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Proven Make Money Programs

If you’re looking for programs that have been proven to make money for the average user – not just the creator, then you’ll want to take a look at this list. Check back for updates…

  1. Plugin Profit Site 
    Creator: Stone Evans
    What Is It: It’s a system that is made up of several money-making programs that change from time to time. You promote one link (the link to the salespage) and your prospects have the opportunity to sign up in all the programs on the salespage.
    Biggest Pro: Once you sign up, they will put together your salespage and set up a WordPress blog for you and will host it for you (most of the time). They will give you a year’s worth of pre-written email autoresponder messages as well. This is a great way to get started in the make money online niche.

Is a Home Business Right For You?

Every morning as people wake up and make the commute to work, many dream of the day when they will finally work for themselves.



Every time the boss lets someone know that they must give up their weekend plans for the good of the company, people contemplate the benefits of being the owner of their own business.


Are you one of these people?


If you are, it is important to ask yourself some very important questions before you make the uncertain leap into self-employment.


Many dream of the benefits of home business ownership, but few take into account the sacrifices that must be made to bring the dream to fruition. Please don’t make this mistake yourself.


You must approach home business ownership with your eyes wide open. Ask yourself the important questions, and more importantly, answer your own questions openly and honestly.


An Important Consideration…


home business

Are you the type of person who relishes every chance to gather around the water cooler for social interaction?


If so, then home business ownership may not be the right decision for you.


Instead, if you feel that you can be quite content sitting alone at your desk; speaking only to clients and really minding your own home business, then you might have what it takes to succeed as a home business entrepreneur.


If you feel at ease with your own company and don’t need a dozen coworkers milling around your desk, then you, too, could savor the freedoms that will allow you and your family, to live the lifestyle you know you want and deserve.

The Key to Home Business Success


Self-motivation is the key to success when you start a home-based business. You need to possess the ability to push yourself ahead. Your drive and determination will be reinforced with every new sale.



The level of success that you will achieve greatly depends on the time and effort you are willing to plow into your new home business.


Your organization, planning and marketing skills, will all be put into practice when you embark on your liberating journey from employee, to being your own boss.


In fact, you will be the wearer of many hats and gain a wealth of business experience along the way, when you finally make that commitment to work at home.


Your Success Rests Entirely Upon Your Own Shoulders


You will now be the boss. Are you truly able to work independently? Do you have the drive; the tenacity, to persevere with your home based business? Will you be able to invest the necessary time to nurture it, to watch it grow and see it through, from germination to full, glorious bloom?


When you’re the boss, you are responsible for the success of your home business, from A to Z, from disappointments to victory.


When you work at home, it will empower you to achieve many things you were unable to do when you were stuck working for that tyrant boss. Remember him? He’s the guy that wouldn’t let you take time off when your baby was sick…the same guy that called you in to work on Thanksgiving Day.



A home business means that you can take good care of your family and make money from home, simultaneously.


You will have the best of both worlds! Just think–no more dirty laundry piling up–you can do it while you work.


No more scurrying around at the last minute searching for a babysitter either. And no more worrying about getting fired; you’ll be the boss!


In Conclusion…


Stay positive and focused on your home based business, even if, when sales aren’t up to par, you get occasional negative remarks or derogatory comments from people with stuffy, dead-end jobs.


Ignore their cutting words and bear in mind that success is the best revenge! Keep your admirable, positive attitude at the forefront and show them what you’re made of!


Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy can help you launch your very own money making website today that’s 100% ready to take orders and pull in massive profits for you right now … guaranteed! Visit here



Swagbucks Review 2015: How Does It Really Work?

If you’re eager to read about a Swagbucks review in 2015 that tells you exactly how it works, then you’ll want to stay around to read this…

Swagbucks Review 2015

Are you having trouble finding real info on Swagbucks?


Are you having a difficult time finding out how this program really works?


I can’t blame you for doing your research – after all, who has time to waste? It’s better to get all the important information about Swagbucks upfront so you know whether or not this program is for you.


