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Low Cost Home Businesses to Start

Seeking low cost home businesses to start online? Before you join another biz opp, you’ll want to read this…


The bills are starting to mount up…


Your spouse is still nagging at you about losing a lot of money in the last business opportunity that you joined…


And on and on it goes…


But you are determined to give this “work at home business thingy” another try. What you’re determined to do differently this time around is only search out low cost home businesses to start online.


So, where do you start? Can you expect to get the truth about what really works and what doesn’t?


Let me answer it this way – it’s complicated.


This is why you want to keep on reading…


Low Cost Home Businesses to Start – What You Need to Know



I completely understand you want to get results. I know you have a lot of debt you want to finally get rid. Maybe you’re thinking ahead about a retirement income opportunity for the future.


Perhaps you simply want a complete lifestyle makeover and the only way that’s gonna happen is if you go into business for yourself (your job will never give you that much of a pay raise!).


Whatever the reason you’re looking for a home based business, now you’re at the point where you’re absolutely serious about getting success.


Think about this for a moment…


Honestly, why was it that you didn’t have success before?


Was it lack of business savvy and marketing know-how? Or was it a lack of motivation on your part? Do you think you just chose the wrong kind of business?



You see, if you don’t have a clue as to what went wrong the first few times you went into business, then you’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over.


I Know Where I Went Wrong – Now What?


When looking at low cost businesses to start, you have to realize that there are different kinds of businesses.

  • There’s straight affiliate marketing.
  • There’s network marketing.
  • You can sell your own products/services online.
  • You can start a consulting business from home.
  • You can help small businesses get set up online.


Some people like myself do a combination one or more of the above because it’s important to diversify your income. All of those businesses listed above can be started with little to no money at all.




The number one reason why there are so many low cost businesses is that they’re internet-based. An online business can be started and even maintained with little to no overhead expenses.


Here’s the kicker…


What gets people on the verge of failure in their business isn’t usually the cost of the business per se (unless they got a business they could not afford), but not knowing anything about business and Internet marketing.


Think about that question you answered earlier about why you think you didn’t have success in your past businesses.


Do you think you would have had better results if you knew more about Internet marketing and traffic generation?


If you’re like 95% of the people online who are struggling to get one foot off the ground, then the answer would be “yes.”


Picking Low Cost Home Businesses to Start – As Simple as 1-2-3


Step 1- Education is Key – If you don’t already know about Internet marketing, I highly suggest that you get a basic foundation first before venturing into an online business. Pick up a copy of Dotcomology here. If you’re learning more towards affiliate marketing, this is the place where you can get proven training. This is called stacking the odds in your favor.


Step 2 – Choose Your Business – Any solid Internet-based business is going to be low cost to get started with. Whatever niche you decide to go into, make sure there are people in that niche that want to buy the products you are selling.



If you don’t want to do straight affiliate marketing, you can go with a multiple streams of income program like Plug in Profit Site (PIPS). This is considered a business opportunity program. Make sure you read the Plug in Profit Review first.


Another option is to join a traditional network marketing company. It’s important that you make sure it’s a solid company that has real products REAL people (not just distributors) are buying.


If you’re torn between doing affiliate marketing and network marketing, I suggest a hybrid program called SFI. It’s a long-running program that’s been in business over 18 years. I’m actually an affiliate for SFI and I actually like it. And yes I’m making money.


Step 3 – Drive Traffic to Your Offer – Without traffic your business is dead. Picking low cost businesses to start may be the easy part.


The challenging part is understanding Internet marketing and knowing how to drive traffic to your offer consistently. Spend time learning one marketing technique at a time. Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, you have no business.


All in all, there are many low cost home based businesses. They key to making any of them successful is to understand what you did wrong in your past home businesses, making a study of Internet marketing and lead generation, and picking a business that has proven buyers.


Are you ready to stack the odds in your favor this time?




Using Penny Auctions to Build Your Business

Need leads for your SFI business? Need products to sell on Amazon or eBay? If you haven’t seen Pricebenders penny auctions in awhile, you’ll be quite amazed at what you can find there for your business – on pennies on the dollar!…




Past Auctions 

Here’s are some of the auctions that happened recently:

  • Syma Remote Control Helicopter w/Camera
  • TCredits – 400 pack
  • Silver76Pack–Silver Bar & 75 TCredits
  • 50 PSAs (you can bid for leads for your SFI business!)
  • Apple iPad Mini 3 (space gray)
  • Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity
  • Apple iPod touch 16GB 6th Generation
  • O-Ion B-1000 Ionic Air Purifier

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Previous Items Won on Pricebenders




How Bidding Works



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How to Get the Lowest Price Per Credit

Out of all the penny auctions I’ve seen, Tripleclick’s Pricebenders auctions have the lowest cost per credit at only .29 cents. To get this low price you do have to become a member of SFI – which is no cost. Click here to join in a few easy steps.


