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Surveys Paid Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Are you looking at Surveys Paid as a way to make a lot of money online? Well, I’ve good news and bad news. In fact, of all the Surveys Paid reviews you see online, this is the ONE you will want to really pay attention to – and here’s why…


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Surveys Paid Reviews – What the Other Reviews Won’t Tell You…

surveys paid


That ol’ saying of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” ring true about Surveys Paid. I’m not gonna say that Surveys Paid is a scam, but I will say that what it does is deceptive, especially when it doesn’t fulfill the promises it makes on its own website.

Most Surveys Paid reviews don’t tell you the truth about how deceptive those claims are on its website are. After all,  most of the reviews you see are by affiliates – nothing wrong with that, but you have to tell the good and the bad about what you’re reviewing and with Surveys Paid, there’s a lot of “bad” to mention.

You’re probably wondering if the other sites like Surveys Paid are just as scandalous as them – and I would have to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

You see, a lot of them do the same thing that Surveys Paid does and that is that they put together a list of companies that “pay” people for surveys. It’s a list that anyone can put together with a little elbow grease and some understanding of how to find survey companies.

A lot of Surveys Paid reviews sites won’t tell ya what Surveys Paid really is and what exactly it does. Well, I just did and now you can pretty much put your money back into your wallet.

To explain surveys a little bit more deeper, let me give you this example…

I recently read a post on a blog about Surveys Paid and the consensus was that it was a scam and that ALL survey sites are scams. Really this is the “wrong” attitude to have.

Let me explain…

surveys paid

Here’s the BIG thing that a lot of people miss and what you may not fully understand about survey companies and how they operate…..

In fact, let me re-post my reply:

Corrisa says: [in regards to Surveys Paid]


Surveys can be broken down into three main groups…


The kind that pays you money…


The kind that gives you points you can redeem for prizes like gift cards…


The kind that enters your name in like a raffle for a chance to win some cash…


In other words, not all surveys pay you money. In fact, I would say most pay you in points that you can redeem for prizes and even cash when you’ve accumulated enough points.


Sites like Surveys Paid are sites that put together a listing of places like research companies that “pay” people to complete surveys.


In essence what you are paying for is the convenience of what Surveys Paid has done – put together the lists of survey sites. Survey Paid is NOT a survey site, or a research company.


If you do the “leg” work yourself, you can find the actual research companies that pay people to do surveys, participate in focus groups, etc… and work directly with them instead of relying on a third-party site to sell you the names – which is really what you paid for.


FYI: Many years ago, I did focus groups, surveys, etc… to pay the bills, so I have some experience in this area.


Good luck to all!



It doesn’t get any simpler than what I’ve stated above.  Yes, you can make money doing surveys, but don’t expect to pay off your mortgage or buy a new car with the money you do make. It aint gonna happen – sorry.

If you want to make some change to pay some bills, then you can do some surveys, but keep in mind that a lot of them pay in points. If you want to make a lifestyle changing income you’ll need to get a business. I’ve reviewed some businesses and business models here on this blog.

Should you  believe all the Surveys Paid reviews? Is Surveys Paid legit? Well, now you know the answers.

Your partner in success,


Limitless Worldwide 3 Little Known Tips for Success in Limitless

Limitless Worldwide is supposed to be “The Next Generation in Network Marketing” but in reality it can very well end in failure if you don’t plan appropriately. This is one Limitless Worldwide review you don’t want to miss…




What is Limitless Worldwide? Watch this video…



Steve and Melyn Campbell are the brains behind Limitless Worldwide with Basic Research bringing in the science aspect to this company. Basic Research has decades of experience in the anti-aging, personal care, fitness and nutritional industries.


What does that REALLY mean to you?


It means that Limitless Worldwide is likely a great opportunity IF you know what you’re doing.


The reason I say if, is because I’d be willing to bet that you’ve probably been in other network marketing companies. Am I right?


Were you successful or did you lose money?


I’d also be willing to bet that you didn’t have the success you thought you would have. Now here’s the kicker…


You have another chance at network marketing with Limitless Worldwide.


But don’t you blow it!


There are some important things you really ought to know so you don’t blow it…but first, let’s talk about the Limitless Worldwide compensation plan.


The Limitless Worldwide Compensation Plan – How You’re Gonna Get Paid




The “official” title of their comp plan is the Limitless TriBrid Overlay Compensation Plan™.  It’s a fancy sounding name, but what IS the Limitless TriBrid Overlay Compensation Plan?


The “tri” comes from the multiple income streams that make up the comp plan. In other words, you can make money from their three product categories.


The “Overlay” portion of the name is because of the genealogy of how you can make multiple streams of income.


