Affiliate Programs That Pay Instantly With PayPal – Any Legit Ones?

If you’re troubled by the lack of real affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal, then you’ll want to read this….


affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal

Are you puzzled?


You may be looking for ways to get more cash flowing into your business but you can’t seem to find the right kind of products that convert quickly into sales.


Then you have those products that seem to always have people refunding on you – ouch! It’s no fun to see all that hard work of driving traffic to an offer only to go down the drain as your customers decide they don’t “like” the product anymore.


You may scratching your head wondering, “Is it me or is it the product?”


As you were contemplating your next move to find ways to finally increase profits into your business, you probably stumbled upon affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal.


In fact, you may have even tried products that paid out via PayPal in the past only to discover that these so called info-products were a bunch of c#%p!


Has that ever happen to you? Have people on your list ever complain about the bad products you’ve recommended to them?


If so, then you know the despair of seeing your hopes and even your reputation go down the drain. Do you think your list is gonna trust YOU so easily again?


Here’s what it is…


If you keep promoting junk to your list, pretty soon you’ll have more people exiting your list then getting on.


TIP: If you’re a small business (non-Internet marketer), you’ll want to find products/services that convert quickly. The faster you can deliver cash into your business, the faster you can put money back into your business.


So, now you’re wondering if there are any instant commission products that actually work…and don’t suck.


Let me say this…


The Shocking Truth About Affiliate Programs That Pay Instantly With PayPal


Autopilot Income System

It’s no secret that there are a LOT of info programs and software that are totally and completely trash. Unfortunately the Internet is littered with this junk. There are even quite a few marketers who have made a name for themselves creating this rubbish – they’re called scammers!


To be fair, there are marketers who just create bad products – period. They offer very little support or sometimes no support at all. Then they go on to “create” products after products that may or may not work. It’s just the luck of the draw.


This brings us back to the biggest issue with instant payment affiliate programs – they’re usually not the best (to put it mildly).


You really have to do some digging or if you’re lucky like I was, stumble upon affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal that actually have some value.


Look, you don’t want to “stiff” your list by peddling just anything in order to put a commission check in your pocket. You’ll lose a lot more in the end, than you’ll ever gain.


affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal

I do understand the importance of having high converting products in your arsenal.


If you don’t have that, then at the very least you should have valuable affiliate programs that pay instantly.


If you want a powerful combination, you’ll want some of both in addition to legit CPA offers in your marketing funnel.


So, the next question on your mind is where do I find those real affiliate programs that pay instantly?


How to Deliver Value and Still Get Fast Commissions


Now, like I stated before, there are a lot of sketchy fast commission products – (no joke), which is why you sometimes need to actually buy the product to make sure that:

A) It works and…
B) It’s worthy of its price-tag


You either somewhat agree or completely disagree with that. And to that I say…

affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal


Go Do Something Else
If you’re not willing to at least buy some of the products that you recommend, especially if it’s in a niche that you’re already familiar with, then you may want to reconsider being an Internet marketer.


Go find another way to make money – we don’t need more uncaring people in this industry. After all you can get some bills paid by doing real paid online surveys.


I absolutely know that it’s not feasible to buy every single product you promote. After all, you’re not gonna be in the right demographics or the right target market for every product.


But sometimes you gotta reach into your pocket and spend a little dough just to make sure what you’re promoting works especially if it’s a product from a marketer you’re not familiar with or one that has a less stellar reputation.


If you’re tired of messing around with products that don’t covert and dealing with those serial refunders, then this is what you’ve been looking for…


Internet Business Kit – The Affiliate Program That Pay Instantly With PayPal


affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal

This is a proven product that actually works.


You’re able to give value to people who are trusting your recommendations and are willing to dive into their wallet to get a product that will finally help them make money online quickly.


How Much Can I Make?
The payout with Internet Business Kit is $150 per sale. You’re getting 100% commission on this product. If you just make one sale per day you could make $4500 per month. You won’t be able to buy a Ferrari but you could pay off some bills.


Obviously, the more sales you make, the more money you’re gonna make and you could feasibly buy that Ferrari if that’s what you’re into.