How to Use These Auctions in Your Business

There are many,  many ways to build an SFI busines and promoting these penny auctions are just one way. If you’re not is SFI but you sell products online on eBay or Amazon, you can get high value in demand products for just pennies on the dollar.


DS Domination/eBay/Amazon Sellers

You also  have the ability to bid on T-Credits, the currency used to bid on products on Tripleclicks/Pricebenders. A smart strategy would to win as many T-Credit auctions as you can.


You can get T-Credits on pennies on the dollar in Pricebender auctions. This way when you do win auctions say for example an iPad, your credits cost you very little to obtain thereby increasing your profit margin that much more!


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Facebeast or Facebust – The Facebeast Review You Need to Read

If you’re looking for a real Facebeast review that is not done by another dime-a-dozen Facebeast affiliate, then you’ll want to pull up a chair and read this short and to the point review…


facebeast review

I was curious…


Facebeast happened to be a site I seen promoted on another website by an affiliate. You see, it was different and it stood out from among the other typical money-making programs.


Now one of the first places I look to see real reviews of a product is the Warrior Forum – not Google.


The biggest problem when you do a search for a review for a product (or as in this case a Facebeast Review) on Google (or any search engine for that matter) is that you get affiliates pushing products without any concern for you.


When I write about a product, I take into consideration my experience with the product, my research, and other people’s experiences as well. I present info so that you as a potential consumer can make an informed decision.


I do know that affiliates want to make a buck – it’s all about the almighty dollar…I get that, however, as affiliates we all have a responsibility to not promote junk. This brings us back to this Facebeast review


The Warrior Forum #1 For Reviews



Let me admit this…


There are a lot of product junkies (PJ’s) on the Warrior Forum (WF) who buy product after product.


Yes, you’ve got to be careful of the “reviews” from some of these PJ’s who never implement anything and want to blame the product for their lack of results.


Are You Ready to Make the Leap to a Home Business? You’ll Want to Read This to See…


However, taking all of that into consideration, you’ll gain some insight into a lot of these Internet marketing products and services. So you could say that these people know which products/services are junk and which ones are even worth their salt.


And so off I go to see what they say about Facebeast…


The Facebeast Review That Tells You All You Need to Know...


First off my research into Facebeast starts off badly.


In fact my review starts and ends with this…


When I went to WF to look into Facebeast, I seen this thread which is actually a classified ad posted in the classified section of the Warrior Forum. It’s not an review but a promotion of Facebest (a la an affiliate).


Then you read down to the comments people have to say about Facebeast (gotta love it!)….


The Facebeast Salespage Gives It Away


Now, I can say after going to the Facebeast homepage and listening to the “customer” testimonials, they DO sound like bad actors reading a scripted testimonial, which is why I was not shocked to see WF user Paul Schlegel point out that the people behind Facebest actually got “actors” to give fake testimonials about the products!


facebeast review

The second big red flag is that Facebeast tries to convince you that they’ve been featured on several news outlets, but in reality these featured news spots are really press releases that anyone can buy.


You Have No Street Cred Facebeast!


You see, online all you have is your reputation. And when you start of by trying to deceive people and totally lie and misrepresent your product, well you’re done.


I know how discouraging it can be to think you’ve found something that works only to be let down yet again. It’s a huge waste of your time because you could be spending time doing something that really works.


Does Facebeast even work?


facebeast review

At this point it doesn’t even matter. When people go through great lengths to deceive you into getting at your hard-earned money, you better count your blessings that they didn’t empty your bank account.


Not to mention that you should not build your business totally reliant on a third-party site you have no control over.


So, What Works?


Get the basics down before you invest any money anywhere. Grab a copy of Dotcomology, read it and then either join Plug in Profit Site so you’re in a position to start earning multiple checks or pick a niche that you’re interested in (based upon the criteria in the Dotcomology report).


Don’t waste your time or money with junk like Facebeast.


Training and applied action on real proven business models are the only ways to long-lasting success!




Home Business Opportunities – How to Choose

If you’re very conflicted about which home business opportunities to choose from, know that there are some criteria that you need to have in place so that you don’t make a grave mistake that you might regret. Let me explain…

home business opportunities


There are lots of home business opportunities!


That’s the good news. The bad news is that you have to narrow it down, at least at the beginning and choose one to start off with (actually all you need is really one good one or an automated business system if choose more than one). But which one?


Do you want to sell only your own products and services? Do you want to sell other people’s products and services? Do you want to do network marketing and just become a distributor? Do you want to sell items on eBay?


When it comes to home business opportunities, the world is your oyster!


