc….


And the list goes on. Now these are noble make money on the web ideas but these are not enough to get you really started.


In fact, if you were to try to make money online with any of these ideas without digging further into more research, you’ll likely end up feeling discouraged and frustrated.



Everybody knows that you can’t make money when you have overwhelming feelings of discouragement and frustration. Right?


So, what’s the solution?


Make Money on the Web Ideas – How to Get Really Started


Now you can sit around and bounce ideas of how to write an ebook or start a day care all day long and you pretty much will end up wasting a whole lot of time. This is an amateur way of thinking and it’s the way that a lot of people think when they’re trying to find ways to make money online.


If you want that breakthrough, you want to think in terms of niches. For example, weight loss would be a niche but if you want to drill for gold, think smaller for example, weight loss for women, senior weight loss, etc…



If you keep this in mind, it will pay off in dividends…


There also has to be enough buyers in the niche you want to go after. If there are no buyers or not enough buyers, you’re severely limiting yourself.


Sure you can sit around for hours trying to figure out how to write an ebook, but you have to determine first what niche you’re going to go after and what problem or issue your ebook will solve for people in the niche.


Are you with me so far?


Make Money on the Web Ideas – The Evergreen Niches


Now these are niches you can market in year round, which is why they’re called evergreen. This doesn’t mean you have to choose an evergreen niche but if you want something long-term and stable year in and year out, then you can’t go wrong with an evergreen niche.


make money on the web ideas

The biggest downside of an evergreen is that if you go too wide in an niche then it will be too competitive for you because you’re basically competing with people and well-established companies that have been in the niche for years that have deeper pockets than you.


The questions to ask yourself are:
1. How hard do you really want to work? And…
2. Are you willing to wait years to see results?


The Smarter Approach


Going back to the original example of weight loss. You can be in the weight loss niche, but if you want organic search results based upon the term “weight loss” you’ll likely never get it in your lifetime unless you go for a longer keyword phrase (long-tail).


Now you can do paid marketing and social networking as long as you’re willing to pay the price in money in the case of paid marketing or time as in the case of social networking.


Now if all these sounds a little confusing, well it can be if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is why I always recommend people get some kind of training that gives a basic Internet marketing foundation.


I recommend this automated business system because it gives you everything you need to know in order to start making money online – and it won’t cost you an “arm and a leg.”


Let’s look at some other evergreen niches…


  • Weight Loss/Health Related
  • Make Money Online
  • Financial (credit repair, pay day loans etc)
  • Relationships/Dating


If you just look at those niches above, the wheels in your brain should be churning on how you can find a sub-niche in each of those niches.


make money on the web ideas

I’m in a few niches, but my main niche is the make money online niche because it’s the niche that I like and know best.


You may want to start in a niche in that you’re most familiar with as long as you’re sure there are buyers in that niche.


Other Niches


You can find other niches by browsing the magazine section in your local bookstore, looking at the categories in Amazon/eBay, etc…


I can’t emphasize enough that you’ll want to do proper research before you get into one of these niches. Look at your buyers and look at your competition.


Make Money on the Web Ideas in a Nutshell


Overall, there are many make money on the web ideas that you could do. You can start in an evergreen niche and/or start in an niche that you’re most familiar with as long as you’ve determined that there are buyers in that niche.


You want to get some good solid training that gives you a basic foundation first. The reason being is that I believe, like most people, that it’s best that you know and understand what you’re doing first before you exert a lot of time, effort, and money into something. It’s just smart business.


make money on the web ideas

The vast majority of people fail because they don’t understand Internet marketing. Don’t let that be your downfall.


Invest into your education but don’t spend a fortune learning the basics because it’s just not necessary (yep I’ve seen basic training costing thousands of dollars – ouch!).


Save your money to spend on paid marketing and/or getting your infrastructure into place ie. autoresponders, website, etc….


So, what determines success on many of those make money on the web ideas?


It’s really how you approach it, your basic Internet marketing education, and your consistent actions. If you look at your goals and your dreams for yourself and you’ll see it will be worth the journey.


