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What is Plug in Profit Site?

So, what is what is Plug in Profit Site? Well, if you’re running in between mad and frustrated trying to get a business off the ground, then this is one proven business system you’ll want to get your hands on – here’s why…


what is plug in profit site


Can you relate to any of the following?…


I feel:

  • Frustrated
  • Like I’m spinning my wheels and going nowhere real fast
  • There’s not enough time in the day to get everything done
  • There’s too much to learn
  • Overwhelmed


Have you ever experienced any one of those feelings above while trying to build a business online?


My guess is that you probably have. Which is probably why you want to learn what is the Plug in Profit Site and if it can really help you make money online.


Which brings us to this…


The Truth About Plug in Profit Site (PIPS)



I’m very critical and cynical by nature. In this industry you almost have to be.


But I’m not so cynical that I can’t be objective and have an open mind about certain business products and services.


I see far too many people who are so obsessed with the word “scam” that they think everything is out to get them and their wallet. Do you ever feel like this?


There has be a balance. And you have to use good ol’ common sense. Which is why I gave PIPS a second look-over.


You see, I ran into Plug in Profit Site a few years ago. In fact, it was one of the first programs I had seen online that talked about a home business system.


At that time, I couldn’t get my head around why anyone would want a system like this. After all, couldn’t you just load up a website with all your affiliate links and just promote that?


Well, the short answer is ‘no’ because this system is much deeper than that. In fact, due to the success of this business system, there have been many copycats over the years who have borrowed some of the key successful components of PIPS.


Back then I didn’t do my due diligence to really understand what this program was all about. What I know now is that this program has a way to help both beginners and seasoned marketers alike make more money online a lot faster.


If you’re interested in learning how to make more money with ease, then read on…


The Breakdown of PIPS


I’m sure there were times where you felt that Internet marketing was too confusing and time consuming to learn and do.


For the most part you would be right, but this is where the PIPS automated business system comes in.


You see, PIPS reveals the #1 skill you have to get in order to be successful on the Internet.



It not only tells you, it shows you what you need to understand. This way, you’re not bogged down with unimportant minute details that don’t really matter that much especially at the beginning stages of your business.


PIPS gives you enough information and tools so you can begin to make money right now – not five years from now.


The Programs


There are five money-making programs that are a part of PIPS. These programs constantly change with the only exception being SFI – it’s the most constant program that has been a staple of the PIPS program.


You WILL need hosting. If you already don’t have hosting, you’ll want to go with GVO. It’s the best deal on the ‘net because you get video conferencing, hosting, and autoresponder all under one roof for the incredibly low price of $10 bucks.


I’m not gonna get into the details of each program. You can read about each one by clicking on the links above.


Here’s the surprise with this system…


It is designed to make you money a lot quicker than if you were promoting just one program by itself.


In other words, you’re on the fast track to create multiple checks at one time so you’re building multiple streams of income from one simple website.


You may want to re-read that sentence again.


One of the primary reasons why you’re struggling to make the kind of money you want to make is that you’re probably only promoting one thing and you’re probably not building your golden asset – your list.


If that’s what you’re doing, then it’s no wonder you’re hopping around from program to program trying to find the secret. Well, that is the secret and most marketers like myself who are making money online are diversifying their income and doing it the much simpler and easier way.


Plug in Profit Site just makes it so much darn easier to do it – period.


Let’s Get Dirty and Air the Pros and Cons



The problem with most Plug in Profit Site reviews and other affiliate reviews is that you’re reading from someone who has a vested interested in getting you to sign up.


Let’s be honest here. Yes, I’m an affiliate for this program and is one of the few Internet-based home business programs that I recommend even for beginners.


I’ve been helping people online making money long before I ever seen PIPS and I’ll continue with or without PIPS.


I want people to be successful. And that may mean that I have to turn people away from certain programs that I feel aren’t in their best interest. And PIPS is no different.


Because I understand the importance of choosing a product/service/biz opp, it’s only right that I give you the info so you can make an informed decision one way or the other.


Let’s start with the Cons…


The biggest con of Plug in Profit Site is that you do not get to choose the programs that are listed on your main page. Further more, Stone Evans, the creator of PIPS does change out programs from time to time.


So you have to be able to trust his judgment when he picks programs to add to the PIPS lineup. So if you’re a control freak you may have a hard time sitting back and letting Stone take charge. Some people are like that and even myself I am like that to a certain extent, but there’s how I look at it…


If you’re in a network marketing company, the company is going to make changes to the comp plan, discontinue what you think are popular products, change formulations, change management, etc… and you have to be able to go with the flow or else you’re gonna drive yourself bonkers.


If you’re an affiliate for a product, the same thing applies. The product owner may decide to change the payout, not offer it anymore, or do that scarcity tactic where they close it down temporarily. Again, you have to be able to go with the flow and not let it bother you.


So, in a nutshell, if you’re a person who’s very rigid and likes to be in 100% control of every single aspect of your business, then PIPS (or any other affiliate program), may not be the right fit for you.