How Do I Get Sales?
Internet Business Kit (or IBK for short), shows you literally step-by-step how to get sales and how to market online for free. There’s free software included and a plugin that will make it so much easier on you to put it all in place.


HOT TIPIf you don’t have a blog, get one from Plug in Profit Site. They will set up a WordPress blog for you with a nice theme and even host it (for a limited time ONLY) at no cost. Alls you have to do is just sign up for the program here and pick at least ONE program.


The Bigger Picture to Making Money Online
Internet Business Kit is surprisingly very good because it show you how to make money online selling any kind of product. It shows you how to put the pieces together so that it can work in any niche. If you take what you learn, you can apply it to anything you already doing to get better results.


Are You a Beginner?
If you’re a beginner marketer you’ll appreciate the step-by-step instructions. Instead of spending thousands of dollars trying to learn Internet marketing and putting it all in place, you can learn what you need to know to begin making money online that much quicker with this simple little system.


affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal

This course greatly appeals to beginners (and or Internet marketing disbelievers out there) because they have the dreaded screenshots that noobs love so much.


Not much of fan of screenshots but there is an element out there that “eat” this stuff up! To each his own I guess.


Will It Work For You?
If you’re looking for instant payment affiliate programs that are NOT sketchy, that actually helps people, and does what it says, then Internet Business Kit is one of the few that has been proven to work. With that said, If you don’t apply yourself then of course nothing is going to work for you.


If you’re tired of spinning your wheels selling products that just waste your time and money because they don’t convert into sales easily or if you’re tired of waiting thirty days just to see sales you made the previous month (minus the refunds of course), then affiliate programs that pay instantly with PayPal like Internet Business Kit is what you want if you want to see faster and bigger commission checks – and still sleep well at night.




The Shocking Truth About Low Investment Business Ideas

If you’re getting discouraged trying to find profitable low investment business ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, then you need to read this…


low investment business ideas

Confused about all the ads you see online for supposedly low investment business ideas? Not sure what’s legit? Not too sure whom to trust?


Look, no one can blame you for being skeptical when looking for an online business – there’s so much out there. And if you think you can reduce your risks by only going after a low investment business, you may want to guess again.


Read on…


The Hidden Cost of Low Investment Business Ideas


On the surface it may seem that a business is low cost, but you need to ask yourself what are the real costs of running it day-to-day…


 low investment business ideas

Here are some costs to consider before you sign on the dotted line:

  • The cost of the rent
  • The cost of the insurance
  • Autoship Costs (if you’re in network marketing)
  • The cost to hire employees
  • The cost to keep inventory
  • The cost of security measures
  • The cost of advertising
  • The other infrastructure costs




You see that sometimes low investment business ideas are not always so low cost after all when you have to take into consideration other costs. This can be discouraging to say the least, but there is hope.


Here’s something to think about…


How to Banish High Business Costs in Two Snaps…


According to the Small Business Administration, most new businesses never make it to the two year mark (see this). There are lots of reasons for it, but the number one reason is lack of cashflow.


If you can’t make enough consistent money to cover your overhead expenses like payroll, insurance, autoship costs, and rent, you’re going to go out of business a lot sooner than later.


So, when you’re searching for low investment business ideas, you want not only look at the costs to start the business, but the daily costs to keep it going.


 low investment business ideas

The biggest way to crush your expenses is to choose an Internet-based business. Having had both online and offline businesses, I can tell you that having an web based business is so much easier and simpler to run.


The best part of an online business is that you have better cash-flow because you don’t have overhead expenses eating into your revenue. This is huge!


Never before have their been so many people making a nice living solely off of what they make in an Internet business.


If you’re truly looking for low investment business ideas, then at the top of your list should be web based businesses. The potential for a thriving global business is enormous when you’re internet-based.


So, now that you know to look at businesses beyond the start-up costs, what’s probably on your mind right now is what kind of business you should start.


Low Investment Businesses


Because the risks are greatly reduced and because you can get into profit faster with an online based business, the businesses listed here are all ones that can be done at least partly if not fully on the Internet.


 low investment business ideas

Also, all the businesses listed here can be started with less than a hundred dollars and some can even be started at no cost at all.