Are you confident enough to begin chipping away at your goals?…


==> Click here to get started on your dreams…



Top 10 Myths About Network Marketing (MLM)

If you’re at joining a network marketing company but are afraid to because of all the negative things you’ve heard, then this is something you ought to read before you take your next step…



I can’t believe it. I’ve talked to many, many people who are afraid to make a decision to go into network marketing. They’ve heard “stories” and rumors. Instead of investigating and coming to their own conclusions, they believe all of what they hear.


They rather work two or three jobs and never see their kids or their spouse than to do a little digging, a little research and find out the truth about network marketing-the thing that could change their financial destiny and allow them to live their dreams.


Without further ado, here are the top myths that stifle people’s dreams…


1. They’re All Pyramid Schemes

A pyramid scheme is just a money game. There’s no real product or service. You make money basically by signing up people-which is illegal. A legitimate company supplies a real viable product or service to the marketplace. There are network marketing companies that have been around over fifty years selling products real people buy.

I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that there aren’t bad people and companies out there, because there are. There’s no lack of less than honest companies that try to get by on people by using the mlm compensation plan in their business model…even though they aren’t a mlm in the traditional sense of the word.

Do yourself a favor before you join a company – take the time to make sure the network marketing company is selling products/services real people (not just its distributors) want to buy.


2. Only Those That Get in Early Make Money

I don’t see how this makes any logical sense. If a company is legitimate, then it shouldn’t matter when you get in, because you can still make money. However, if a company only exists to scam as many people as possible before going out of business, then I could see this myth making sense in that regard.



3. You Must Go Door to Door Peddling Products

Back in the early Amway days, before computers and the technology we have today, the only way to sell products was door to door. Remember Avon, Kirby vacuum cleaners, and the Fuller Brush man?


In the technology age, door to door selling has become a thing of the past, unless you want to bring back the olden days and work a lot harder and not smarter as you build your network marketing business.


4. You Have to Recruit Your Friends

When network marketing (mlm) first started, recruiting friends into your opportunity was the norm due to convenience. It didn’t take much effort or any marketing skill to do so. The result sometimes ended in massive failures and estranged friendships.


There are people who still solely teach this marketing method. In this day and age, it’s not a necessity to resort to this technique, because many people all over the world want to work from home and actively seek opportunities to do so. Those are the ones you want to seek out for your business.


You can still recruit friends if you think they’re a good fit for your product or opportunity; however, you want to set your sight on the people who are motivated for change in their lives.


5. You Have to Buy a Lot of Products 

Some companies’ compensation plans do require a lot of stocking or front loading of products in order to earn your full commissions. Keep in mind that this type of compensation plan is designed for people who are good at retailing a lot of products. You usually make higher commissions in this type of plan.


There are many companies out there that do not have such heavy requirements. Read the policies and procedures and the compensation plan before you join a company.


6. There Are a Lot of Fly-by-Night Companies

Companies in and outside of network marketing go out of business for various reasons. That’s why it’s important to choose a company that is at least two years old. It reduces your risk of it going under with your time, effort and money invested in it.


7. You Have to be Outgoing or the Salesman Type to Make Money

So many people nowadays are turned of by the “salesman” type of approach. People respond better to people who are sincere, real, and friendly.


8. You Have to Invest a Lots and Lots of Money to Get Started

There are many companies out there where you can get started on a shoestring budget. Network Marketing has all the benefits of having a franchise, but without all the hassles of having employees and high overhead costs. Network marketing is a cost effective way to start a business.


9. You Have to Recruit Your Family



In the early days of network marketing and even now, some people think that they’ve got to get their family into their business and on their products and services.


They feel their family has an obligation to be involved in some aspect of their business. That’s how they show support-right? Wrong.


This type of thinking and marketing “technique” can be counterproductive. A lot of times when people approach their family about their opportunity or product they get “shot” down by them. I can’t believe you’re selling that! Or I can’t believe you fell for that!


After hearing the negative comments over and over again, you begin to think that there’s something wrong with you. Recruiting your family can be the worse thing to do, especially when there are more qualified people looking for an opportunity or your product.


