Why Aren’t You Having Success?

If you find that you’re spending a lot of time trying to get yourself ‘motivated’ to work your business or you lack that “drive” to succeed, then know that there’s something wrong and until you fix it, your business will slowly dwindle away. Here’s what you can do right now…



Do you look forward to working your business every single day? Do you find things to do around the house instead of working on your business? Do you sit in front of your computer checking your emails and shuffling papers around trying to put off doing the important things in your business?


As you can probably see, there’s a pattern there – a pattern of not wanting to do the things that move your business ahead. But why?…closedsign

It can be a fear of failure or even a fear of success.


Whatever it may be, know that you must fix what’s ailing you ore else your business will fade away.


The great news is that it’s all fixable – but you must be the one that fixes the problem.


So spending more money on leads, ebooks, systems, and new business opportunities is money wasted…when you can’t even get yourself to take action on what you’ve already got.

That single tip alone will save you a lot of money because the solution lies within you.


The Easiest Way to Turn You and Your Business Around


Have you heard of Tony Robbins?




I am an avid fan of Tony Robbins. In fact, back in the mid 90’s (when I first heard of him) I listened over and over to his Personal Power CDs (from time to time I still pop one into my CD player!).


He’s such a charismatic guy you can’t help but listen to him. There was one part on one of his CDs where he talks about coaching some of the top business leaders of some of the nation’s Fortune 500 companies.


He went on to say that some of these business people would come to him and ask him if his training would help them improve their business.


Astonished Tony quickly replied, “YOU are your business!”


He went on to say that his training is the best business training anyone in business could have because it does get to the core of your business which is YOU.


Talk about an a-ha moment!


Sure Tony has products to sell so no doubt it looks a little self-serving when he says his personal development training is the best (I think it is). But Tony Robbins made an important point that a lot of business people over look – and that’s undermining the importance of THEMSELVES in their business.


You Are Your Business


businessreflectionAll your past history, past experiences, failures, fears, successes, and desires play a huge role in the business person you are today.

This can serve you in your business, but it can also hinder you as well.


If you find yourself not being motivated enough to work your business like you should or you see that you’re putting in what you call “effort” and results are not what you think they should be, take a good look at yourself.


You are both the problem and the solution. Your best thoughts got you this far – do you like where you are? If not, you WILL have to change the way that you think. Once you do that your actions no doubt will change – for the better.


How to Begin to Change


Personal development plays a big part in your success as an entrepreneur. If you’ve read this far down then you probably understand that by now. This isn’t to say that you should ONLY focus on personal development to the exclusion of everything else – because you shouldn’t.



This is because without ACTION i.e. marketing, your business will die…period.


Since I’m a fan of Tony Robbins my suggestion is to start there. Read his books, buy his books, DVD’s, CDs…buy everything you can get your hands on by Tony Robbins.


Unleash the Power Within: Personal Coaching from Anthony Robbins That Will Transform Your Life!

If money is tight, then go to your nearest library and check out his books. Form informal monthly meetings (meetup.com) with other entrepreneurs and share resources i.e. Tony Robbins  materials in order to reduce expenses.


Tony has a lot of videos on YouTube…check them all out.


No money or lack of money should NEVER be an object that stands in the way of your personal growth.


How bad do you want success? Remember it all starts and ends with YOU.


Your partner in success,



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