Where other Swagbucks reviews leave off, this Swagbucks review 2015 is going to go the extra mile and tell you what you ought to know.


Watch this short video first…


Swagbucks Review 2015 – Can You Make Tons of Money Overnight With Swagbucks?

With a lot of these types of make money programs, there are gonna be people who expect to fire their boss and run down to the nearest Ferrari dealership to buy a new car. If you’re a reader of this blog, then you know darn well that is the wrong kind of thinking.


I’m sorry to dash your dreams. It’s better to be realistic about using Swagbucks codes and surveys so that you’re not surprised at the time it takes to rack up points.


So, what can you expect with Swagbucks?


First of all, this is Swagbucks in a nutshell…


You get Swagbucks, which are basically digital dollars. You use these digital dollars for shopping online, doing searches, watching videos, and answering surveys and taking polls.


Swagbucks sends out codes from time to time on their social media accounts. You then take the codes and input them in your back office to get more Swagbucks.
You then can redeem your Swagbucks for gift cards, contests or what they call Swagstakes entries, and entertainment coupons.

How I Use Swagbucks in 2015


Because I’m into SEO, I do a lot of searches online on Google. In addition to that I do the regular searches just as an ordinary person would.


What you’ll discover, just like I did, is that Google will begin to think your searches are automated bots and they will make you do captcha codes periodically before it will return your search results.


In my case I was doing those darn things almost every other search. Cumbersome to say the least.


For all my unimportant searches I use Swagbucks for my searches (Yahoo search). I earn points periodically for doing searches which is plus.


And (no you don’t get points for each and every search).


I suggest at the very least you should install the toolbar. If you’re into real paid online surveys, then you may want to partake in the other amenities Swagbucks has to offer.


Click here to get started 

Making Real Money on the Web?

Do you want to experience making real money on the web without pulling out your hair and going broke first? Then pull up a chair and read this…



Is it really possible to be making real money on the web?


If that’s what you’re thinking, then you’re surely in luck.


You see, I don’t know you personally, but I can almost bet you’ve been searching online for a legit way to make money from home. What you may have come up against are scams and even businesses that are so complicated that you would need a business degree to figure them out!


Well, I’m gonna go the opposite way…


I want to make this article so darn simple for you to understand Internet marketing completely. In fact, I’m gonna go the extra mile and make sure you get the necessary ingredients so that you can be making real money on the web as soon as possible.


Here’s how it all starts…


Making Real Money on the Web – What the Other Websites Won’t Tell Ya



I’ll be real honest with you here…


Making real money on the web can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be.


I have found that when you make something so complicated for someone who is new they get lost.


And hopelessly lost people stop looking for a way out. They stop believing that their dreams can come true.


Which is why I know it’s true is to keep it really simple in the beginning. I only tell you want you need to know to start making real money on the Internet. Then it will be up to you to decide if you want to start doing more advanced techniques.


Look, I know you’re absolutely serious about achieving your goals. My goal here is to be helpful to you so that you can achieve them. So, what would be the point of confusing the heck out of you so that you run the other way?


Let’s get the basics down first so you can begin making some money – ok?


What I Recommend



With so much junk on the Internet these days, it’s almost too hard to differentiate a good opportunity from a bad one.


To add fuel to the fire, there are many programs out there that’ll cost you an arm and a leg to teach you just the basics. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna show you later how to get the basics for free.


Now, don’t get me wrong, there are good paid programs for sure, but if you’re a beginner you’re gonna spend several hundred bucks at the end of it all to learn something that is so basic to Internet marketing that even a 15 year old could figure it out on their own.


It’s much better that you save your hard-earned dollars for marketing, not on an expensive course that teaches just the basics.


This is why I recommend the Plug in Profit Site (PIPS) automated business system. It’s one of the longest Internet-based business system around. It’s actually been helping people get started making money online for over 10 years…and it’s still going strong.


If I may, let me tell you why you’re gonna like this program and how it’s gonna help you build your foundation so that you can be making money online.