10. They’re All Get Rich Quick Schemes

Network marketing can make you wealthy in a shorter amount of time, than working a job. That is for sure. So, yes, you can acquire wealth in a short amount of time with a legitimate company, however it is not overnight and can take a few years depending on your desire, learning curve and marketing budget.


Do your research until you’re satisfied with the results. Knowledge is potential power, but taking action will get you the results that you want.


Keep in mind that network marketing is like any other kind of business – you need to learn how to get eyeballs on the products/services/opportunity you’re selling. You’ve also got to have the right home business mindset.


Either learn these skills as you go along or take the faster route and get some website traffic training so you can get better and faster results.


=> For better results in your business this is what I recommend.


Jim Morgan Wood Profits Review: Revolutionary or Fakery?

 This is the Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits review you don’t want to miss especially if you want to learn how to start your own woodworking business – and get amazing results…

jim morgan wood profits
If you’re searching high and low on information about Jim Morgan’s Wood Profit course, and you’re coming up
empty handed, then rest assured that you’re not alone.


Being that this site is about home based businesses, it’s my intention to shed a light on all kinds of businesses
from online to offline to franchises and all else in between.


In doing my research about Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits, I came away feeling that there really is no legit Jim Morgan Wood Profits review.


In fact, the “reviews” I did see online were basically divided into two camps:


1. Affiliates of Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits who are chasing a commission check and don’t appear to have any business experience (or just not willing to share their expertise) and…


2. Those who are in the woodworking industry who think that any course that costs money is a scam.


The unfortunate thing is that you’re still left wondering if Jim Morgan’s woodworking business course is the real deal because you can’t seem to get a straight answer from any side.


Let me break it down like this…


Jim Morgan Wood Profits Review:
Affiliate Cheerleaders vs Scam Criers


Let me blunt with you if I may.


I’m not a woodworker, never wanted to be a woodworker, and know absolutely nothing about running a woodworking business. On the flipside, having had online and offline businesses over the years, I do understand about business and marketing and the whole home business industry in general.

jim morgan wood profits


Which is why I can look at any review online and tell really if the review is truly coming from the heart and wants to help people who are looking to start an woodworking business or if the review is something that is haphazardly put together in effort to generate a commission check as fast as possible.


You too should know the difference if you’re planning to make a living wage in the woodworking industry.


Now, another group you want to be concerned about are those in the woodworking industry who clearly have not even bothered ordering the course before calling it a scam.


What is clear is that these people are not making a six-figure income in the woodworking industry which is why they have a hard time believing that it’s even possible. Well, you know that old saying …whether you think you can or
cannot do something, you’re absolutely right.


It’s apparent that although those people in the woodworking industry who are not making a living income from their efforts are well-meaning, however, their limiting beliefs are keeping them broke.


If you’re serious about making lifestyle changing income and you want to know the ins and outs of how to start your own woodworking business, you must make sure that you’re taking any Jim Morgan wood profits review with a grain of salt that’s coming from a segment of people who are quick to scream scam before even buying the actual course.


Now the only way to see if this is a winner is to take what you learn in the course (or any course for that matter) and actually put it to use.


If you’re serious at making a good living in the woodworking industry, then you’ll want to make sure that Wood Profits (or any course) has valuable advice and insight that can help you make a six figure in come in your own woodworking business.


You may be thinking, how is it possible to make that much money in the woodworking industry?


Remember this…


What You Won’t Read on Other Jim Morgan Wood Profits Reviews

jim morgan wood profits
As long there’s a market ready and wiling to buy your woodworking projects, then the sky’s the limit as to what you can make.


You want to treat your woodworking business like a business and not a hobby.


One of the reasons a lot of people don’t make consistent money in this industry is that they do a project here and there and don’t treat it like a serious business.


This is what you see a lot online from people who cry about this being a scam and that being a scam. Listen to people who do want to make serious living in the woodworking industry.


Jim Morgan is giving insight into how this is done, so that you’ll be one of the few people who are making a decent living in their own woodworking business.


As compared to the cost of a franchise or any other kind of business, for the price of a couple of large pizzas youcan have the blueprint to making that six-figure income in this industry.