The biggest pros of Plug in Profit are:


You get a blog set up for you that is completely yours – you’re hosting it with GVO. You’re able to attract people into your PIPS business due to the way Stone sets up your blog. There is a method to the madness.


If you had a hard time deciding what programs to promote, then you can take a breather as Stone chooses the programs on your main affiliate site on your behalf. However, on your blog you have 100% complete control over what programs you put on it.


There is a low cost entry barrier and we even give you all the tools you need to get started. Heck, even Avon is like about $10 bucks to join and they don’t even give you anything!


PIPS gives you what you need in order to start making money right away – and it won’t cost you thousands of dollars either.


So, if you’ve had challenges in the past getting up and running in an online business and/or you were’n’t sure how to get started, then a Plug in Profit Site is the place to go so you can get over the hurdles that have hindered you in the past.


What Does Plug in Profit Site Cost?



I’m not a fan of slimy programs that tell you that it will cost x only to find out that it’s gonna cost you a lot more than you anticipated.


Here’s what it is…


You need to be the boss in your business, which means you need to:

a) Host your own website (in this case blog) and…

b) Be building your list


Most programs start you off at a disadvantage to you and at an big advantage to the owner. Plug in Profit isn’t like that. We start you off with the important things you need to be doing so you can start being a true entrepreneur.


PIPS had found a solution that lets you have both hosting and autoresponder for a mere $10 bucks a month. So the cost of your system is free, all you have to do is pay for hosting.


If you have to think about spending $10 bucks, then you’re probably not ready for any kind of business.


Let me lay it on the line for ya…


If you’re not able to set aside $10 bucks a month on something that can have a positive effect on your life and that of your family, then you’re not quite ready to be an entrepreneur yet.


Find a job to do or do some real paid online surveys until you’re ready to do what it takes to succeed. Until you get to this point, you’re not gonna make much of anything online in any business.


Plug in Profit Site is not a magical system or a make riches overnight scheme. It’s for those who have reached the point in their life where they want to a better lifestyle for themselves and their family and they’re willing to do what it takes.


PIPS just makes the cost of getting started in an Internet-based business more affordable for the average person. Don’t let the low cost fool ya -you have to be absolutely serious about your income goals and be willing to do what it takes. This system rewards those who are thirsty for positive change in their lives – is this you?


If not, then you may want to re-think being involved a home based business.


The Cost of the Individual Programs


The five programs in PIPS cost various amounts and some are free to join. However, if you want to make the maximum amount of money, you’ll want to upgrade in each program as you go along. If you’re not willing to do this at some point, it’s a waste of your time to join PIPS.


You don’t have to upgrade in all the programs at the same time. I recommend that you only do one at a time until you’re getting traffic and then upgrade as you go along.


Now, if you’re going at this full-speed and/or you have someone helping your build your business, then it’s gonna be in your best interest to make sure you’re upgraded in all five of the programs so that you’re not leaving money on the table.


Marketing Budget



Like with any business, you’re gonna need a marketing budget. There are some FREE tactics we train you on but overall, you do want to be able to have some money at some point to put towards your business.


One of the great things about this system is that there is an advertising co-op available to you so you don’t have to worry about marketing at all unless you want to.


What is Plug in Profit Site – In a Nutshell?


If you’ve been pegged down with all the things you gotta do to get started in an online business, then you’ll appreciate PIPS step-by-step approach that makes it darn simple to start making money on the Internet…even if you’re on a limited budget.


Now matter how big your income goals are or what’s on your dream list, this is where it all begins.


Click below to learn more…






Easy Fundraising Ideas For Church Youth Groups

If you’re looking for ways to make money for your local church group, then this is what you want to read before you start your next fundraiser…


Easy Fundraising Ideas For Church Youth Groups

If you’re wondering why I’m writing about easy fundraising ideas for church youth groups on a blog like this, well it’s like this…


Some people want to make money for themselves. You see, their motivation for making a lot of money is to create a better lifestyle for their family. Of course you can’t forget those people who want more “time freedom” so they can spend more time with their family and/or spend more time volunteering at their favorite charity or non-profit organization.


Then you have people who want to make a lot of money so they can financially help out a family member or their favorite organization.


Now this brings us full circle to easy fundraising ideas for church youth groups (or any type of group for that matter).


Let me ask you this…


Are you in charge of raising money for an organization? Would you like to be the person that helps a charity raise funds for a worthy cause? Are you a pastor that needs ideas for raising money? Are you a member of an organization that raises money and/or has charity events?


If you fall into any of those categories above, then you want to keep on reading…


Easy Fundraising Ideas For Church Youth Groups Isn’t Always So Easy or Fun…


Easy Fundraising Ideas For Church Youth Groups

You probably already know this, but raising money isn’t always as simple, easy, or fun as a lot of fundraising organizations make it out to be.


In fact, probably last time you did a fundraiser you probably swore you would do something different next time because it was not such a good experience.


That same feeling you get in the pit of your stomach every time fundraising time rolls around is the same feeling that a lot of other people in your organization experience too.


More often than not, the only person looking forward to fundraising is the person in charge of the fundraising itself. And even then, the only reason they’re looking forward to it is because they want it to be over.