It sounds a little convoluted – but hey it’ll work but only if you follow the three steps below. Let me just state this…


Limitless Worldwide Means Nothing to You Unless…


In all likelihood you won’t make a single solitary dime in Limitless Worldwide. It’s not really the opportunity that’s at fault it’s the industry. You see, most people in network marketing don’t make any money or don’t make the kind of money they thought they would make.


I’m sure you don’t want a repeat of your last business opportunity (unless you made a six-figure income)…


How to Avoid Failure…


1. Before you get into Limitless Worldwide, you must decide if this IS the business you’re willing to spend your time, effort, and money promoting.


One reason a lot of people experience failure is that they jump from one thing to the next thing and on and on.


This is a sure where to create network marketing fatigue…and failure.


Before you invest any money into Limitless Worldwide make sure this is the company you want to partner up with. Is it?


If yes, go on to two…


2. People join people who have leadership ability. Are you a leader? Why would anyone join you in Limitless Worldwide? Why would anyone buy products from Limitless Worldwide?


Ok, these are some hard-hitting questions, but unless you can present yourself and the products in Limitless Worldwide in the best light, you’re going to have a difficult time promoting this business and its products.


Do yourself and Worldwide Limitless a favor and spend some time developing your unique selling proposition (USP). What do you have to offer people who join you in this opportunity? Do you offer a training site, a system, one-on-one coaching? What makes you different from the rest of the people who are promoting Limitless Worldwide?


Now you want to spend some time learning about the Limitless product line. What makes them special than what’s already on the market? Just take a few minutes each day and learn about the products and what makes them unique.


Now, just by taking the time to think about and DO those two steps you’re far ahead of most of your competition – almost.


Now the third step is the MOST important step because it is what usually makes or breaks you in network marketing. If you had bad experiences in network marketing, I can almost bet that it was because you didn’t do this step very well or if at all.


Or perhaps you got bad advice from your upline and it ended up costing you a fortune and led to you quitting your last opportunity altogether.


So what’s that third step?


3. Traffic!


How are you going to get traffic to your Limitless Worldwide website? You see joining an online home based business is just the first part (and the easy part). Learning about the Limitless Worldwide compensation plan is just useless information UNLESS you have a plan in place to get traffic to your website.


I have to admit that the Limitless TriBrid Overlay Compensation Plan sounds very lucrative but you won’t see any money until you can get targeted traffic to your Limitless business site.


How are you going to do that?


I’ve been an Internet marketer for a quite a while and I have had lots of people ask me about traffic generation. In fact, I recently met a gentleman online who had numerous businesses on the Internet. In our conversation I asked him how he was getting traffic to his sites and he said, “Mainly word of mouth”…


Now word of mouth works if you have a HUGE circle of friends or your name is Donald Trump, otherwise you’re gonna STRUGGLE getting real qualified traffic to your website.


You’ll also likely to go broke and/or put your family in serious debt if word of mouth is your sole strategy for getting traffic.


Help Building Your Limitless Worldwide Business




Traffic generation to your Limitless Worldwide business is going to take some time to master in order to get it right. This is why you want to do the most effective and simplest thing to get traffic – one of which is blogging.


But not just any kind of blogging because most network marketers who blog don’t do it right.


You want traffic…now NOT five years from now. Now there are other methods to get traffic and you should always have at least 3-5 methods in place at all times.


How Do I Learn About Traffic?


There are many ways I recommend you go about learning about traffic. You can invest in a course in a specific traffic strategy. You can search on the ‘net for that. The other way is the way I recommend. That is  joining a program that is tailored towards network marketers and traffic generation. There are a couple of places I recommend:


My Lead System Pro – It’s a marketing system and has a wealth of traffic training to help you build your business using their marketing system and/or building your business directly.


Daily Marketing Coach – This is Ann Sieg’s training site that shows you from the get-go how to go about building an authority presence and driving traffic to your business.


Would like to get targeted traffic for your Limitless Worldwide business? Then make sure you do the smart thing and get the right kind of training.


Limitless Worldwide Review Re-Cap


Don’t sign up for Limitless Worldwide unless:


 1. You’re sure this is the business you want to partner up with


2. You do some work on yourself and develop some leadership skills and a USP that sets you apart from other distributors who will be promoting Limitless Worldwide


3. Know HOW you’re going to get traffic. If you can’t get enough targeted traffic then all the money you’ve spent signing up, buying products, getting autoship, and everything else will go right down the toilet because  you can get enough traffic to your website. No traffic = No money…no matter how good the compensation plan is.


Get some training so you can begin to get targeted traffic to your business


So there you have it…


I wish you well in your Limitless Worldwide business!




Network Marketing Travel Companies: Real or Scams?