Making Real Money on the Web – This is How to Start Your Fortune Online…


I know you’re tired of looking for a way to make some decent money online. I know you’re probably only interested in ways that make you a significant lifestyle-changing income.


Now if I’m wrong about that, here’s a post I did about how to make money doing real paid online surveys. With that stuff you’ll only make enough to pay a bill or two unless you get referrals and odds you may not know how to do that.


Here’s the gist of it…


What no on will tell you, is that there are really three parts to making real money on the web:


1. The Foundation – This is where 80% of hopeful entrepreneurs go wrong! They don’t know what they’re doing so they go out and join a home business or they go out and try to do affiliate marketing only to fall flat on their face! Has this happened to you? If not, it will if you don’t get the Internet marketing basics down first.


So, what’s the foundation?


You must understand what Internet marketing is all about and what it isn’t. You gotta know all the moving pieces and where they all fit together. A lot of other Internet marketing programs don’t even care to show you or even tell you the foundation you need. They don’t care if you fail because after all, they already got your money. We do care.



2. Choosing the Niche/Product/Service/Opportunity – The most convoluted thing about making real money on the web is choosing the niche you want to be in.


After you’ve chosen your niche now you have to find products/services to promote in that niche.


This can be a little challenging especially if you don’t know what to look for. The same goes for an opportunity if you’re a network marketer. How do you know what company to choose?


As you can see, this part can be a little daunting especially if you don’t have the expertise or the background to know a good niche or opportunity from a bad one.


In fact, if you don’t choose the right niche or product, you’ll have a tough time making any real money on the Internet.


3. The Secret Sauce – What makes any program work online is the traffic you send to it. Traffic is the chocolate sauce on your ice cream sundae. If you don’t understand traffic generation, you’re pretty much done. If you haven’t heard about traffic generation by this point, then you’re probably spending too much time in the wrong places.


Here’s a bonus tip – spend time with people who want you to succeed and who are striving to succeed in their own business venture too. In other words, spend time with people who are going your way.


And if you’ve been part of another Internet marketing training course and they didn’t mention how important traffic is to your success, then you’ll want to re-evaluate if that’s the place you should even be associating with.


Now are you confused by all this yet? Let me help you out…


Making Real Money on the Web…the Easier Way


Well, I laid it all out for you and I know it seems like you’ve got a lot of huge tasks to complete before you even begin making real money on the web. In all honesty, I just gave you the bare bones, because that’s all you need at this point.


If you want to get more sophisticated and learn about funnels and conversions, I could send you to a lot of other places, but I know that in the end you’ll come back here. You see, all that confusing stuff isn’t really necessary right now.


Why I Like PIPS


It’s simple.



We teach you the basics of Internet marketing. How the pieces fit together and what you need to understand to start making money right now.


We give you the foundation in both video and in written format.


Whatever way you like to learn we got ya covered. And unlike other sites, it’s not gonna cost you hundreds of dollars nor will it take you months to just learn the basics.


We even give you a fast track to “run on” called 30 Days to Success. This is designed to get you up making money while you’re still learning.


The best part of PIPS is that the products are already chosen for you so you don’t have to waste your time going on massive searches looking for good products and opportunities to promote -it’s done for ya. This is especially helpful if you suffer from indecision or if you have analysis paralysis.


Lastly, we teach you very simple traffic generation tips so yo can start giving life to your business so you can begin working on your dreams for yourself and your family.


Some people choose to get only the foundation, whereas others want to finally experience success so they work the system the way it’s supposed to be done and go through the entire thing. It’s all up to you.


But I highly suggest at the very least, you start getting the foundation and then decide what your next move might be.


This foundation is like gold to you and if you don’t get it, you’re not gonna go too far in this industry. In fact, odds are you’ll lose a whole lot of money before (and if) you make any.


The foundation is what’s missing in most people’s businesses and so we’re giving it to you because we want to see you succeed.


Making Real Money on the Web: Your Next Step…



I know your goals are important to you and so the best way to be on the road to achieving them is to start right now.


