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What is the Best Affiliate Program to Make Money With?

Looking for the best paying affiliate network? Are you trying to make money as an affiliate? Are you stuck on choosing a niche? Don’t know where to start or what to do? Then this may just the thing you need to read before you waste anymore time or money…


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Here’s a question I just got asked and I wanted to shed some light on this subject…because it’s kinda of a loaded question – let me explain…


Different Strokes For Different Folks


That’s a line from the old Sly Stone song, Everyday People. And oddly enough it rings true in marketing as well. Here’s a flashback…



There are many affiliate programs and affiliate networks. Some people like promoting Amazon products and if you ask them what’s the best affiliate program they would say it’s Amazon!


Then you have those diehard Clickbank marketers who only promote CB products. If you ask them what’s the best affiliate program they would say Clickbank.


how to choose affiliate progam

Are you ready to pull your hair out yet?



This May Be the Better Question to Ask…


Your goals as an online marketer are to provide solutions to people’s problems and in turn get paid for it. Whatever dreams you have for your family can only come true if you make money. Let’s be clear about that…


So, what does it take to make money?


Understanding it’s about traffic and conversions – and matching the offer to the right kind of traffic.


If you were selling hair combs, would you try to go out and market to men who have no hair? Well of course not. You wouldn’t get very many conversions if any at all. In fact, if you did any paid marketing, odds are you would lose a whole lot of money because you didn’t match the offer to the traffic.


If you get that, then you’re far ahead of most marketers online…many of whom struggle greatly. Don’t forget that you need a home business mindset right from the get go because this isn’t a hobby but a way to change your financial future.


So, how do you start to choose an affiliate program?


Some people start by choosing a niche and finding offers that would appeal to that niche. You can find offers on such sites like Clickbank, Commission Junction, JV Zoo, etc…


Some people find offers that they think would convert well and then drive traffic directly to that page, a pre-sell page, or to their squeeze page. People find offers on the sites listed above and also on affiliate networks like Peerfly.


There are some people who only like CPA offers, whereas there are people who only like Amazon products; and then there are those who like to promote the higher paying offers like GRN. Some people just mix it up with all kinds of offers.


Next comes traffic…


How You Promote May Determine Your Affiliate Programs


affiliate program

Choosing an offer may be the simple part, if I can call it that, but the bread and butter is getting traffic to convert on your offer.


If you’re going to do SEO (search engine optimization), you’ll want to see what kind of keywords are available (i.e. that you can rank for) that you can target.


If the keywords are going to be quite hard to rank for, then you may want to consider promoting another product or find other means to generate traffic.


If you’re going to shell out some money for paid traffic, then you’ll have more room to experiment and find out what traffic works well for your offer. The caveat is that it can take you testing various traffic methods and landing pages until you find a combination that works – and that could cost you a lot of money.


In a nutshell, you’ve got to decide how you’re going to drive traffic to your offers. The traffic methods you’re going to use may play a huge role in what kind of offers you’ll end up promoting.


The List of Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Programs


Now this list isn’t meant to be complete but just a way to get the ball rolling. Some of the listings below are either affiliate networks, websites that have their own affiliate program


Here she goes…

  •  Clickbank
  • Commission Junction
  • Share a Sale
  • JV Zoo
  • Pay Dot Com
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Expedia
  • Offer Vault – List offers that are on CPA Networks
  • NeverBlue – CPA Affiliate Network
  • Peerfly – CPA Affiliate Network


Network Marketing Affiliate Programs and Products


 Travel Programs

  • Global Resorts Network Affiliate – High commission travel program. The benefits of this program is that you get a faster turn-around of commissions and the payouts are up to $6k per sale.
  • Travelocity – Well known travel site. Also has a private branded program (white label) program.
  • Outside Agents – You get to become a real travel agent by working with this host agency. This is not an affiliate program per se, but if you want to be a travel agent in the true sense of the word, then this would be one of the best ways to go.


Putting It All Together


Now that you’ve kinda narrowed it down to perhaps a certain kind of affiliate product or a niche, your next step is to get traffic. Now this is where most people get stuck.


affiliate program

There are many ways to drive traffic. I’ve alluded to paid methods and SEO earlier. But more specifically, you’ve got to know how you plan to get enough eyeballs on your offers so you can make some cash.


Are you going to do Pay Per Click? ArticleMarketing/Syndication? Solo Ads? I suggest you pick one method and get good at it so that’s it’s producing sales for you before you add on additional methods.


For learning just about paid traffic generation, I recommend this buy web site traffic course. If you’re a network marketer (and even if you’re not), MLSP has some kick butt training on lead generation on social media sites like Facebook…not to mention you can earn multiple checks with MLSP.


So, what’s the best affiliate program? The one that you can make money with.


Your partner in success,



Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing? Can He Help You or Is There a BETTER Way?

Adrian Morrison…Internet marketing? You’ve seen those infomercials on late night TV…the guy with the Justin Bieber hair-do pitching his Internet marketing products. But is he being REALISTIC with you about what you can REALLY make on the Internet with his products? This you’ve got to read.



It’s almost too good to be true. Adrian Morrison, Internet marketing “guru”, wants you to buy his products because he’s getting really AMAZING results – and says you can too!