There’s no lack of network marketing travel companies in this industry. And as you can imagine, there’s no lack of controversy when it comes to these types of travel companies. If you’re serious about making money – and there is quite a bit of money to be made in travel, then this is THE review of network marketing travel companies you need to read…


network marketing travel companies

If you’re a lover of travel and you want to make money in the travel industry and you don’t want to go through the hassles of becoming a travel agent, then this is probably what you need to read right now.


If you’ve been online for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve run across your share of naysayers of the mlm /network marketing industry and of travel network marketing companies in general.


So, let’s just get this out the way and air out the dirty laundry of network marketing travel companies…


The Controversy Over Network Marketing Travel Companies


As you may be aware of the biggest complaints against mlm are that there are no REAL legitimate products being sold and that the emphasis is on recruiting to make commissions.



courtesy of

In the case of network marketing travel companies, a lot of the naysayers say that there are no real savings with the travel products promoted by these travel companies.


They say that these “fake” travel products give the illusion that people are saving money but in reality they’re not…according to them.


They also say that the travel company only exist to pay out commissions a la Ponzi Scheme.


Here’s the bombshell…


Yes, just like with anything in life, there are going to be good companies and products and there are going to be not so good types of network marketing travel companies.


So, yes there is some truth in these complaints about these companies. But the mistake a lot of these naysayers make is putting all these types of companies in one basket only to slap them all with the same broad brush.


And for some who hate that fact there is recruiting involved, they will never be won over by any type of network marketing company, especially a travel one.


Now that the cat is out of the bag and you know that there are network marketing travel companies you should probably steer clear of, you really need to understand that the focus has to be on the product or service provided by these travel companies. In other words, there has to be value for the end user. And in case you didn’t know, you are not the end user, it’s the product/service buyer.


Without products/services being “moved” by real people, there is no business only the mystical illusion that there is. And for those very reasons you will find a lot of travel companies coming and going out of this industry like a swinging door on a windy day.


On the positive side, if you can find a network marketing travel company that can deliver a quality product and have a nice commission structure to it, you can make a nice income in this industry doing something that you actually like.


Without further ado, here are some of the better-known network marketing travel companies…




World Ventures 



This compnay sells memberships or what they call “DreamTrips.” There are three types of memberships each with a monthly fee you’ll have to pay.


Pay Plan: Mlm (binary)


What I Don’t Like: From their website, “Numerous local opportunities and valuable deals at fine restaurants, fun clubs and friendly hotels.” What you’re actually saving and what kind of deals you’ll get with your membership is very vague. To commit to a membership without knowing what it is you’re getting is a bit dangerous for your wallet.


What I Like: I like their cutting-edge website and photos…not boring at all. It catches your attention which you need to do nowadays to get people to pay attention to your message. And the best thing about World Ventures is that it’s backed up by Rovia, a 25+ year old company.


Worth Joining?: Maybe. If you wanted a mlm travel company then this would be one worth looking further into.




Paycation Travel Club (formerly TraVerus)



It appears to be some sort of booking engine similar to Expedia. In one form or another (or one name or another) this travel company has been in the travel business ten years according to its website.


Pay Plan: MLM (matrix)


What I Don’t Like: The name change from TraVersus to Paycation raises some eyebrows as the main site ( focuses on…drum roll, making money. The icing on the cake is that when I went to their booking engine I put in two hotels on its site and then put the same two sites on Expedia and the prices were identical. So, where’s the savings by going through Paycation? Or am I missing something?


What I like: Nothing in particular stands out as a travel company or a business opportunity. There are better network marketing travel companies out there.


Worth Joining?: No.




Mor Vacations


mor vacations

Once popular a few years ago, it seems like a ghost town when you go to the websites that used to promote it. Around 2008 a lot of people stopped promoting it and/or the company closed shop on the biz opp side. Next…


Pay Plan: Not sure… Not really relevant at this point.


Worth Joining?: As a business opportunity – no. It may be worth looking into the travel side.




World Discovery Club


world discovery club

It’s a travel membership club that was started by former travel distributors/reps of Mor Vacations. They offer discounts of airline tickets to rental cars and all else in between. They have several memberships from around $500 to over $19k. No mention of the opportunity when you go to the main site and even when you search on Google.


World Discovery Club apparently was quite popular in 2011-2012. Then it seemed to drop off the radar. Again, not sure what happened with this company.  The most recent content I found online is from early 2012. It does appear that this company is still in business, but info on the biz opp side is very hard to find.


Pay Plan: From sites I found online, not related to WDC, it appears it is an mlm with a unilevel pay plan


What I Don’t Like: Info is pretty vague as to what kind of discounts you could expect to get with its membership. This company needs more transparency as to what its members are getting for their money.


What I Like: They offer discounts from car rentals to accommodations.


Worth Joining?: As of this writing, I would say you would need to do more research on this company and whether or not the savings are worth the cost of membership. Based on the info I found so far online and the amount of digging I had to do to get it, I would say stick with the other better known travel companies.