Don’t procrastinate or wait til tomorrow. Do it now while this is still fresh in your mind.


Click here to get started. You’ll get the Affiliate Millionaire audios that will be a big eye-opener for you and you’ll see how you could be on the road to making real money on the web!




Home Small Business Opportunities Can Create Freedom

If you’re eagerly looking for home small business opportunities that can help bring in more cash to your family’s budget, then this is what you need to read before you do anything…



If you’re frustrated trying to find home small business opportunities that really work and aren’t scams, then there are some important things you really ought to know so you don’t become a victim again.


You see, with an online business, you’ve got to make sure that there is a product or service being sold. What makes you money is not joining a business or even creating a business – it’s the exchange of goods and services for money.


If you get anything from this article it is that little short paragraph above. You may want to re-read it a couple of times because I can almost guarantee you that if you were a scam victim, there wasn’t anything be sold.


It was probably a money shuffle game and with that there will always be losers. I’m sure if you’re a single income household you can’t afford to lose your hard-earned dollars – right?


So, how do you find the right business opportunities? And most importantly, how do you avoid failure yet again?


The Key to Successful Home Small Business Opportunities


There are only a few ways you could go. Some of these ways are a lot harder than other ways and some are a lot easier. W HomeSmallBusinessOpportunitieshat’s important here is that you want a genuine way to make money from home in your own business.


Let’s dump the losers and go things that work – shall we?


The fastest way to get started with a home small business is to start with what you know. Is there a market for what you sell? Is there a market for your service? For some people they don’t have any marketable skills that they can make money off of.


Which leads to the second fastest way to make money and that is to sell other people’s/companies products and services.


The biggest pros of going this route is that everything is created for you. The products/services are already chosen so you don’t have to be bothered with choosing them.


Second, is that you don’t have to worry about collecting money and dealing with customer support – all that is handled on your behalf which is a huge time saver for sure.


Third, the only thing you have to do is get traffic to the web pages that are given to you (or create your own so be it).


So, in a nutshell, the only concern you have is to learn how to get enough eyeballs on your offer so you in turn can make money.


The next thing on your mind is probably where to find other people’s services and products you can sell.


Where to Find Products and Services to Sell


In my experience, the reasons a lot of people fail online is that they get stuck in analysis paralysis. They get stuck in the enormity of Internet marketing. There’s so much you can do and many ways to make money that it almost becomes overwhelming.



And I can tell ya that if you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused at all, you won’t take the necessary actions to make money.


After all, isn’t that what you’re here for? You’re looking for home small business opportunities so you can provide a better life for your family – right?


The easiest way to start making money is to take it step-by-step. Learn one thing and then another and then another and then learn how to put everything together so you’re making some decent money.


I could send you to any one of the number of marketplaces to get products (Clickbank, Share-a-Sale, Offer Vault, etc…) but odds are you won’t know what to promote, how to do market research, how to market, or even how to talk your target audience online.


So it’s almost a moot point. I want you to start having success especially if you’ve managed to read this far down. I know most people give-up way too soon and then hop to another shiny object hoping that it’s the one thing that’s gonna make them money.


I’m here to tell ya, it doesn’t work that way. You have to get serious about your future and your family’s future. That income you’re bringing in from your job is probably not enough to create the lifestyle you want which is really why you’re reading this.


I like and teach on automated business systems. I like marketing systems too because they’re targeted towards people who want a track to run on so they’re off to a more faster profitable start. It also gives people who have busy lives all the tools they need to run a successful business that much easier.


This is what I recommend – even if you’re not a beginner. This gives solid training on Internet marketing so you get the full picture. The second part if you choose to go on shows you how to make money with this system.


Unless you completely understand Internet marketing you’re doomed for failure. Period. All those disgruntled marketers you see online – they failed to grasp key concepts. These are the very concepts I give to you at no cost.


Still serious about home small business opportunities?


This is where you want to start if you want to start making more money for your family…


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