If you were to narrow it down, how would you do it? Well, let’s start here…


Passion is Dead, Demand is Alive and Kicking


Out of all the home business opportunities out there, do you know the failure rate? If you’re not sure, lets lay down some eye-opening stats for you.


First of all, the failure rate in online businesses and brick n’ mortar businesses are quite high.

home business opportunities




There are many reasons why a lot of these businesses fail. For example, a lot of the people behind these failing businesses usually violate the #1 rule – and that’s making sure that there is a demand for what they’re selling.


Do You Have What It Takes to Succeed? Make Sure You Read Make the Leap to Home Business Success


You see, if no one’s buying your products, then you’re not going to make any money – period. Going solely after your passion and completely ignoring if there’s a demand for your products/service is fool-hardy.


With that said, you do want to choose an industry or niche that you do have some interest in. If you don’t like what you’re doing, you’re going to dread doing it and after awhile you won’t do it all.
Who Are You and What Are You Going to Do?


Now that you understand that demand plays a hug role with choosing the right home business opportunities, next you want to decide what kind of business you want to have.


Do you want to create your own products or tap into the products that have already been created for you?


Do you want to be the expert in your niche? Do you want to be a coach or a consultant? Do you just want to stay in the background and just be an affiliate or a distributor? How do you fit in with your business?


Next you want to make sure you cover rule number one and that means doing a little bit of research to ensure there are people who are buying the products and services you intend to sell.


If you’re going to start by going after a particular niche, then you may want to consider the types of products people in that niche would be interested in. You may want to even build a list in this niche as well.


This is where you want to make a decision as to what direction you want to go in.


Next is the really important part that a lot of people misunderstand about small home business opportunities


Home Business Opportunities Bad Advice: Build It and They Will Come And Other Such Nonsense…


There used to be a saying that if you build something, people will find it. I don’t know how that saying got started, but if you buy into it, then you’re believing that people have an extrasensory locator programmed into their brain that can find anything they want…even things they never knew existed.

home business


By now, you know how the “build it and they will come” sounds so ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is that there are people who preach this “philosophy” to the unknowing entrepreneurs thereby sealing their fate as failures.


The key to massive success is driving traffic to your website. If you can’t deliver enough traffic, odds are your business will die a quick death. Quality targeted traffic is the lifeblood of your business. And if you think people will automatically just find your new business on their own without any effort on your part, then you’re living in fantasyland – it just won’t happen.


In network marketing there are still a lot of people who believe that the only way to build a network marketing business to bug your friends and family. This does work for some, but unfortunately not for most.


This is where as a network marketer you have to learn marketing skills so you can build your business outside of your friends and family. Before you jump into network marketing you may want to consider how you plan on marketing your business.


Will you invest into paid marketing or use social sites like Facebook and Instagram to help you build your business? What kind of marketing budget do you have?


Putting It All Together to Find the Best Home Business Opportunities For You


By this point, you’ve got an understanding that you need to choose not only good products and services but products and services that are in demand. You also know the importance of choosing an industry that you actually have some interest in.


home business opportunities

With the high rate of failure in the home business industry, it’s common sense that you want to touch on the very issues that contribute to this high failure rate – namely lack of traffic and lack of understanding business and Internet marketing.


If you can’t afford to spend time tackling these areas, then you may want to rethink going into business at all.


After all, knowing what contributes to failure and deliberately doing nothing about it is surefire way to commit business suicide – taking all your dreams, efforts, and money down with it.


Success is yours as long as you’ve set forth good common sense business criteria and you’re willing to learn. This is why I recommend that you read Dotcomology before you buy another ebook, WSO, or Internet marketing course that will likely just waste your time and money.


Click here to download it (no Opt-in required)…



Plug in Profit Site Testimonial – Stone Evans Has Promised and Delivered

If you’re eager to finally start a home based business but wasn’t quite too sure where to go or what to do, then you’ll want to carefully read this Plug in Profit Site testimonial because it touches on the very things that keep most people from having success online…



In your mind they’re all evil…


They don’t tell you what to do or where to go…


You’re left feeling confused, irritated, and a little angry.


The “they” are the many business opportunities you see hanging around on the net trying to get your attention…and into your wallet.


There’s nothing wrong with putting in money in your very own business. The problem that you’re getting little to nothing back in return for all your attention, hard work, and money.


You may even feel liked you’ve got robbed.


plug in profit site testimonial

Let’s be  honest here – there are home based businesses and money schemes being launched everyday.


You want to focus of course on the former and stay away from the latter, but it may seem that all you find are the money schemes that want to separate you from your money.


To make matters worse, you’re probably trying to balance your family and a job you probably don’t care too much about. Do you really need to go through all this headache just trying to find a real business opportunity so you can finally kick your boss to the curb? The short answer is no.