Coastal Vacations 



Coastal Vacations offer discount travel cards from hotel discount cards to golf discount travel cards and pretty much all else in between. You join by purchasing a travel package. The prices range from $1200-$11k. You can earn $1k – $9k per sale depending upon your level.


Pay Plan: Not mlm. Single tier affiliate and you pass up sales.


What I Don’t Like: Hard to find real info on Coastal Vacations from the Official site. I had to do some digging to get the info. Not sure why their “home” site is not ranking at the number one spot or at least at the top for ‘Coastal Vacations’.


What I Do Like: There are a lot of discounts cards you can use in your day to day life.


Worth Joining?: Coastal Vacations had its heyday several years ago, but changes within Coastal Vacations has had a massive exodus of people leaving for greener pastures elsewhere.


From a product perspective, the retail side, perhaps it is worth looking into. The biggest turn-off for most people, even back when Coastal was in its prime is the passing up of sales.


This is one of only a handful, (more like a couple) of network marketing travel companies that is not based on the mlm compensation model. For that reason, it may be worth looking into.




Global Resorts Network

UPDATE 11/30/14


Lots of changes with this program – some not so good in my humble opinion. Cannot recommend at this time.


Network Marketing Travel Companies Resources and Alternatives


So, there you have it. The travel industry is one of those evergreen lucrative niches that you can make really good money in by providing valuable products and services.


network marketing travel companies

Now, you don’t have to join a network marketing company in order to get into the travel industry.


All the popular travel booking sites offer affiliate programs and some even offer a white-label program you can brand with your own company.


If you like the idea of being a travel agent, there are host agencies that will hire home travel agents (see below).


If you’re looking to get started in the travel niche and you have no desire to jump through the hoops and training of becoming a travel agent, then these network marketing travel companies are great place to start your travel career.


If I missed any companies that are still ACTIVE leave a comment below.




Coastal Vacations

Mor Vacations


World Discovery Club

World Ventures


Travel Affiliate Sites


Expedia Affiliate Program

Orbitz Affiliate Program


At Home Travel Agents


Outside Agents

Host Travel Agencies Reviews




Boeing Everett to Lay-Off 800 Workers

In as many months another major company is forcing the layoffs of a significant number of its employees – and in this case it’s Boeing Everett doing the dirty deed. If you’re a part of this company, now is the time to take action so that you’re prepared in case the next lay-off notice comes looking for you…




Layoffs are hard – real hard especially if you’re NOT expecting it. Having been a former worker in a major manufacturing plant that got laid off without advance notice, I can tell you it’s a scary feeling.


What saves most people when layoffs happen is having a Plan B; in other words, having another way to make money so that you can pay your bills and feed your family in case you lose your job.


Shaws Supermarket layoffsEvery person, in my humble opinion, should have another way to create income.


Whether you’re selling your arts and crafts at a flea market or you’re repairing appliances on the side – there should be something you can rely on when times get tough.


And with the potential layoffs of 800 workers at Boeing Everett (see story), there’s no better time than the present to start working on your side income.


For most people this starts with something they already know well enough to make money off of. What services or products can you create or do for money?


For other people who aren’t as skilled to make money off of an existing hobby, there’s the online world where you can start a side business even on a shoe-string budget.


Curious? Read on…


How to NOT Worry About the Next Boeing Everett Layoffs



I’ve talked to a lot of people over the years about the benefits of working from home in a home based business.


Notice I said home based business – not a job. You don’t need another unpredictable finicky job that you can’t rely on.


Isn’t it about time you take charge of your future and not leave it to chance on a job that can fire you or lay you off at will?


Let me show you how to begin right now making money from the comfort of your home with a business that can make you a life-changing income.


So that when the next layoffs occurs, you’re not caught with your pants down in a very vulnerable position.


With this business, you’ll be able to even laugh off the next layoffs and maybe be able to quit Boeing Everett altogether if you so wish. It all starts with one decision…


Click here to learn how we may be able to change your life BEFORE the next layoffs hit…



Your partner in success




Is it Possible to Earn Extra Income Working Online From Home?

Is making an extra income working online from home a myth? Before you give up all hope of making money online, you’d better take a look at this.




Can you imagine what it would feel like to make enough money to pay off all your bills? Can you see yourself giving money away to your favorite charity, church, or school?


Whatever the reason you’re looking to make extra income working online from home, there is something that stops you in your tracks.
And that something may be…

* Fear of falling for a scam

* Fear of “it” not working

* Fear of being let down – again

* Fear of choosing the wrong thing to make money with…and looking like a “fool”

You’re either fearful of something, had a bad experience with a program, or you’re confused or intimidated and don’t know where to start.


What has stopped you from making an extra income working online from home?