Do you want the truth?


I do have his Social Commissions product (just got it recently) and I just glanced over some of the content. To be fair I have not gone thoroughly over each ebook, but from what I see it is a lot of general knowledge.


I know it’s aimed at the complete beginner, but some common sense steps could be left out so he could get to the “meat” of the training.


Is it revolutionary? Hardly.


What are the odds you’ll have success just using what’s taught in this Social Commissions course? 50/50. And I’m being overly optimistic.


Here’s what’s missing that you need to know.


Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing – What You MUST Understand



Although Adrian goes through the nuances of explaining each site and how to set it up and what not, he doesn’t tell you the IMPORTANT thing you really need to understand about Internet Marketing.


You can follow Adrian Morrison Internet marketing Social Commissions product to the letter and still FAIL.




Internet marketing is more than just going up to social media sites and “setting” them up and expecting money to come rolling in. In the REAL Internet marketing world, there’s a lot more to it.


I know Adrian Morrison wants to sell products which should be the goal of every marketer, but you have to know that there’s more…a lot more to it.


What do you mean?


Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing Social Commissions is all about the social media sites, in reality it’s all about testing and ultimately conversions.


You will “dry out” your wallet trying to do paid marketing if you don’t understand traffic and conversions. If you send a lot of traffic (people) to a website that doesn’t convert them into people on your list and/or ultimately buyers, you’re WASTING your time and money.


I’ve been an Internet marketer for some time and I can tell you the top reason people fail at Internet marketing is that they don’t understand that what they sell has to convert into buyers…either immediately or inside your marketing funnel.


Should You Buy Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing Products?


adrian Morrison Internet Marketing

Adrian’s product is informative as to how to set up certain social media sites. But if you’re looking to make money right now and not five years from now, I suggest you do what’s proven to work first.


After you’re on the road to making some money then gradually buy products that will help improve your marketing skill.


(NOTE: Most people do it the other way around…they buy product after product only to get confused by all the information and ultimately FAIL).


Here’s what I suggest…

If you want to get some good solid training on how to do Internet marketing, I highly suggest you stick to my list of online digital marketing training that have been proven to work to get you the education you need so you can begin making money online.


If you want to earn as you learn and you’re willing to hit your income goals as fast as possible, I suggest a high-ticket affiliate offer.


Don’t you think it’s about time you stop wasting time and money buying products that don’t work or don’t give you all the information you need to succeed?


Well of course.


Adrian Morrison Internet Marketing worth it?  I’d say there’s better out there.


Your partner in success,



Is Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute Worth the Cost?

If you’re looking to the Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute to help teach you about affiliate marketing, you may be in for a rude awakening – let me tell you why…


viral affiliate marketing institute

The internet is littered with all kinds of training programs that supposedly teach you how to market online. One of the latest is the Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute, a program by prominent Internet marketer Frank Bauer (co-founder of Viralurl, Viralplr, etc…).


By now, you may be confused as to which of the training programs to choose from. What’s even worse is that Frank Bauer comes along with his affiliate marketing course to confuse you even more.


So, How Do You Choose the Best Affiliate Training Course?


I’ve learned a lot over the years from many different trainers and programs and I can say hands the #1 rule is that there is no single best training course. That’s probably not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth.


viral affiliate marketing institute

What I can say for sure is that there are online digital marketing training programs that are highly regarded more than others. You can read more about in the above link.


What’s important though is that the training program gives you enough substance so that you can then go out and start making money online. I’ve seen more than my share of programs that give out information so vague that you really can’t do nothing with it.


Those kinds of programs are a waste of your time and money. You do want a program that shows you how to drive traffic – I mean really show you. None of this just write articles and submit them to directories kind of training.


Unfortunately there’s no lack of programs that give you outdated training tactics that worked five years ago, but don’t work as well today. Just be aware.


What’s also important is finding a training program that teaches you the way you want to be taught. If you learn best by watching videos, then make sure the course has plenty of videos.


If you’re more of a reader, then make sure there is written content. If you like learning from both videos and written content, then make sure you choose a program that has both. If you have a short attention span, then make sure the training content is broken up so that it’s more digestible for you.


Now that you have a good idea of what you’re looking for in an training program and what you don’t want, let’s see if the Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute can measure up.


Read on…


The Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute – What You Really Get


If you’re on the fence about this program, let me share with you some of the important things you would probably want to know before you joined – such as…


    • Free 7 day eCourse – Before you pay a single cent, you can get a taste of the training with a seven-day course to whet your whistle.


    • Discount Trial – If you like the 7 days course, then you’ll want to take the $2.97 for 14-days discount trial period.


  • $19.97 /mo – After the 7 days, you will be billed at a monthly rate of $19.97 which is on the lower end when it comes to affiliate marketing training


The Training


viral marketing institute

You get training on everything from picking out affiliate programs to driving traffic using YouTube to learning how to build a relationship with your list.


The Viral Affiliate Marketing Institute seems to have everything you need to kick-start your success as an affiliate marketer. All you have to do is apply the effort. You can learn more about this program here.


Your partner in success,




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