Here’s what you’re missing…


Plug in Profit Site Testimonial With Olaf Fischer


plug in profit site testimonial

Take a moment and here and read this short bit from Olaf Fischer – he reveals the secret to online success…


They Make It Hard…


Olaf’s testimonial holds the key to success in any home business. The problem is that most businesses you see online are:

  • Complete rip-offs
  • Incomplete (you can’t have success with only half the solution!)
  • Too convoluted (on purpose) that it’ll take several months just to figure it out – and by the time your money’s gone
  • Peddling worthless products and services that no sane person would buy – unless they were a distributor trying to earn a commission


It’s no wonder you’re confused as to where to go and what to do. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be getting started in a home business in this day and age.


In a lot of areas, technology has made it so much easier to make money but on the flipside, the Internet is littered with a lot of worthless garbage that will steal your dreams and rob you of your hard earned money.


The Olaf Discovery


If you haven’t read Olaf’s testimonial you’ll want to read it here…


One of the important things he touched on was this…


“I am very impressed by the thorough training.”


Whatever does he mean?


You see without knowledge of what your’e doing, you’re going to struggle big time. There is a huge learning curve and unfortunately most home businesses including affiliate programs don’t do a good enough job of teaching its hopeful entrepreneurs how to build a business with their products and services.


They leave it to you to figure it out without any guidance whatsoever. With a family and an ever demanding boss breathing down your neck, do you really have the time to try to decipher the home business code?


At the very least these affiliate programs and network marketing companies should be pointing you in the direction where you can get the help you need so you can build successful business.


That may be asking too much!


So, what did Olaf touched on that could literally make a difference in your bank account?


plug in profit site

The need for solid training. Plug in Profit Site does exactly that. It teaches, trains, guides you to success on the Internet as long as you follow the program.


It even provides the opportunities so that you can put what you learn to work for you so you can earn money at the same time.


I can’t say this enough…


If you don’t know what you’re doing online, your bank account will reflect that. If you’re frustrated in your home business, your bank account will reflect that too.


This is the path that most people take that leads them to the cliff of failure…


The Failure Model


A business opportunity dangles in front of them -> they join -> they’re given a website to promote that’s not usually optimized to get prospects -> they post their affiliate link of this page all over the net in all the wrong places -> they see no results -> they quit -> they find another enticing business (or affiliate program) and then join -> and they repeat this entire cycle all over again.


The sad part is that they never make anything significant (odds are they lost a lot of money in each program they joined).


Are you a “they”?… Can you relate to this scenario?


Here’s the smarter alternative…


The Plug in Profit Site Model


plug in profit site testimonial

Training -> guided 30 days to success model -> given links to websites and lead capture pages (that build your list) that have proven to convert -> the opportunity to earn multiple income checks by using only one link -> training to know where to put your affiliate links


Which model looks more promising to you?


If you’ve been chasing your tail in circles trying to make money online, then clearly  you know what isn’t working.


You can continue to do what most people do and just join business after business in hopes of something working. This only adds an extra layer of frustration to your life and ends up costing you a lot of time, money, and quite possibly a lot of nights sleeping on the couch.


By the way, hope is not a marketing strategy. Good solid training and actionable steps are. With Plug in Profit Site you get what you need to start making money right now – not five years from now.


But as Olaf stated in  his PIPS testimonial, “You get out of it what you put in.”


Both failure and success starts with you. Get serious about your goals for yourself and your family just like Olaf did and grab your Plug in Profit Site website. You have nothing to lose and right now (not sure how long this will last), PIPS will host your money-making blog for free.


Click here to get started on your goals…(and make sure you watch the million dollar interview…)



WAHM Home Based Business – How to Pick a Winning One



If you’re a mom trying to find the perfect online WAHM home based business, then you may be having a hard time choosing a legit one that is the right fit for you. This is why knowing these three simple things will make your decision a whole lot easier and more profitable.


So, you want to start a WAHM home based business?


As you’re well aware of, being a mom is a full-time job in and of itself. Being a full-time working mom adds another level of stress. For these two reasons alone, you’re probably looking for a way to:


1. Make a livable income from home and…

2. Have more time to spend with those you love the most.


What Stops Most Women From Being Entrepreneurs


If you’re like most hopeful entrepreneurs, then you’ve probably had a gazillion home business ideas that for one reason or another just never came to fruition.

wahm home based business


Perhaps you thought your ideas weren’t good enough or unique enough.


I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be the next Silicon Valley miracle dotcom business in order to make money on the Internet.


In fact, you don’t even have to come up with your own ideas in order to have a successful business.


Never before has it been easier to become an entrepreneur and make significant money without worrying about costly leases, employees, and other high overhead expenses that can eat up your profits.


When it comes to a WAHM home based business, what’s important are these three things…


WAHM Home Based Business – The Three Action Points


1. Timing is Everything


As a mom who may be spending a great deal of time away from home, you want to really consider a business that you can do in the time you have available.