  • Network Marketing / MLM
  • eBay / Amazon (Fulfillment By Amazon) / Drop-shipping
  • eCommerce (Etsy, Tripleclicks, etc)
  • Online T-Shirt Service
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Consulting for Offline / Online Businesses
  • Sell Your Own Products/Services Online
  • Sell Your Marketing Services


Do any of these businesses sound appealing to you? With so many choices, do you find yourself stuck as to where to start?


Read on…


How to Jump-Start Low Investment Business Ideas


The single most important thing to really understand here is that when you’re looking for low investment business ideas consider the entire cost of running the business day in and day out.


Once you understand that important point, the next thing you want to really consider is choosing a business where you can get into profit a lot faster.


The Truth About Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Nothing can get you into profit faster than an Internet-based business, but you must remember that not all web businesses are created equal.


Network Marketing Businesses

A network marketing business can take time to build especially if you’re building a team. For this simple reason alone, a lot of marketers have used retail information products as a front end to bring in upfront cashflow.


This is something to consider if you feel like you’re not making money quickly enough in your network marketing business.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, which is selling someone else’s products/services, can be quite lucrative. However, a lot of marketers don’t diversify their income streams and as a result are waiting weeks to get paid on sales they generated several weeks earlier.


To make matters even worse, is that sometimes in this time frame, charge-backs occur and you as an affiliate marketer don’t get the income you thought you would get. When you have bills to pay and business expenses mounting up, this can create immense frustration in your business.


The biggest way to combat this is to have instant cash products inside your marketing funnel. These products usually pay commissions to you via PayPal or a similar payment processor as soon as the customer pays.


 low investment business ideas

This gives you instant cashflow that you then can put back into your business so you can grow it even faster and even have money left over to do as you please.


One popular product that pays out in instant commissions via PayPal is this one here.

In the End…


No one probably told you what you really needed to know about low investment business ideas – until now.


There’s always more than meets the eye besides the costs to get started. You want to be here for the long-haul and not be some flash-in-the-pan business that’s here today but gone tomorrow.


And it all starts by making smart business choices that deliver faster profits with lower overhead costs.


There’s nothing quite like a business that helps you achieve your financial goals that much faster!


Choose low investment business ideas that put more odds of success on your side…


After all, you are playing to win! 🙂



Low Cost Home Businesses to Start

Seeking low cost home businesses to start online? Before you join another biz opp, you’ll want to read this…


The bills are starting to mount up…


Your spouse is still nagging at you about losing a lot of money in the last business opportunity that you joined…


And on and on it goes…


But you are determined to give this “work at home business thingy” another try. What you’re determined to do differently this time around is only search out low cost home businesses to start online.


So, where do you start? Can you expect to get the truth about what really works and what doesn’t?


Let me answer it this way – it’s complicated.


This is why you want to keep on reading…


Low Cost Home Businesses to Start – What You Need to Know



I completely understand you want to get results. I know you have a lot of debt you want to finally get rid. Maybe you’re thinking ahead about a retirement income opportunity for the future.


Perhaps you simply want a complete lifestyle makeover and the only way that’s gonna happen is if you go into business for yourself (your job will never give you that much of a pay raise!).


Whatever the reason you’re looking for a home based business, now you’re at the point where you’re absolutely serious about getting success.


Think about this for a moment…


Honestly, why was it that you didn’t have success before?


Was it lack of business savvy and marketing know-how? Or was it a lack of motivation on your part? Do you think you just chose the wrong kind of business?



You see, if you don’t have a clue as to what went wrong the first few times you went into business, then you’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over.


I Know Where I Went Wrong – Now What?


When looking at low cost businesses to start, you have to realize that there are different kinds of businesses.

  • There’s straight affiliate marketing.
  • There’s network marketing.
  • You can sell your own products/services online.
  • You can start a consulting business from home.
  • You can help small businesses get set up online.


Some people like myself do a combination one or more of the above because it’s important to diversify your income. All of those businesses listed above can be started with little to no money at all.




The number one reason why there are so many low cost businesses is that they’re internet-based. An online business can be started and even maintained with little to no overhead expenses.


Here’s the kicker…


What gets people on the verge of failure in their business isn’t usually the cost of the business per se (unless they got a business they could not afford), but not knowing anything about business and Internet marketing.