The Reality Check You May Want to Cash

The truth about extra income working online from home



The miserable truth is that yes, there are a lot of scams online. Another reality is that there are programs out there that DO work, but unless you pick the right one, you’ll find that it takes too much time to make any significant money.


If you just want to make a little bit of money to pay a utility bill, then be prepared to spend your day clicking on emails that pay you pennies. Then again you could put in long hours filling out surveys that sometimes end up paying you nothing at all!


Have you done any of those things above only to feel frustrated that you couldn’t make money fast enough?


Are You Serious About Making Extra Income Working Online From Home?

The failure traps you must avoid online


Here are a few more in-depth reasons people struggle to make money online:


1. Falling for too many scams online – If something sounds too good to be true, do a little digging and see it’s real or if it is a scam (most likely). Take the time and do a little diligence before you join a program…even if it’s free.


2. Unrealistic expectations using online surveys and pay-to-click sites to make money – If you’re expecting to make a lot of money doing survey after survey and literally clicking all day on ads that pay out less than a penny per click, you better lower your expectations or you’re going to be in for a major letdown.


I’ve run to lots of people online who frustrate themselves and wear themselves out trying to make money with these things. If you choose to go this route then know that you’re not going to make any life-changing income and if you’re like most people, you’ll soon tire of doing these things just to make a few dollars a month.


The Powerful Way to Make Significant Extra Income Working Online From Home

 The smarter faster way to make money on the Internet


If you’re sick of making little to no money online, and if you’re tired of doing surveys and spending your day clicking on ads and emails, then the only other way to make money online is with a business.




A business, if done right, can produce a huge income that is more worthy of your time and effort than spending all day trying to make .15 cents.


You may be thinking, well I tried a business and it didn’t work…


Let me tell you there are many variables that have to be in place in order for you to have success online – and many businesses you see online just don’t have them.


[stextbox id=”alert”]Remember, there are many ways to earn extra income working from home. You have to choose the right path for you. Just make sure you have a product/service that people want to buy.[/stextbox]


First of all, if you’re dreaming of making that significant income, then you have to be real and choose a business that has:


* Proven products and services that people want to buy – If you have no buyers, you make NO money


 * Products in different price points – There should be an entry-level price point that leads your prospects to higher income producing products. This could be done also in your marketing funnel.


* High commission products – so you can make MORE money faster. Again you can promote higher products in your marketing funnel.


 * Lead capture pages that convert your prospects (This is HUGE) – The reasons a lot of people fail online, especially network marketers, is that the webpage that companies give its affiliates and distributors don’t convert that well.


If you ever spent a lot of money and time driving traffic to a page given to you by your company and you had very little success of people opting in, it may be because the page you were sending your traffic to didn’t convert!


If you’re disgusted with your results on the Internet trying to make extra income working online from home, then you really need to take a good hard look at what you are promoting.


If you dream of white sandy beaches, extra money to pay off all your debt and money to help out those that are less-fortunate then you MUST get with the programs that are designed to make you serious money. Why spend your time making less money, when you could be making more?


Can you make extra income working online from home?




Your partner in success,




IBOToolBox Review – TRAFFIC Anyone?

Searching for an IBOToolBox review that’s gonna tell you everything you need to know about this social networking site? Well your search may very well be over. Learn why this site is getting so much traffic.




This will probably be the last IBOToolBox reveiew you’ll ever read. Why? Because this IBOToolBox reveiew is going to cut to the chase and tell you everything you need to know in order to get the most benefit (traffic) from it.


As a business owner I’m sure your number one problem is getting enough traffic to your site. As you’ve been searching around on the Internet for solutions, I’m sure you’ve run across or heard of IBOToolbox.


This is a social networking site that is solely dedicated to business owners who want to promote their business opportunity or other programs to…other business owners.


You have to understand that one way to get prospects, if you’re marketing a network marketing business, is to go after other network marketers…after all they bought into network marketing once, they’re likely to buy into again.


Now, if you only go to IBOToolbox to promote your biz opp to other entrepreneurs, you’re missing the “party boat”, in other words, you’re missing the point and not seeing the BIGGER picture.


And likely you will give up in frustration because you will see that a lot of people are NOT interested in your business; now there will be some that may be interested in your biz opp, but the vast majority won’t be.


This is why in this IBOToolBox reveiew, I’m going to reveal to you how you can squeeze every last drop of power from IBOToolbox to get you the most traffic to your site.


IBOToolBox reveiew – Why This Site is Sooo Hot!!


IBOToolBox  ranks very high in Google, (see image below)… It’s an authority site, which means that when you post on its platform, your posts are quite likely to end up on the first page of Google (this is of course if you know about keyword research).