In other words, if you can’t carve out at least an hour a day, preferably 2-3 hours per day to build your business, then maybe this isn’t the right time to start a business especially if you’re new to entrepreneurship.


You see, if you don’t have experience running a business, you’re going to encounter a huge learning curve. You must not only have time to work your business, but you also must have time to learn how to build your business.


wahm home based business

You may already be stretched to the limit with commuting and childcare and adding an additional thing to do may not be the best thing at this time.


Action Step: Decide how much time per day you can commit to your business. Write out your new schedule on some sort of calendar like Google Calendar.


You also want to schedule your family time to make sure that you’re not so absorbed in your business that you forget that you still have a family to attend to.


You’re going to need your family support and you don’t want to alienate your crucial team players – your family.


2. Make Money Now


Here’s the simple truth of it all…


I like the television show Shark Tank and I love original creative products. What you need to know is that if you don’t already have a unique product created by now, it can take a long time and a whole lot of money to get your product into the marketplace.


For some people this is a gamble they want to take because they have a lot of passion behind their idea.


If you’re reading this then you probably don’t fall into that category. Quite likely you’re looking for a WAHM home based business because you want to make money right now, not five years from now.

wahm home based business


With that said, it becomes apparently obvious that you probably don’t want to spend $20k for a business.


You see, with such high start-up costs comes a greater commitment from you and your family.


And that means that you’re going to likely need to manage workers and deal with a lot of overhead expenses – and maybe not make a profit for a few years. Are you up for the challenge?


If not, then you’ll want to get into business the fastest and more economical way and that is to sell someone else’s products and services. There are two routes to this:


1. Affiliate Marketing and…

2.  Network marketing


In today’s age, a lot of people like myself have combined the two and have made money a lot more faster and do I say easier than before.


As a person looking for a WAHM home based business, I’m sure you’re interested in making money a whole faster rather than slower. After all, your children are getting older and what better time to have the financial means to improve their lives than right now – right?


In a nutshell, you want a product/service that already exists in order to make money a lot faster. There will be time down the road to create your own products/services if that’s what you want to do, but right now you’re concentrating in getting a home business up and going as fast as possible and that can only be done if you tap into someone else’s existing products.


Action Step: Decide if you want to do affiliate marketing or just join a network marketing company or do a combination thereof.


3. Hobby vs Business – Don’t Get it Twisted



This is probably the biggest mistake I see moms-preneurs make… Let me explain…


A hobby is something that you do for the fun of it. You don’t care about making money, because you get so much joy out of your hobby.


Now here’s the flipside…


You can turn your hobby into a business as long as there’s money to be made. Not all hobbies can produce a livable income so you really have to do your research.


Let me explain it like this…


You can take an empty ketchup bottle and squeeze it until your fingers turn red and numb and still nothing will come out if the bottle is empty – no matter how long and hard you squeeze.


The same goes for your hobby that you’re trying to turn into a business. If there’s no money to be made in your hobby, then there’s no point in trying to make money at it. Just keep it as a hobby and find a products/service that people are already buying and make that your business.


Traditional Women Businesses


When you think of WAHM home based business, you immediately think of women products like make-up and jewelry. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, you can find affiliate products and network marketing companies in these types of women-dominated niches.



Maybe you have no interest in selling jewelry or make-up, but just want a business that really works so that it can give you the opportunity to achieve all your financial goals.


In general, as a working mom, you’ll want to be able to make money now rather than later. The fastest way to get into profit mode is to choose a business where the overhead costs are low to nonexistent…and most importantly, where there are hungry buyers.


Action Steps:

1. Get clear on the distinction of a hobby vs a business and decide if you want to turn your exiting hobby into a profitable business. Do your research first and foremost.

2. When it comes to choosing a WAHM home based business, what are you looking for in an opportunity? Is there a particular niche that you’re interested in?


Evergreen WAHM Home Based Business I Recommend



There are lots of Internet based businesses, affiliate programs and network marketing companies out there – which makes it pretty confusing for you to choose.


Sadly, most affiliates/distributors fail to make any decent money.




The breakdown lies in those three points you just read. Some people join or start a business that they completely have no interest in and so it becomes a burden to them to build the business day in and day out.


Very few people are able to be successful at something they completely have no interest in. If you’re chasing dollar signs hoping that you’ll become rich doing something you completely hate or don’t have no interest in, I’m here to tell you that you’re stacking the odds of success against you.


The other notable reason why affiliates and distributors fail to make money is that they don’t understand traffic generation and how it fits into their success. It’s no secret that most network marketing companies and affiliate programs don’t teach you how to get traffic – they leave it up to you to figure out.