Think about that question you answered earlier about why you think you didn’t have success in your past businesses.


Do you think you would have had better results if you knew more about Internet marketing and traffic generation?


If you’re like 95% of the people online who are struggling to get one foot off the ground, then the answer would be “yes.”


Picking Low Cost Home Businesses to Start – As Simple as 1-2-3


Step 1- Education is Key – If you don’t already know about Internet marketing, I highly suggest that you get a basic foundation first before venturing into an online business. Pick up a copy of Dotcomology here. If you’re learning more towards affiliate marketing, this is the place where you can get proven training. This is called stacking the odds in your favor.


Step 2 – Choose Your Business – Any solid Internet-based business is going to be low cost to get started with. Whatever niche you decide to go into, make sure there are people in that niche that want to buy the products you are selling.



If you don’t want to do straight affiliate marketing, you can go with a multiple streams of income program like Plug in Profit Site (PIPS). This is considered a business opportunity program. Make sure you read the Plug in Profit Review first.


Another option is to join a traditional network marketing company. It’s important that you make sure it’s a solid company that has real products REAL people (not just distributors) are buying.


If you’re torn between doing affiliate marketing and network marketing, I suggest a hybrid program called SFI. It’s a long-running program that’s been in business over 18 years. I’m actually an affiliate for SFI and I actually like it. And yes I’m making money.


Step 3 – Drive Traffic to Your Offer – Without traffic your business is dead. Picking low cost businesses to start may be the easy part.


The challenging part is understanding Internet marketing and knowing how to drive traffic to your offer consistently. Spend time learning one marketing technique at a time. Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, you have no business.


All in all, there are many low cost home based businesses. They key to making any of them successful is to understand what you did wrong in your past home businesses, making a study of Internet marketing and lead generation, and picking a business that has proven buyers.


Are you ready to stack the odds in your favor this time?




SFI Introduces Another Income Stream – ID Theft Protection by Privacy Maxx

Strong Future International (SFI) keeps enhancing its affiliate program with the addition of Privacy Maxx. Learn how you can capitalize on the growing ID protection market as an SFI affiliate..



Now has never been a better time to become an SFI affiliate. The Tripleclicks marketplace continues to grow and exceed expectations, while Pricebenders is steadily moving into the limelight and gaining more popularity in the penny auction realm.


If you thought life was good as an SFI affiliate, now there’s news that an Identity Theft Protection service has been added to the line-up.


Why an Identity Theft Protection Service?


Can you imagine using your debit card without covering up the keypad from prying eyes? Well of course not. There’s just too many people out there who want a free ride at your expense.



Not only do you have to worry about the people around you when you use your credit/debit card, but you have to worry about the breaches at websites where your confidential information is held.


Just recently the IRS had such a breach. If that’s not scary, then what is? See story here.


There’s even been cases where briefcases and laptops that contained people’s private information have been lost. Here are just two stories: The I’m Sorry I Lost My Briefcase Letter and Oops, I Compromised Your Private Info…


It’s bad enough that there are people entrusted with your confidential info walking around with it, it’s worse when they do careless things like leave it laying around in car!


Are You Next?


If you’ve never gotten a letter from a financial institution saying that your confidential information may have been exposed, then you’re among the minority.


I myself have gotten several letters over the years from my banks and credit card companies saying that my confidential information may have been exposed through a breach in their website. I even got one of those “briefcase” letters I mentioned above.



It’s like this…


Sooner or later, you’re gonna get a letter too if you haven’t already. Odds you may know someone who’s had their identity stolen.


It’s unfortunate that the demand for identify theft protection is growing – and it’s not going away anytime soon. You see, there’s big money to be made by crooks with stolen information. It’s a billion-dollar industry that’s costing banks, credit card companies, and people like you and me big time.


There is a way you can help people not become victims of identity theft and that’s through SFI’s new product affiliation with Privacy Maxx.


What Does Tripleclicks Privacy Maxx Do?


First of all, the special with Privacy Maxx is customized exclusively for TripleClicks customers. This deal is not available on Privacy Maxx’s website.



