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Kabbage Business Loans – The Smartest Way to Apply For One

If you’re looking for more info on Kabbage business loans and the best way to apply, then you’ll want to read this before you apply…



So, what’s the big deal with Kabbage business loans?


If you’re not too familiar with this company and what and how they do what they do, you’ll want to watch this short video:



What is Really Kabbage Business Loans


First of all, if you’re looking at Kabbage, then you’re probably a small business and owner and you want more money because you:

  • Want to get new equipment
  • Want to expand your inventory
  • Want to get grow your advertising
  • Want to hire staff
  • Want to do whatever you need to do to grow your business so it becomes more profitable


So, in a nutshell, you already have an existing business and now you just want to expand it out. In that regard, Kabbage can help you.


[stextbox id=”info”]If you don’t have an existing business, but you’re looking for one, I suggest you start with an online business. Read Online Business Versus Traditional Business[/stextbox]


At first glace, it looked like Kabbage lending was a peer-to-peer lending program, but it appears to not be the case.


Kabbage lending is an small business online lending institution with a twist. This twist is what can get you a small business loan from $2k to $100k…when other lenders told you “no.”


So, what’s this twist?


Kabbage business loans use different criteria for funding loans than traditional lenders. Whereas other companies look at your credit worthiness, Kabbage approves businesses by looking at other real-time data.


If you’re feeling hopeful that you’re on your way to getting approved for a loan by Kabbage, you definitely want to keep reading…


How Kabbage Business Loans Work



Kabbage boasts that it’s the #1 provider of working capital for small businesses. They also say that they’ve “Advanced over $200,000,000 to help small businesses grow”, according to their website.


That’s awesome news to hear especially if you’ve ever been turn down for a loan, but you’ve really got to know how their loan process works.




You don’t have to worry about faxing over paperwork after paperwork or standing in long lines at a bank just to get seen by a loan officer. This is a plus to using Kabbage lending.


Other benefits:

  • Safe and secure
  • No application fee
  • No obligation until you take cash
  • Ongoing access to cash anytime, 24/7


So you can pretty much apply, qualify and get cash within minutes.


What you do need to do is link any of your business’s online services to Kabbage to qualify on the spot ( i.e. Paypal, Square, business checking, Xero, Intuit Quickbooks, stripe,, etc…).


How to Use and Pay Back Your Kabbage Business Loan



Once you’re approved for a loan, you have ongoing access to your funds. You can withdraw against your line as often as once a day and pay only for what you take. There are no hidden costs or early payment fees.


Kabbage Business Loan Fees


Your Kabbage loan fees are 1% to 13.5% of your selected loan amount the first two months and 1% for each of the remaining four months.


Every month, for six months, you pay back 1/6 of the total loan amount plus the monthly fee. Your Kabbage business Loan is repaid over 6 months.


What You Must Know About Kabbage Business Loans – Important


Think of a Kabbage loan as a cash advance rather than an ordinary loan. What I mean is that you only have six months to payback whatever money you borrow. That’s not a lot of time if your business isn’t producing a lot of revenue or if the revenue goes down or is unpredictable.


[stextbox id=”download”]If you’re not producing a steady stream of income then a Kabbage business loan may not be the right fit for you at this time. If you’re an online business that’s just barely getting started, I suggest you read this…[/stextbox]


The Smartest Way to Apply For a Kabbage Loan


Just to reiterate…


Because you’re going to run into fees using Kabbage lending, the smartest thing to do to help you offset these fees once you’re approved is to start implementing your plan (I suggest before apply, you know exactly how you’re going to get the money to pay off this loan) so that you have enough money coming in to pay  your Kabbagebusinessloan3Kabbage loan payments.


The smartest and fastest way to apply for a Kabbage loan is though Kabbage itself.


Don’t join through other sites that makes promises of giving you free gifts just for applying, and other such stuff.


You want go keep your focus on the loan process and not on un-important things. In other words, don’t get sidetracked. There’s a lot small print when it comes to loans, so you want to make sure your mind is your Kabbage loan.


The smartest way to apply is by going directly…


Click here to apply for your new loan…








Making Extra Money on the Web – The Best Way to Earn the Bigger Checks

If you’re interested in making extra money on the web that can give you a fantastic boost in your income, you may want to come check this out…


 MakingExtra MoneyontheWeb2

Making extra money on the web isn’t as hard as a lot of people make it out to be – but then again, it all depends on what kind of extra money you’re looking to make.


You see, the biggest hurdle you may be facing when you’re looking at making extra money on the web is trying find something legit.