The unfortunate thing is that there lots of people who don’t even know that they need traffic to their offer to make money (yes, there are people who just sign up for an affiliate program and then think that the dough i.e. money is gonna come rolling in without any effort on their part- no joke!).


So, what program do I recommend?


Join a program that you have interest in…preferably one that’s going to have resources and training to help you become successful.



Since programs change from time to time, you’ll want to check out the “Recommended Resources” section…






Freelancing Broker and Is It Possible?


Today, almost everybody have the ability to utilize a PC and net administrations. Such a huge stream of data does not leave an excessive amount of space for creative energy, but fast-paced present it is. That is why more and more people are interested to be freelance brokers. The apprehension of unemployment is urging numerous experts to strike out all alone.

As anyone who does their own marketing will know – marketing costs money. Continuing advertising expenses lower means more cash to spend on yourself or to put once again into your business. A freelancer or independent worker is a person who is usually self-employed and works for one or more employers. Long-term commitment can be an option, but in reality they work for more clients in shorter terms rather than being hired by a commercial enterprise.

The most common freelance engagement include jobs such as writing, photography, editing, web-page design, graphic arts or computer programming. Freelance work offers great advantages and can represent an attractive alternative to a traditional job.

Freelancing is a potentially lucrative and highly enjoyable way to make a living, 90% of freelancers are happier now than they were before setting their gaze upon this type of work, and nearly half have felt no impact from the economic downturn. Moreover, 77% of freelancers were very optimistic about their business prospects over the following 12 months.

Working from your home-based office or from a remote workplace as a freelancer allows you to dictate your own hours and work at times most convenient to you. Freelancers with young children, for instance, can work after the children are sleeping; people with standard employment or part-time jobs can perform their freelance work around their regular work hours. You can work when you are most productive or load up on work now to have some “me” time later.

Owning and operating a successful freelance business allows you to create an asset than may be salable down the road. Your effort may be rewarded in various ways. Your reputation, client list and other business assets can net you additional income if you sell your successful business to another.

Opposed to freelance workers, stock brokers are quite bonded to a specific time and location. It is somewhat strange to imagine that your can actually consider such career for yourself. Additionally, it is required to have high level of education for this specific kind of work, so that can also be an issue.

Luckily, you can pick up the basics of stock market trading, and to work without ever visiting Wall Street. All you need is a bit of spare time, just to get some traction, a laptop, or a PC, and reliable Internet connection, and you are good to go.

From a variety of software that you can choose from, for online stock trading, you can go with MetaStock Trader. They offer 300 technical indicators, drawing tools, integrated news, and fundamental data with screening and filtering criteria. Or maybe with eSignal. Their tool offers several features depending upon the package one selects.

It has wide coverage throughout multiple asset classes including stocks, funds, bonds, derivatives, and forex. One of the decisive factors in the choice is definitely price. Of all the software from which you can choose the best in terms what they offer surely would be EquityFeed. EquityFeed will get your trading skills on a higher level and its user support is remarkable.

Highlighted feature of the EquityFeed Workstation is a stock chasing apparatus called “FilterBuilder”– based upon a colossal number of separating criteria that empowers merchants to sweep and select stocks for their desired parameter.

Level 2 business sector information is additionally accessible, and scope incorporates OTC and PinkSheet market. EquityFeed’s real-time trader workstation helps to quickly filter out choices based upon up-to-the-moment events. Additionally, the package of filters can help you to organize alerts that can be set upon personal preference.


Logan R. Grayson spent part of his life working as a business consultant. Always on the move and keeping up with the latest developments in technology, finance and economy, through years of experience he became a devout believer in the notion that the ability to think outside of the box is a prerequisite of being a successful entrepreneur, and that if the gaze is set firmly upon goal, it can be achieved. In his spare time he enjoys reading comics and walking his dog, Speck.



Plug in Profit Testimonial – You Just Earned…

If you’ve been looking for Plug in Profit Site testimonials as proof that it works, you’ll want to read this. It may very well change how you choose your next business…


plug in profit site testimonials

Just before I sat down to write this today, my email box notified me saying: “You just earned: $…”

As a guy who has been around for over 60 years, I have seen or heard of all sorts of business opportunities. The “opportunity” usually meant very little if any income from a bunch of hard work. Let me tell you, this is the real deal!

– M. Smith


If you’ve struggled to make money online, I can tell you unequivocally, that there’s something that you’re doing wrong.


The great thing is that it’s 100% fixable…no matter how young or old you are.


Take Mr. M. Smith for example…(you can read this complete testimonial here).


He’s been around biz opps before but they’ve always let him down until he found Plug in Profit Site.




PIPS is structured a certain way so that you only learn what you need to know to in order to start making money right now – not ten years from now.



You don’t need to learn about tripwires, list segmentation, html codes, and all that other funky stuff that overwhelms most people right now. Start making money first and then gradually add in all that advanced stuff later if you so desire.