See IBOToolBox Alexa Rating



IBOToolBox reveiew – How to Get the Most Traffic


Most of the traffic you get won’t be from the people using IBOToolbox, it will be from the search engines…namely, the almighty Google.

IBO toolbox review

Here are the things you should be doing to get the most traffic and benefits from this site:


Log in regularly – This site rewards those for being active.


Link to your blog – Don’t just link to your sales page or an opt-in page all the time…also link to your blog. This gives people a chance to know more about you.


 Submit “press releases” consistently – Now these are not real press releases, just IBO calls them press releases. Actually these are very short articles or posts. Because IBOToolbox is an authority site, the  press releases can rank quite high. This is why you want to make sure that you use your keywords in your press releases. This is how you will get a majority of your traffic.


Comment regularly – When you log in daily, make sure you make several nice comments on other people’s content (i.e. press releases, links that they’ve posted).


Use the Like Button – I use the like button sparingly. If you use it too much, it begins to carry less value. Be genuine and like only those that you truly like.


Be Active – You can earn ad credits by just being active. You can also purchase credits.


Use Live Chat – You can add the Live Chat widget onto your blog(s). This gives your prospects another way to get into contact with you.


As you have read, there is a lot of  traffic to gain as long as you know how to “work” this social site. I hope you found this IBOToolBox reveiew useful.


Your partner in success,



P.S. Click here, if you’re ready to start getting traffic from IB

What’s Missing From the Avon MLM Business Opportunity?

If you’re debating whether or not to try the Avon MLM business opportunity, then there are some things you need to be aware of.



I’m sure you’ve seen the ads on TV for the Avon mlm business opportunity. Maybe it got you thinking about seriously becoming an Avon representative and making money on the side.


If you ever had a business or any kind of home based business then I’m sure you’re aware of the high failure rate of new businesses. Even though Avon is not new, you would be considered a new business because you’re new to the Avon opportunity.


This is not to sway you from joining the Avon mlm business opportunity, it’s just to make you aware that statistically the odds are not in your favor for success.


In fact, if you search around on the ‘net, you’ll have no trouble finding a lot of ex-Avon reps who quit because either they spent more money than they made  (you get Avon products at a discount – so you know what that can do to anyone who loves to buy Avon 😉 or they fail to make enough money to make it worth their time and effort.


Not to mention that those Avon catalogs you pass out can add up to a big chunk of change real quick. Some of the Avon reps you’ll run into online who are doing the Avon mlm business opportunity are making some money but not the kind of money that is life-style changing.


And then you have a small percentage of Avon reps who are making very good money. Just like in any kind of business, only a small percent have great success – it’s just the way it is.


So, what’s missing from the Avon mlm business opportunity that makes so few people have success with it?

Avon MLM Business Opportunity – The Missing Ingredient


Again this is not to bash on Avon because it is a good company, just that it can be tough to make money with it unless you have a large customer base that orders consistently campaign after campaign.



And this is where a lot of people go wrong…


The lure of it being just a few bucks to get started can backfire on you if you’re not familiar with marketing.


You see some of the missing ingredients in the Avon mlm business opportunity are no training on:


How to get customers

How to recruit people interested in the Avon opportunity

How to get customers to place orders consistently

How to build a relationship with customers

How to market the Avon mlm business opportunity or its products to an online world


Now, if you only present Avon to those in your warm market i.e. friends and family, then of course a lot of these issues mentioned above are not relevant. But increasingly, more and more people want to build a business online.


Marketing online can be more profitable in the sense that you can reach a lot more people, however it takes some good mlm training to help you get there so that you can be effective and profitable.


The shocking thing is that there’s no lack of information and training available to help you if you decide to join the Avon mlm business opportunity – it’ s just that you have to know where to look.

Generating Leads



If you have an online home based business, then of course generating leads should be your #1 priority. Without a steady lead-flow your business is doomed to fail – taking all the money and efforts you put into it.


When (an if) you join Avon, remember that what most Avon reps struggle with most are generating leads and traffic and retaining customers. Not to mention a lot of reps don’t have the right home business mindset.


Your first order of business is learning how to attract the right kinds of people to your Avon business and generating leads in the cold market (those outside of  your friends and family) – if that’s what you want to do.


The Avon mlm business opportunity can work, if you know how to work it. And I just revealed the secret.


I’ll see ya at the top!



Vector Marketing Reviews – Does This Company Make You Feel Creepy?

If you’ve been looking at a Vector Marketing job or have been called in for an interview- and you feel really weird about it, then this Vector Marketing review is something you need to read ASAP…


Vector marketing

courtesy of


Make no mistake about it – Vector Marketing is one strange company. So strange that many people quickly quit when they find out what it really is.


Here’s some people’s experiences with Vector Marketing that I found on the Internet (click here, this window will stay open).


So with all the weirdness and aura of foreboding, does this job really pay well for what you have to do?