When you finally have found something that’s real, you may have been disappointed in learning that you only are able to make chump change. Now don’t get me wrong, chump change does add up and it can help you buy a Starbucks coffee here and there or a candy bar or two, but it’s not gonna pay off your car or get you into a Lexus.


Just because something can make you extra money on the web, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna be worth your time of day.


The First Thing You’ve Got to Decide…


MakingExtra MoneyontheWeb

Before you invest time or money into anything that says it can help you make extra money on the web, is to decide what kind of income are you looking for.


Are you looking for financial freedom or are you just interested in making enough money to take your family to the movies once a month? Maybe you just want to make enough to pay your smartphone bill.


Whatever it is for you , there must be a choice made as to what you’re looking for financially. The instant you make this decision, your financial path because so much clearer because you know what you want and you aren’t willing to do anything that won’t get you to your goals.


Just want to get grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks, then look into downloading apps that let you scan products.


Just want to pay a utility bill here and there, we’ll check into doing real online surveys.


Want to pay off your mortgaage or buy a new home, then you’ll have to look at making extra money on the web via an internet based business.


But what kind of online business should you start?…


Making Extra Money on the Web – How to Choose Without Coming Out a Loser


Let’s be real – there are a lot of eye-catching money programs and schemes on the Internet that you thought about doing. But something held you back.


MakingExtra MoneyontheWeb

Maybe it didn’t look too legit. Maybe you read the bad reviews online. Perhaps you seen all the things you’ve got to do in order to get your online business off the ground and now you’re scared.


What stops most people is that they everything is a scam and the second thing that stops therm is that they don’t have the time, patience to put the internet pieces together in order to become successful.


To avoid a scam, you’ve just gotta make sure thea the product/services are legit…and the price point is competitive, no too cheap and not too expensive.


If you’re worried about putting together the pieces of an online business, you may want to consider and automated business system. At least with this kind of system, everything is chosen for you and you’ve got the necessary pieces all done for you all you have to go is get eyeballs on your offer.


If you’re not gonna go into a business selling your own products and services, then getting into business selling other people’s products/services is the next best thing. And always make sure there’s a marketing ready and willing to pay you for your products/services.


Any which way an internet based business that has a system to it will help you get to your goals a lot faster.


Click here if you’re serious about making extra money on the web




Cash Back Rewards Sites – These Are the Important Things to Look For

If you’re looking for reliable cash back reward sites, then there are some important things you’ve got to know so you don’t waste your time or your money. Let me explain…



Have you ever bought something online and then realized that you could have saved a few bucks by either finding an online promo code or using one of those cash back rewards sites?


How did it make you feel?


I would guess you probably didn’t feel too good. After all, if there’s a way for you to save some money using cashback rewards, or even make some money back, why not do it?


The biggest problem you’re going to face when you’re looking for cash back reward sites is choosing the right one…


Let me cut to the chase here…


How to Choose the Best Cash Back Reward Sites


If you’re an entrepreneur then you know the importance of spending your time wisely by doing things that are productive to your business. Time is money and money is time. As you make more money in your enterprise, you begin to value your time more.


Variety is the Spice of Life – It’s the same when you’re choosing a cashback rewards site. You want a site that has a majority of the favorite stores you like to shop at. If you can’t find your preferred retailers at your rewards program then why would you even bother with a membership there?


So, the first thing you want to do is check and see if your favorite shops are included in the rewards program. If not, then move on.



Choices of Membership – When looking at cash back reward sites, you want a site that gives you membership choices.


This way you can choose which level makes the most sense for your situation. It’s not a one shoe fits all kind of thing.


Obviously, a paid membership will increase your cash back earnings significantly.


If you’re a serious shopper who shops online a lot, then it’s a no-brainer to get the higher membership that gives you the most cash back.


Offer More Than Cashback Rewards – Most websites either offer promo codes while some others offer only rebates. When you can find cash back rewards sites that offer you both cashback rewards and online coupon codes then you know you’ve got a winner.


Cashback Reward Sites – Be Choosy, It’s Your Money


Overall, you want a site that’s gonna have many ways for you to save money and earn your money back. You also want a rewards site that offers you a bigger selection of shops to choose form. The cash back reward site should also have membership levels that fits the way you like to shop.


You shouldn’t be forced to join a reward site at the same level as someone who barely buys anything online. If you’re a frequent shopper you should have more cash back rewards.



Once you get into the habit of using online promo codes and cash back rewards sites, you’ll save a lot more money that you can now put towards other things.


There’s no lack of cashback rewards sites, but there is a lack of the kind that offers you best return on your shopping dollars.


Here are some sites to consider:



I’d Rather Be Shopping (compare sites for you)