You see, one of the reasons why so many people struggle to make money online, and why you may be struggling as well, is there’s just too much “noise” online.


Do this… Don’t do that… Do that, but don’t do this… Create tripwire, but do it this way… and so on and so on. It’s no wonder people are so confused and stifled to the point that they’re afraid to make a move in fear that they do the wrong thing!


I’m here to tell you, that you can make money without doing any of that. What you really need to know is what we’ll teach you at PIPS.


plug in profit site testimonial

Here’s the formula for success…


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Online Business Versus Traditional Business

Want to know the pros and cons of an online business versus traditional business but not quite sure where to go for answers? This is what you must read…



Here’s a startling fact…


There are many pitfalls in business. Let me explain…


You see, so many hopeful people have desires of making it in their own business but then sadly fall flat on their face. I’m sure you know a person or two who have failed in business in one way or another.


But why?


In a nutshell, their profits couldn’t keep up with their business expenses. If a business has gone under it’s likely for that very reason alone. Sure you have business disputes between business partners that can lead to the demise of a business, but for the most part it’s lack of revenue.


I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you didn’t know already. So, when you’re comparing an online business versus a traditional business you’ve got to not only have some criteria in place but you have to address how you plan to deal with cashflow in your business.


Online Business Versus Traditional Business – the Low Down



Here’s the bad news upfront…


If you don’t have in place a clear set of standards when choosing a business, odds are you’re going to make a big mistake the first, second, and even the third time around.


If you’ve had some business failures in the past, I’m sure you can look back now and see where you went wrong.


If you could reduce the odds of picking a losing business and increase the odds of picking a winner, you would wouldn’t you? Well of course.


No matter what kind of business you choose – an online or an offline one, you must pick one that has buyers wanting to buy your product or service.


You may be interested in collecting safety pins, but it doesn’t mean you can start a successful safety pin business (I’m just pulling a category off the top of my head here. I don’t know if there’s a safety pin market or not).


And since cashflow is the name of the game in business because it allows you to recoup your business costs a lot quicker, you’ll want a business where cashflow is going to be less of a problem.


In other words, the longer it takes for you to recoup your ongoing business expenses, the less money you have to expand, buy inventory, pay your creditors, meet payroll, etc… If you have a whole lot of money going out and just a trickle coming in, you’ve got mere months to fix the problem and increase your cashflow before you go under.


Now, you’re probably thinking really hard about that business you thought you would start.


Is it going to work?


How hard will it be to start seeing some positive cashflow?


What are the real monthly costs for running this business?


Those are the hard-hitting questions you need to ask yourself before you pull out your wallet and start a business. Now, let’s breakdown the pros and cons of an online business versus traditional business.


The Pros and Cons of a Traditional Business



When you look around you, all you see are traditional businesses. When we say traditional, that means franchises and mom and pop shops and all else in between.


So, when you’re looking to start this kind of business, there are special things you’ve got to be aware of. Let’s start with the Pros:

Pros of Traditional Businesses

  • Easier to get business loans
  • Franchises give you a proven system (usually)
  • You can co-op advertising with other businesses in your area
  • You can get “foot” traffic from nearby businesses into your store


The Cons of Traditional Businesses

  • The high costs to get started
  • High ongoing business overhead (rent, equipment, insurance, etc.)
  • Dealing with employees (high liability)
  • Franchise and royalty fees in franchises
  • Increase likelihood of cashflow issues


As you can see, a traditional business does have a lot of benefits, but those benefits can be greatly outweighed by the cons if you’re not careful.


Let’s took at an Internet-based business…


The Pros and Cons of an Online Business


Internet-based businesses are quite the flavor right now, but what’s not getting the spotlight are some of the cons you may experience having such a business.


The Cons of an Online Business (home-based online business)

  • May have a harder time getting loans
  • Family and friends may not take you and your business seriously because they see you working from home
  • No physical place to meet clients if completely working from home
  • May run into zoning issues if you have a lot of packages being delivered


The Pros of an Online Business

  • Less overhead expenses which in turn increase cashflow
  • Low start-up costsOnline-Business-Versus-Traditional-Business3
  • No employees to deal with (less liability)
  • No commuting
  • Greater chance of profitability in a shorter amount of time


Now that you know the pros and cons of an online business versus traditional business, where do you stand as of right now?


Are you beginning to see some pitfalls you’ll have to avoid in your new business venture? Anything you would do differently in light of this information?


Online Business Versus Traditional Business – What I Recommend


Having had online and offline businesses, and because I’ve bee online for a bit, I can unequivocally say that an Internet-based businesses have much, much greater benefits than an completely offline business.



In fact, as long as you can reach your buyers online, a traditional business can be greatly enhanced when you add the online aspect to it.