First of all, just so that you know you’re NOT going crazy, odds are you’ll have your interview in usually a dingy looking or run-down looking business office.


After you pass your “interview” you then are usually are invited to work for free – yes FREE to see if you can do the job. Vector Marketing wants you to give up your valuable time and work for them for free.


Do you have the word “Idiot” written on your face?


Idiot must be written on some people’s faces because a lot of people, especially women buy into it (blame the desperation on the economy I guess), only to find out that they’re selling cutlery.


From all reports I’ve seen, Vector Marketing wants you to sell Cutco cutlery. And in some areas, they want you to go to people’s homes with a set of these knives. vector marketing




From all accounts it doesn’t appear that Vector Marketing even pays that well. How could it if it wants you to spend several hours working for them for free?


Now, if you were gonna go into sales, why not go into sales for yourself where you can make ALL the money?


Well you can and you don’t have to go to a creepy Interview in a dilapidated building or fear for your safety to do it.


If you’re into marketing, but NOT Vector Marketing, let me show you how to make a life-style changing income from the comfort of your own home…


[stextbox id=”info”]Considering this company’s checkered past, make sure you do your due diligence if you’re seriously checking out this company.[/stextbox]
Based upon all the online Vector Marketing reviews, this company is no-go in my book!


Your partner in success





Home Based Business vs Home Based Job – Is There a Difference?

Home based business vs home based job – are they one and the same? Do you find it hard to tell a business opportunity from a work at home job? It’s no secret that you’ll likely to sign up for more than you bargained for if you don’t know the difference. Here’s what you need to know…


Home based business vs home based job


Home based business vs home based job…so what really is the difference?


Well, by now you’ve probably seen lots of ads online for “work at home opportunities”, but maybe you didn’t know if it was legit. Perhaps you weren’t sure if these ads were for a work at home job or for a business opportunity and so you hesitated.


What’s even more complicated is that some of these opportunities wanted you to “invest” or put up money to get started and so now you’re thinking that all home based businesses and jobs are scams!


Nothing to could be further from the truth…and I’ll tell ya why…


Home Based Business vs Home Based Job


home based business vs home based job

By now you may still be a little bit confused at the difference between a home based business and a home based job. Let me put it like this…


Home Based Jobs


A home based job is exactly like that – a job. You either have an employer or you have an employee/employer-type relationship. You complete certain tasks and in exchange you get paid per your established agreement. Some work at home jobs pay you hourly, whereas some pay you by the minute, whereas others pay by the completed tasks that you do.


Lets mix it up a bit more…


There are work at home jobs that require you to be an independent contractor. There’s even one company, Arise, that requires you to incorporate (that one makes no sense to me at all. You might as well have you’re own business!).


Should You Pay For a Home Based Job?


You may have feelings of desperation as you come across something called a work from home opportunity, but something stops you dead in your tracks – they want you to pay money to get started!


home based jobs

You quickly do an about face and lump that home opportunity under “S” for scams because it just like all the other opportunities you’ve seen online.


Are you right for thinking like this or did you let a good opportunity slip through your wet hands?


Well, it can be both. Let me explain further…


The Requirements For a Work From Home Job


All jobs whether it be a work from home job or a traditional job, has requirements. In the case of a home based job, some companies may require you to have a degree or a certain kind of experience. Some jobs may require some of the things listed below, some of which may require you to spend money such as:

  • A Computer
  • A Computer that meets the company’s requirements (so much storage space, memory, a certain operating system, etc..)
  • A landline phone
  • Specific office software
  • A fax machine
  • A copy machine
  • A scanner


In addition, some companies may require you to pay for your own background check which in some cases is reimbursed to you later. As you can see, there are quite a few things that can cost you money in your pursuit of a home based job. The great thing is that you probably meet most of the requirements already.


What is important to note here is that although there are requirements you have to meet in order to get a home based job, you should NOT have to pay for a job nor should you have to pay for the right to apply for a job.


You also do not have to purchase an ebook to get a listing of the companies that hire home workers. I’ll reveal to you a couple of websites that list the top companies that hire home based workers.


What Kind of Home Based Jobs Are Available?


All kinds of companies hire home based workers. Here are some job types you’ll commonly find:

  • Data Entry
  • Transcription Services
  • Customer Service
  • Telemarketing
  • Sales
  • Order Taking
  • Virtual Assistants


Do you have any skills that fall into any of those job categories above?


Where Can I Find Work at Home Jobs?


There are only a few places that I recommend:


  1. Work at Home Arena (highly recommend) – You have to register first and then go to the forum. You will find info on some of the most common and popular companies that hire home workers. You’ll want to scroll down to the “Work at Home Job Topics” section.

tip jarTIP: Always read the “sticky” threads at the top of each company forum. It will tell you what you need to know and how to apply. Some companies only hire in certain states so there’s no use applying for a company that doesn’t hire in your state.


