3 Steps to Finding Legitimate Home Based Businesses

Are you looking for legitimate home based businesses? Do you want to avoid getting burned? Then you’ll want to feast your eyes on this – it could change the way you pick your next business…



Imagine for a moment. You’re throwing darts at a board that lists the names of network marketing companies.


You then decide wherever the dart lands, that will be the company for you to join. You don’t do any research. You don’t know anything about the product. You don’t know who’s running the company. Yet you will devote your time and your money to a business that you don’t know anything about.


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It sounds silly. But at one time or another, odds are you chose a business this way. Maybe you got lucky and picked the right business the first time around.


But then again, odds say you picked a stinker and now you’re paying for it…either in wasted time, money, or your now damaged reputation.


In fact, a lot of people say it’s hard to find legitimate home based businesses. In reality, there are a lot of real businesses that have been in business literally for 15+ years or longer.



Falling For Money


Yet, many, many people are baited by the pictures of exotic cars, big mansions and dollar bills falling out of the sky. And these same people get taken again and again and again.


There’s nothing wrong with the pictures of fancy-schmancy cars and dollars bills floating in the air as long as you understand that there is hard work involved to achieve those things.


With that said, the less than honest home business companies know exactly what to do to get you believing in their scams…at least those people who fall for the imagery of excess and have unrealistic expectations.


It’s hard to see the mangled discarded victims of these less-than-honest companies after they’ve been chewed up and spat out…along with their hopes and dreams.


If you’re serious about choosing a web business opportunity, not because you want a discount on the products, but because you want a legitimate home business that can help you create a dream lifestyle for your family, then these three steps will help.


Legitimate Home Based Businesses – The Three Steps


1. It’s the Product Baby! – The one thing a lot of scams have in common is that they usually either don’t have any product or service attached or they don’t have a viable product/service attached.


When I say viable, I mean a product/service that a real person would buy at that particular price-point…even if there were no opportunity attached. This is an incredible point because this is one of the top reasons network marketing companies get themselves in hot water and get accused of being a pyramid scheme.


It also helps to know who’s running the company. Do they have a history of operating money schemes or failed network marketing companies?


The telltale sign of legitimate home based businesses is that there are real products and services.


2. Who Loves You Baby?! – Without buyers you don’t have a business. If they only people buying products are distributors themselves then you’ve got a company that’s skating on thin ice and is on the cusp of being accused of being a Ponzi Scheme.


Whether you choose a network marketing company or an affiliate program or create your own product, you must know that what drives sales are customers.


If you don’t have people who want to buy your products/services then you don’t have a business. The number one key of legitimate home based businesses is to make sure there are buyers for what you’re selling.


What’s in Your Wallet?! – Here’s a question really need to ask yourself – how much money can I make in my home based business? The answer to that question really depends on how much you can sell – but there’s more to it than that…


You see, you will need to know much commission you can earn. You will also need to know what you need to do or much you need to sell in order to earn the maximum commission allowed.



If you choose a legitimate mlm company, know that you will be required to recruit and build a downline.


In order to make anything significant in the mlm compensation model, you will have to build a large enough organization. That typically takes 2-5 years of consistent focused effort.


I’ve seen so many people rant about how they didn’t make any money in mlm and then point the blame at the mlm payplan. That’s a head-scratcher for sure because mlm has always been about recruting a downline. If you don’t want to do this then don’t join an mlm.


There are single tier affiliate programs in and outside the network marketing realm – pick one of those to build a business with or create your own products. Mlm is ok, but a higher-ticket affiliate program can get you to dream lifestyle a lot faster than building an mlm for five years.


If you’re building your golden assetyour list, then you can promote a high-ticket, low-ticket, an mlm, or really whatever you want. It’s your choice. Just make sure it’s legit.


Overall, there are plethora of legitimate home based businesses. You’ve got to take into account the three steps listed here so you can choose a winning business that can change your financial destiny.





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