If you can’t afford to get the bare bones of this course currently at $37, then you really have no business being in business.


If spending $37 on something that can have a potentially profound effect on you and your family’s lifestyle is gonna jeopardize the roof over your head or set you back, then don’t go into business of any kind.


However if you’re serious about learning from a source that can show you how to get to the top of the woodworking industry without falling into the pitfalls that claim most businesses and shorten your learning curve at the same time, why wouldn’t you take it?


It’s literally a no-brainer especially since there is a money-back guarantee.


There’s no lack of videos out there and training that’s show you how to build products, but without learning how to make a good living from the projects you do build it’s all for nothing.


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Small at Home Business Ideas – These Are the Ones That Work

If you’re looking for genuine small at home business ideas, then this is where you need to start so you don’t become a scam victim and waste a lot of time.



What’s got you looking up small at home business ideas?


Do you want to buy a house? Do you want to pay off all your bills? Do you want to be able to provide financially for an ailing loved one? Do you just want some time freedom to do whatever you want, when you want without having to ask permission from a boss?


These questions are here to get you thinking about your “why”; this reason will carry you through all the bumps and detours you’ll encounter on your entrepreneur journey.


So, the first step in your search of small at home business ideas is to find your reasons for having a home business in the first place. It really has to mean something to you to the point that you’re willing to sacrifice the activities you enjoy in order to work on your business.


Small at Home Business Ideas – The Starting Point



The fastest way to get into making your home business idea a success is to start with what you know.


If you already have an existing product that you created, then that’s where you want to start.


The important thing to remember is there has to be a market for whatever it is you’re trying to sell. No market = no money.


So, what if you don’t have an existing skill or product that’s marketable?


The next best thing is to tap into someone else’s product or service if you don’t have your own. That could be that you join a good network marketing company or you just do affiliate marketing.


The starting point in coming up with small at home business ideas is to decide if you’re gonna tap into an existing business or create your own business from the skills/products you already possess.


Small at Home Business Ideas – Taking the Next Step


Now here comes the fun part…


If you’ve already created your product/service, now you need to learn about traffic generation so that you can start making sales.If you’re new to Internet Marketing you’ll want learn the foundation.



Want Faster, More Profitable Results? Make Sure You Read Dotcomology...


Now if you don’t have an existing business you want to market online, then you’ll need to chose your niche. Just make sure it’s a niche that likes to buy products.


You also want to consider the expenses of getting the business up and running as well as any ongoing expenses.


Examples of some small at home business ideas:



Arts and Crafts, Clothing, Accessories – You can sell the products you create on sites like Etsy and Triple Clicks and pretty much any site you want that doesn’t charge listing fees (unless you want to pay them).


Use the power of social media to help you attract customers and get sales.Networking sites that are heavy on visuals include Instagram and Pinterest.


Life Coach / Consulting – There are many courses online that teach you how to get involved with this type of business. There are a lot of people who need some one to guide them through their life and help them set up priorities in their business. If you have the knack for helping people then this is where you’ll want to be.


Affiliate Marketing / Internet-based Business – Out of all the small at home business ideas that exist, this is the second fastest way to get started. Low entry and operating costs make this one of the best business models to turn a profit in quickly.


With the use of an automated business system and other business tools, building this kind of business on the web using social media/networking websites is very cost effective as well.


Where to Go From Here With Your Small at Home Business Ideas


Now, I just listed three very profitable business models you choose from – there are literally hundreds more. It’s up to you to decide where you want to do and how you want to start.

small at home business ideas

Like I stated earlier, the fastest way to start is to tap into someone else’s products or services via network marketing, affiliate marketing or do a combination thereof. It’s best to do one niche at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.


Make sure that out of all the small at home business ideas that you’re considering, make sure you narrow it down to only the ones that you believe in. Belief is a very powerful thing – it can literally make or break your business.


Small at home business ideas is where you begin to narrow down your options. Taking action is where you set in motion the realization of your dreams.


See you at the top!



Is Plug in Profit Site Legit?