2. – This is another forum. You’ll have to spend the time to go through each sub-forum and find work at home job leads. Use your discretion because anyone can start a thread on a company and it may not be legit.


3. Work From Home Mommy – Lots of job leads here, make sure you do thorough research first. Once you find a job, check it on Work at Home Arena to see if anybody there has any feedback on the company.


The Pros and Cons of a Home Based Job


With so many companies (there are literally hundreds of companies that hire home workers), why aren’t more people working from home in their pajamas?


First of all, as you can imagine there is a lot of competition. Second of all, you do have to meet each job’s requirements. Lastly, for just about all work at home jobs, unless you’re doing transcription or data entry, you must have a quiet background. That means no crying babies and no barking dogs.


The pros of course is that you get to stay home and you don’t have to deal with a daily commute. The cons is that a home based job is still a job. Some jobs have strict requirements so that you can’t venture too far from your computer…you’re literally stuck in front of it.


With a home based job you can be fired at will and without any advanced notice. You are limited in what you can make. This is NOT a business where you have control over your income.


Which brings us to a home based business – where you have the flexibility and the opportunity to make bigger checks…


Why Choose a Home Based Business?


So now that you know all about work from home jobs, you need to know about the other work at home opportunity – a home based business.


home based business

A home based business just like any other kind of business – it will require some expense. Either the expense of buying a distributor kit, buying product to demonstrate, buying advertising to advertise your business, getting business/marketing training, etc…


A home based business is STILL a business. Just because you can sit at home and work your business from your home, it doesn’t mean that it’s any less a business.


Many people get in trouble with their home business because they assume that they’ll get rich overnight and that it’ll be easy to do. Let me tell you that this couldn’t be any further from the truth! A business takes work – hard work.


home based business

A legitimate business requires you to be diligent, consistent, persistent, a self-starter, and have a willingness to learn. You must be willing to invest into your business, so you should have an advertising budget.


If you don’t have all of those things I listed, then a home based business may NOT be the right thing for you at this time.


The trade-off for being consistent, persistent, and treating your business like a business, is that you can literally write your own checks. You have the opportunity to make a six-figure+ income from home.


You will never get rich working a job, unless you have a high ranking position in a company – and only a small percentage of people hold these positions.


Now you know the difference between a home based job and a home based business. Where you are in your life and how much money you want to make for your family will determine the right path for you.


Your partner in success,




Looking at Profit Clicking and Just Been Paid? Don’t Pay Just Yet!

If you were looking at joining Just Been Paid, now known as Profit Clicking, and you have serious concerns about it, then this is the article you must read to get to the truth about what this is and if it can possibly help you make money.


profit clicking and just been paid


If you’re looking at more traffic to your business or making more money online, then you’ve probably ran across Profit Clicking. After all, if you have no traffic you virtually have no business or one that is soon to die.


Now on to the Profit Clicking review


So What is Profit Clicking?

profit clicking and just been paid

Just Been Paid (JBP) was originally started by Frederick Mann.


Profit Clicking is the re-born site of Just Been Paid (JBP went down…Google it to see info on that) that reports itself to be a money making site, a traffic exchange and a lead generation site all rolled up into one. What it really is, is a form of a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP).


Can You Make Money With Profit Clicking (Just Been Paid)?


Like most programs that fall into this category, these types of sites end up getting busted up by the Feds – often taking the money of all the poor souls who “invested” money into the program down with it.


Not only that, but you have to remember that you’re also risking your reputation and the relationships of your friends and family that you bring into these kinds of programs.


The amount of money you make is not even worth the risk…plus you can even get charged for being part of a Ponzi scheme. Is this worth the risk? More importantly, will your family come see you in prison? Prosecutors love to make examples out of people and I’m sure you don’t want your face to be that example.


Alternative to Profit Clicking (Just Been Paid)


Profit Clicking Just Been PaidI know the frustration you’re probably facing as a person who just wants to get more traffic and or make money online.


There are better ways to go about making lots of money online that won’t have you looking over your shoulder for the police!


First of all, find real products that REAL people actually want to buy. When you match a good product that pays a nice higher than average commission, you then have the workings of a great business that can significantly make you more money then you could ever earn with Profit Clicking (Just Been Paid).


[stextbox id=”alert”]Make sure you read my real paid online surveys article. [/stextbox]


The best part is that when you find a good opportunity you don’t have worry about clicking on ads or be forced to look at other people’s websites. And you don’t have to worry about risking your relationships and reputation when Profit Clicking gets busted up or goes down again.


If you’re serious about making a significant grown-up income online then you have to do align yourself with the programs that can make it happen.
Your partner in success,