However, it’s more cost effective to start an online business. In the internet-age, you don’t have to pile up massive debt to start and run a business.


Online business versus traditional business – the choice is obvious depending upon how much you want to increase your odds of profitability.


Not sure where to start? Make sure you read the “Reviewed and Recommended” section…



Small Startup Business Ideas 2015 – What’s Hot

It’s that time of the year where you begin to look at some small startup business ideas in 2015– and beyond. Before you even begin to look, you’ve gotta decide some important things first…


small startup business ideas in 2015


So, what are some of the best small startup business ideas in 2015?


Well, that’s gonna depend on who you ask. If you ask someone from Silicon Valley you’ll get one answer, if you ask a franchiser they’ll give you another answer, and if you ask a top double diamond network marketing superstar, you’ll get an entirely different answer all together.


Where does one make sense of it all?


Well, the best plan of action is to always start with what you know best. Do you have an existing product or service? Can you turn your interests and hobbies into a lucrative business? Do you even know if there are enough buyers in your marketplace? This is the time where you want to carefully do your research.


Now if you discover that your favorite hobby cannot be made into a business or if you learn that there isn’t a huge buyers market for your existing product or service, then you’ll want to do the next best thing – and that’s sell other peoples products.


When it comes to finding small startup business ideas in 2015, you’ll want to find what people are already buying. This is the fastest way to get into profit faster when you already know what people want and what they’re willing to buy.


Small Startup Business Ideas in 2015 Doesn’t Include Being a Category Creator?


If you have an idea for a product or service that doesn’t exist already, you can bring that idea to market and hope for the best. You could be that bold creator and take a daring chance that your new innovative idea is something that people need…even if they never knew it even existed before.


After all, Topsy Tail the inside-out ponytail creator never had an audience of buyers until it created a strong desire for women to wear their hair this way. The creator of that gizmo and the other category creators took a gamble that paid off big time.



Now in the back of their minds I’m sure they knew that there was always a strong chance they would fail and fail miserably.


The problem with category creators is that you only hear about the ones that succeeded.


What about the ones who failed and ended up losing everything they put on the line? No one talks about them. And there’s much more of them then there is of those who rolled the dice and made it.


But the question you really want to ask yourself is, “how much risk do I really want to take?”


Not sure how to come up with business ideas? Click here to read “Make Money Web Ideas”…


Sure you can be a category creator and hope that luck’s on your side, but why would you want to do it at this point in the game when you’re trying to get a foot in the door? In nearly most cases you don’t want to be that category creator. Do what’s been proven to work and you’ll be so much further ahead in the game.


Forbes Hot Business List Tells a Different Story


According to an article in Forbes magazine, the top industries to start businesses in include:

  • Electronic Shopping and Mail Order Houses
  • Software Publishers
  • Computer Systems
  • Investigative and Security Services



What you notice in this Forbes list small the top three are internet/computer related. This is the future of business worldwide.


Everyone has heard of these industries – they’re nothing new. What a lot of successful ‘net companies have done is to improve upon existing concepts.


Blogging and instant messaging have been around for quite awhile, but Twitter saw an opportunity to literally merge the two concepts into 140 characters or less.


Revolutionary – no. Innovative – definitely. Do you have ideas coming into your head of how you can take an old concept and put a new spin on it?


This company took an existing concept – money back rebates for shopping and turned it into a huge online shopping mall complete with a business opportunity for those who want to take advantage of the electronic shopping mania…


Where to Go From Here


Take stock of your current skills, talents, and interests. Is there an place for your talents on the Internet and/or can you use the Internet to help you build your existing business?


No skills or existing product? Sell someone else’s product and services that have already been created. When you go this route, the most challenging part, product creating, has already been done for you. All you have to worry about is getting traffic.


Are You Down With OPP? Small Startup Business Ideas in 2015 With Other People’s Products



You basically have a couple of choices: Affiliate marketing and network marketing


Affiliate Marketing


With affiliate marketing you get a percentage of the sale. You can go to such sites as Clickbank and Amazon to become an affiliate.


There’s basically three steps to this:

1. Understanding Internet marketing. I suggest you download a free copy of Dotcomology

2. Picking a niche and finding offers in that niche

3. Learn about traffic and start sending traffic to your offers


Network Marketing


It’s basically the same as affiliate marketing in concept except that you’re leveraging other people by building a salesforce or a team. You have a lot more leverage with network marketing than affiliate marketing.


Amazon/eBay Selling


Lastly, a lot of success can still be had by selling products on eBay and Amazon. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that’ll show you how it’s done.


These are just a few small startup business ideas in 2015. Whatever you choose make sure you can leverage the Internet to increase your profitability.


Click here to download your copy of Dotcomolgy. The Easiest (and one of the cheapest) way to learn Internet marketing…