If you’re wondering if Plug in Profit Site is legit, then this what you may want to read before you do another thing…



You’ve probably had more than your share of fly-by-night businesses and skeezy Internet marketing gurus. You may have even spent some of your rent money on trying to find the right business solution for you – all to no avail.


That was when Plug in Profit Site (PIPS) for short caught your attention. Could this be your ticket to freedom or is just another one of those?


You’re gonna be quite surprised at my answer because it may not be what you think it is.


Is Plug in Profit Site Legit…and Does It Work?


What may have brought you here was your months or even years of frustration with Internet marketing and even network marketing. You may be thinking there’s gotta be something better or easier.


Having been in this industry for awhile, I can tell you that your search of something easier or better is not what you’re really after. You’re really after the keys to making it all work out for you.


The problem with most network marketing biz opps and Internet marketing gurus products is that they don’t teach you want you need to know to make it work for you.


Signing up for a business opportunity is like getting a car with no gasoline and no steering wheel. It’s a car sure enough, but you won’t get out of the driveway without gasoline or a steering wheel.


Plug In Profit is the car, but it also gives you the gasoline and the steering wheel to make it work.

You could even take what you learn from PIPS and apply it to any business. We want you to be successful. Both myself and Stone Evans (the creator of PIPS) know that giving you none of the important parts that makes a business work is really setting you up for failure. Too many network marketing businesses do this. Too many Internet marketing gurus do this as well.


How long do you want to keep being frustrated?


So, is Plug in Profit Site legit? Yes.


If you’re seriously looking at this automated business system, then I’m sure you’ve got more questions on your mind…


Read on…


Frequently Asked Questions About Plug in Profit Site

plug in profit legit

There are a lot of questions being asked about PIPS, and it sometimes is not answered in a way where you can completely understand what this program can do for you.


1. Does PIPS Show You What You Need to Know in Order to Start Making Money Online?


Yes. Most programs don’t tell you want you need to know whereas others tell you too much to the point it becomes overwhelming and so you do nothing because you don’t know where to start.


2. Who Created Plug in Profit Site?


It was created by Stone Evans.

3. Am I Able to Build My List With This Program?

This was one of the first affiliate programs at the time it got started that showed you how to do list-building. Today it still is one of the premiere programs that not only shows you how to build your list, it lets you do it.

We want you to do things the right way straight out of the gate. After all it’s in your best interest to build your golden asset – your list.

4. Do I Have to Join All Five Programs?


No you do not. In fact, I recommend you join one at a time, get to learn it and then add on at your pace. Joining all five at one time is for people who have both feet on the gas and want to get off to a faster start making more money.


5. Is This Money-Making System Really Free?


Yes it is. Because you need to have some control over your business, you need to have your website (your blog) hosted somewhere. This gives you full control over the contents like a true business owner would have.


The more control you have the more potential money you can make. This is why PIPS does things that are in your best interest, not just the creator of the system.


6. How is Plug in Profit Different Than the Other Programs That I’ve tried?


Let me answer that one by saying this…


Plug in Profit Site is Legit – But It’s Only the Beginning


plug in profit legit

There are a thousand and one businesses out there that are real. What makes Plug in Profit stand out is that it gives you a foundation to help you understand the bigger picture of Internet marketing.


Without this foundation, as you well know, you’ll struggle, jump around from program to program and even lose a lot of money.


We give you what you need to know at this time to begin making money. No fluff or filler. If you want to immediately start seeing results then you’ll want to put your knowledge to use by getting the money-making system that comes with it. It’s your choice of how fast you want to get to your goals.


PIPS give you the foundation, the training, and the business system to make it all work to help you make money online a whole heck of a lot easier. It’s up to you to do the rest.


==> Click here to begin setting up your money-making site



How to Make Money on the Web From Home…Even If You’re Broke

If you’re eager to know how to make money on the web from home without being scammed and losing all your life savings, then this is what you need to read…


how to make money on the web from home

You’ve made a mistake.


In fact, you’ve probably made quite a few mistakes in your quest of wanting to learn how to make money on the web from home.


There’s no doubt about it, there are a lot of scams and schemes out there that are just waiting to gobble up your money and your dreams.