Family Identity Theft Protection


This is a very pro-active identify theft plan in that it:

  • Provides three full years of coverage for their entire family
  • Has a Proactive Monitoring System that will alert them to potential issues before an ID theft occurs
  • Has a fully-managed Family Identity Recovery and 12-month post-monitoring service
  • Has a generous $25,000 expense reimbursement policy

…all for a one-time payment of just $199!


It’s a great deal for anyone who’s concerned about their identity being stolen.


Are You Afraid You Might Be the Next Identity Theft Victim?


If you’re troubled by the rising crime of identity theft, then you’ll want to get in on this great Privacy Maxx deal by going here.


How You Can Be a Part of the Lucrative Identity Theft Protection Marketplace


If you ever want to make money online without the struggle, you’ve got to find a product/service that is in demand and that people are already buying.



I’ve seen too many people do the opposite and then wonder why they’re having a hard time making money in their business.


It’s like swimming upstream when everyone else is swimming downstream.


It Gets Easier


It’s a no brainer to see that identity theft protection is a hot evergreen niche that continues to grow exponentially.


With the introduction of Privacy Maxx in the Tripleclicks marketplace, as an SFI affiliate you have another money-maker that can produce yet another income stream for you.


Click here if you’re not already an SFI affiliate. You’ll want to join ASAP so you can be among the first to offer Privacy Maxx to your circle of influence…


Generous Commission Structure


If you ever wanted to get in on the growing identity theft protection market, now here’s your chance to earn a great commission.



As an SFI affiliate, you get $33.75 for each Privacy Maxx protection plan sold. You also get a generous 5,600 Versa Points (VP). You’ll want to refer to the SFI comp plan here.


In an industry where you’re paid a few dollars as an affiliate/distributor for products, it’s nice to know that there’s a company like SFI that’s going to give you a much higher than average commission for selling something that is such great demand as an identity theft protection product.


How to Get Started Making Money With Privacy Maxx Identity Theft Protection…


If you’re already an SFI affiliate, all you have to do is get your Privacy Maxx marketing tools here.


If you’re not already an SFI affiliate, you can get started quickly at no cost here.


You Can Help…



Identity fraud is a crime that continues to skyrocket with no end in sight. You now have the ability to help prevent yourself and your family from becoming victims of this growing criminal activity.


As an affiliate, you can do your part and spread the word about how Tripleclicks Privacy Maxx can help prevent identity theft.


With the addition Privacy Maxx to its lineup, SFI continues to grow and provide more ways for its affiliates to generate multiple income streams.


Rock on SFI!




Success on the ‘Net – Eagle Marketing – Video Splash Page Creator

If you’re an affiliate that wants to stand out amongst the masses, then your own custom video splash page from Eagle Marketing may be just what you need…



Our featured Tripleclicks storefront business this week is Eagle Marketing. This business is based out of Taylorville, Illinois.


They specialize in helping SFI affiliates stand apart from the crowd with their own branded video splash page.


NOTE: Eagle Marketing may be able to help you create a custom page for your business opportunity. You’ll have to contact them here.


Eagle Marketing Video Splash Page Creation

Eagle Marketing’s main and only products are video splash pages (see demo below).



From their Tripleclicks store:


Set yourself apart from the other 1.5 million SFI Affiliates. Promote your SFI business with our video splash pages. Video converts better than other forms of advertising


With 1.5 million affiliates promoting your program, you need something to set you apart from the crowd. Here’s a new product that will do just that: Personalized Video Splash Pages


There are 3 different videos to choose from. Each video is about 60 seconds long. Each video will feature your name, your photo and a brief bio. You can also include an incentive offer to encourage people to join your program.


Each video is uploaded to YouTube and then embedded into a splash page. These attention grabbing splash pages feature 2 opportunity banners. One is featured above the video and one is featured below the video. These splash pages are perfect for traffic exchanges.


Your splash page will be hosted on our servers for free for 12 months.


Love It !! Excellent marketing tool, would recommend to all affiliates. Exceptional Value !!
-John S.


How Eagle Marketing Can Help You Get Better Results


video splash page maker

If you’re not getting good results with your standard affiliate page, consider using a video before you optin page/sales page to help you increase your conversions.


Click here to order your video splash page or to learn more about Eagle Marketing…


To learn more about selling your products and services on Tripleclicks, click here…


Let’s all do our part in supporting small businesses!




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