Why the Negativity Towards Fundraising

Traditional fundraising is not an easy task. There are a lot of fundraisers that require a hefty down-payment to even start the program.


In a lot of cases, the majority of the organizers have to agree on what kind of fundraising to do. In addition they have to find a secure place to store the products and the money. Then they have to coordinate with all the participants and decide how they’re going to distribute brochures and/or products.


Then you have the issues with dealing with large sums of money, and being accountable for every last cent and all the fundraising products. Add into the mix you’re dealing with parents, kids, and the customers that bought fundraising products from your organization but never received what they ordered.



When it’s all said and done, in some instances a lot of organizations never hit their target fundraising goal. No one is ever 100% satisfied with the outcome of a fundraiser.


It’s a lot to take on and the stress is enough to make you “batty” if you’re not careful.


For those very reasons above, it’s a good idea to jot down the things you liked about your last few fundraisers and the things you didn’t like.


Remember that since a lot of parents work outside of the home their free time is severely limited. Also keep in mind that a lot of youth have other extracurricular activities, and you may find it challenging to get both parents and youths to participate fully in the fundraising activities.


For these reasons alone you may not want a long drawn out elaborate fundraiser – you want to keep it simple. At the end of the day it’s all about raising money, not about being cute or clever.


Now that you have clarity as to what you may be looking for, you’ll want to look at common fundraising ideas that you may (or may not) be familiar with.


Typical Fundraising Ideas

Here are some of the most common fundraising ideas. Some of these you may have tried in the past…


  • Selling candy bars
  • Selling candles
  • Selling frozen cookie dough tubs
  • Selling products from a catalog – including magazine subscriptions, candy, baking items, etc…
  • Having a bake sale
  • Selling raffle tickets
  • Having arts and crafts sales
  • Having rummage sales

Do  any of those fundraising projects look familiar to you? Quite likely, you have done at least one or more of those listed above. Maybe you were satisfied with your results or maybe you weren’t which is why you’re probably looking for something different to raise money for your organization this year.


If you’re serious about raising money for your organization, let me show you a better way to raise money – and do it all year-round without all the stress and with less effort than you probably think…


Let me introduce you to Tripleclicks


Easy Fundraising Ideas For Church Youth Groups Using Tripleclicks


Easy Fundraising Ideas For Church Youth Groups

What if…


I could show you a way to generate money for your non-profit organization year round without having to deal with collecting money and delivering products – would you be interested?


Well of course you would – right?!


What is Tripleclicks?

Tripleclicks is an e-commerce selling platform where you can sell both new (ECA program) and used items.  Here are some ideas on how to use Tripleclicks and the ECA program to raise money for your organization…


Have an Online Rummage Sale Using Tripleclicks


Make it a ritual that your parishioners show up twice a month at church (or other designated area) at minimum to donate items they’re no longer using.


You can also spread the word in your community that your church (or other organization) takes used items on a certain particular days. You may also want to go door to door in your community collecting items from people.


What you’re going to do with all these used items, is do an online rummage sale. You’ll list them on the Tripleclicks platform (you can list for for as low as .29 for each item). You then spread the word about your church online rummage site. Tripleclicks handles all payments.


E-commerce Storefront Using Tripleclicks



Easy Fundraising Ideas For Church Youth Groups

You can make your church (or a leader of your church group) become an e-commerce associate (ECA for short) and have your very own storefront that can make you sales.


You can list new products that are likely to appeal to your congregation like Bibles and other religious items.


Your parishioners are going to buy these items anyway, why not have them buy it from you? The proceeds can be used to help out church youth groups or any other groups. You can use the proceeds to help grow your church and/or use the money to make repairs and improvements of your church building.


Unlike the typical fundraisers, online rummage sales and an e-commerce storefront can create a more steady income year-round passively once your e-commerce store becomes well-known.


Easy Fundraising Ideas For Church Youth Groups Using a Better Method


It’s a fact that if you want your youth group and other groups inside of your church to grow and prosper so it can help more people, you have to be able to either do fundraising or dig into church funds.

easy fundraising ideas for church youth groups


And digging into church funds is not an viable option for most churches that have a lot of groups that need funding.


You want your youth groups and other groups to self-sustaining financially if possible. It not only teaches accountability but it frees up the church’s money for other church expansion projects.


Easy fundraising ideas for church youth groups that produce year-round income are far and few in between. Fortunately this is where Tripleclicks and its ECA program shines best.


Need more info on Tripleclicks and the ECA program for your church or group? Click here to contact me…


Proven Make Money Programs

If you’re looking for programs that have been proven to make money for the average user – not just the creator, then you’ll want to take a look at this list. Check back for updates…

  1. Plugin Profit Site 
    Creator: Stone Evans
    What Is It: It’s a system that is made up of several money-making programs that change from time to time. You promote one link (the link to the salespage) and your prospects have the opportunity to sign up in all the programs on the salespage.
    Biggest Pro: Once you sign up, they will put together your salespage and set up a WordPress blog for you and will host it for you (most of the time). They will give you a year’s worth of pre-written email autoresponder messages as well. This is a great way to get started in the make money online niche.