Then there’s this…


You may not have been told the complete truth about what you really need to know about home based businesses.



Let me explain…


How to Make Money on the Web From Home – The Facts vs Fiction


I’m really disappointed with what I see online. You’ve probably seen it too.

How to Make Money on the Web From Home


You have to not only contend with the money games but you also have the opposite extreme where certain types of bloggers try to make a name for themselves by labeling any and everything a scam.


This does you no service because you’re getting “bad” advice from people who want their fifteen minutes of glory at your expense.


It’s bad enough you have to deal with people who have their hand on your wallet selling beach front property in Arizona i.e. fake dreams that could never be real with the program they’re promoting (a scam).


So, what you’re left with are broken dreams and a empty bank account.


And all you wanted to know was how to make money on the web from home. Can it be done? Yes. Am I making money online? Yes.


The dirty little truth is that most people don’t make money, but lose money – and lots of it.


The only way you’re gonna be in the minority that do go on to make some cool dough online is if you know how to separate fact from fiction.


Here she goes…


Fiction (not true)


1. You have to join a network marketing/mlm business opportunity in order to have a home business


2. You need money to make money


3. The only way to make money online is if you have an Internet business


4. It takes years to see any results


5. You’ve got to spend thousands of dollars on training to learn the ropes




How to Make Money on the Web From Home

1. You do not have to join a network marketing business or an mlm to have a home based business.

You can do affiliate marketing by selling other peoples products and services or your own products and services online (as long there is a market online).


Check out markplaces like Clickbank, Share-a-Sale, Offer Vault, Commission Junction, Amazon, eBay, etc…


2. One you find a product you want to market, you can drive traffic via free marketing tactics such as putting up videos on YouTube, forum posting, and getting traffic from social sites like Google+ and Facebook.


All of those methods work well, if you know how to use them the smarter way.


3.There are hundreds of ways to make money online and you don’t have to start a business or be an affiliate for someone’s product or service. There are real paid online surveys, Click Worker, and hundreds of employers that hire workers to work from home.


The caveat here is that you’re not gonna make any drastic lifestyle changes by doing any of these things, just enough to get some bills paid.


If you have dreams of quitting your job, taking dream vacations, and/or buying a new home, you’re gonna have to look at a real home based business, not a home based job, surveys, or tasks you do online.


4. It doesn’t take years to see results in a home based business because:


A) Your start up costs are far lower than if you had a regular mom and pop business or a franchise (a regular Mc Donald’s franchise will cost you a mere $1 – $2 million plus ongoing monthly expenses. See here…) and…


B) You have little to no monthly overhead expenses. For just those two things alone is why you’re gonna turn a profit a lot faster online.


5. There are forums like the Warrior Forum where you can get an overall view of Internet marketing. It could be a little daunting because everyone has an opinion and not everyone agrees on any one thing 100%. The one training I highly recommend is Plug in Profits.


It gives you an overview of Internet marketing so you can see the bigger picture, but it also shows you how to market online so that that you’re making multiple streams of income right from the get-go.


So, is Internet marketing a little bit clearer for you now? Do you see where you may have made mistakes in the past? Do you get how to make money on the web from home?


Are you ready to take the next step so that you can be on the path to success?


What Now?


How to Make Money on the Web From Home

The smart thing to do is to decide how you want to make money online. Do you want a home based job, do tasks online like surveys, or do you want to aim for financial freedom with your own home based business?


To avoid misery and wasted time and money, decide what you want to do first and foremost.


Now that you have an idea as to how to make money on the web from home, you’ll want to formulate a plan to make it happen. If you’re goal is a home based job, then you’ll need to start applying for jobs.


If you want to just do simple tasks online, then you’ll want to sign up for a survey site like Fusion Cash and Clickworker.


If you want dream lifestyle results, then obviously a home based business is where you must go. Get strong practical training that you can put into use so you can start making money right away.


I recommend this automated business system because it gives you what you need right now to start generating an income online without all the fluff and filler you find with other programs.


If you want to how to make money on the web from home, now you know there are terrific ways to do just that.